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Tried to follow the Park map which was not detailed and confusing, so we got lost a couple times. Really pretty hike with a lot of views!

Fantastic! It has everything you could want on a hike- waterfalls, mountain views and streams. I enjoyed how the terrain and density of the trees was always changing. My favorite hike so far!

Took my daughter out for the day. This hike was a blast. It was challenging in some spots but that was due to the amount of rain we have had over the last week or so. All in all it was a great time and a great day.

Short trail, can be muddy and slippery after a couple of days of rain. There is a $5/day parking fee in the park.

Gorgeous trail and views and waterfalls, wild life. Ride up people say very rigid...SUV..no problem!

1 month ago

Hiked this on 1/27 in the rain and it is now my favorite trail! It is just the right distance and grade for a nice continuous hike for me. I would recommend this to anyone to try this trail. Wait....I might want to keep this a secret!!!! Enjoy this trail!

We are a couple in our 60’s in reasonably good shape and did this trail in January, after a snow/ice event but the day was relatively warm. For us it was moderately strenuous but hey, we’re in our 60’s. Pretty constant ups and downs but most of that was relatively gradual. No truly hard climbs or descents and the footing on most of the trail was good. A little rocky and root strewn on the west side of the loop. It took us 6 hrs but most people do it in 4-5 hours.

I did this Trail in mid-october going to do it again January 11 or 12 this is the best trail I have ever done I did like Cloudland Canyon, but I would like to ask has anyone had any weird experiences on this Trail?

Great short trail, easy to start however there are a few areas, especially along the water fall that could be rated as moderate. The ice formations in the water fall were awesome!This park is beautiful, even with temps around 20F....

Views from Overlook are spectacular! Hike is fairly easy... enjoyed learning about history of the tower and wall.
Great hike even when it is 20F.

Easy but beautiful trail. Took my older dog and he loved it too :)

2 months ago

Although the area is very lovely, I'm not sure how anyone would classify this trail as a moderate hike. We started our trek at the Old Fort parking area and went clockwise. This trail had some of the steepest ups/downs we've encountered on all of our trails in Georgia. We were so busy fighting the trail (not wanting to slip down the steep slopes on the leaf litter) that we couldn't really enjoy the views. Another stretch of the trail narrows to ~1ft wide and was located on the very edge of a steep slope; some of this section seemingly eroded downslope. After only ~2miles, we'd finally had enough and moved over to the 'easy' bike trial.

I only hiked up to the wall from the parking lot but have to say I’m impressed with the wall and it’s unknown history. Very interesting to me and makes me wonder about what it’s real purpose was and who built it. Will be going back soon to do the loop. Accidentally stumbled up on this relic. Highly advise anyone to at least check out the ruins of the wall. This was on Jan 01, ‘18

This was really a great hike. It had a lot of beautiful views, streams, waterfalls and ups and downs. I think we saw one other person on the trail the entire time. My wife and I took our 8 month old
Golden Retriever and we had a lot of fun on the trail!

a short walk to the falls. peaceful and serene.
the park is well cared for and has something for everyone.

Soooooo enjoyed hiking this trail in the snow today!! Was an amazing hike

It was alright

trail running
3 months ago

I had a blast running this trail. The start is on down the road from the Outpost. One of the Rangers gave me a map and told me where to go. They said it is a 5 hour hike but I ran it in 1.5 hours. The trail was very well marked so I had no trouble staying on track. There are no restrooms at the parking for the trail so make sure you get that done before hand. It is a State Park so if you don't have a parking pass there will be a parking fee.

I was not aware that you are able to drive all the way to the top where the lookout was of it wasn’t chained off. But once we figured that out and started walking it was great. It was an moderate walk, not that long and once you get to the lookout it’s amazing.

probably enjoyed this Trail more than any this year

Nice hike with lots of small ups and down over 8 miles. Several nice spots to lookout and nice stream views.

This is a great trail! but even though it’s short i might say it could be called moderate and not easy

Beautiful fall colors, awesome hike, and very well marked! :)

If you complete the entire trail, you cross the creek 16 times one way. So 32 times total. This does not include any of the natural runoffs or springs. The difficulty of the trail varies on the water levels for the creek crossings. There are areas on the trail that are not marked well. Most of the elevation gain is near the end of the trail. If you just want to see the waterfall, it’s approximately 2.8 miles one way. Great hike!

Amazing place to visit. to get to the base of the last falls is no joke!!! the trail is not really marked follow creek down stream from the campground.

Hiked Thursday, 10/26/17: This has been my favorite hike from AllTrails. it was so pleasant and was able to hike three days before it closed for Winter. There always a beautiful view at the base across a small creek and a great view from the first landing of the tower at the top.

5 months ago

I highly recommend this if you're looking for a moderate hike with your dog! It has a great mix of scenery and difficulty.

I completed the trail today (Oct 22, 2017), and the leaves were starting to turn color - good amount of yellow, some orange / red. I expect the place to be full of autumn color the first or second week of November! It was beautiful nonetheless!

We started our hike at around 8:45 AM (Sunday), and we only saw three other pairs of hikers on the trail. It was really nice not having a crowd.

I brought my 45-lb dog along, and she loved it! The terrain is rocky, but there is good footing available along the entire route. I usually have some with her on "rocky" terrain, but this trail does not have rocky steps - the ground is just slightly bumpy with rocks. I felt safe even with a dog that pulls while going downhill at times.

There are many bear warning signs, but we did not see any during our hike even while carrying snacks. It probably helped that we talked pretty loudly while walking.

It was a super instant gratification little hike. I don’t think I’d call it more than moderate. Walking up Stone Mountain, for example, is way harder than this. Great view from the overlook and the restored fire tower and lots of interpretive signage to read both about the fire tower and pre-Colombian stone wall. My dog didn’t like the open grate stairs to the overlook, but she made it through.

5 months ago

Beautiful as Ga always is. Not too challenging, a great place for a hike and some history. Various views and multiple trails to fit beginner to intermediate hiking.

The top of the tower is chained off... you can only climb half way up the steps... decent view... would be a lot nicer if you could get to the top.... the road getting here takes like an hour.... bumpy forest road....

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