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Very nice hike for the whole family. Saw the Redwood trees, a family of rabbits, woodpecker, blue jays, and a bunch of other nature.

Nice trail beautiful views

I have driven my bike from azusa to seal
beach about three time a total of 52 miles I love every bit of the ride

Great place for a short hike., more like early
Morning or evening stroll

It is a trail with a nice park, but not too much vegetation and not very nice scenery. Dog friendly.

I would say it is a nice park if you live nearby.

1 month ago

This was an easy hike to do. However, beware of tarantulas. That kind of ruined it for me. So if you're afraid of them, this isn't the hike for you

We started at the end of Prospect & the loop which put us at 4.2 miles. Easy 90 minutes stroll. Lots of bunnies running across the paths & out on the grass playing and eating. Very pleasant.

Great little hike! Lots of bikes on this trail!

What a beautiful, quaint trail to explore! I arrived at 10am on a Saturday morning thinking I was the late bird but the trails were very quiet and not a lot of traffic with hikers. Different paths to select from all guided by post markings. Super easy to follow. The park ranger working today was very nice! He stopped and informed me he saw a coyote crossing one of the paths and warned me to make sure to keep the dogs on the leash. He was very assuring they typically do not attack, but keep the little dogs close just to be safe. Lots of shaded areas throughout the trails and kept nice and clean. Plenty of trash cans and doggy bags to pick up after your pets along the way. Nice breeze all day! $5.00 entry fee on the weekends and $3.00 during the week.

Nice easy walk. Kid and dog friendly. No major inclines unless you want to go a little higher and get a view from the dam.

Short and simple easy trail. Good for beginners. Perfect shade trail in hot summer days

Short simple hike. Dog friendly, lots of trashcans and doggie bags along the way, so no excuses to leave your pet's poop behind! $3 parking on weekdays, $5 on weekend. Drive all the way to the end and park in the last lot to start the trail.

This trail features the only redwoods in southern California - obviously not native to the area, but planted there and maintained with irrigation. Cool little spot to visit. I come when I want to take my dog on a longer walk than normal without driving too far from home.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Really good trail to go on!
Many trails to pick from as well. They all connect at the ends.
Great view from the top!

3 months ago

Just hiked this trai, with a 20 lb pack. l. FIRST - The directions are wrong. The easiest way to say it is go to the golf course and park, or park out on the road before golf course and walk the 1/2 mile. Then, walk behind parking lot ad see the trail down below, across railroad tracks, that's your trailhead.

It's 2 miles mostly winding UP to the intersection of Brush Canyon Trail (to the right) and Scully Ridge to the left...stay left. maybe a 2 1/2 mile stretch on the ridge, up and down rolling hills before the trail hooks around and heads into the canyon on, Lower Alisio. You stay on this, another 2.5'ish miles when if you're not careful, you will miss the right turn UP to Brush Canyon Trail, which is a few windy switchbacks, back UP to Scully Ridge and the trail back to the golf course.

If I didn't have the pack it's good for trail running, although the straight ups most likely to be hiked....

Simple, nice and close to home

Easy to follow trail. I parked on Saleroso Dr to bypass the parking fee of the park. It was a nice cool day when I went and so I didn’t need to wear a sun hat. If you are doing this on a sunny day, wear a hat and sunscreen because it is exposed. I hiked this with my small dog and he enjoyed himself as well. There are horses on this trail, so naturally there’s horse poop along the trail. Overall, I will visit this trails again on my morning walks!

Epic time! Beautiful wildlife and plants. Great for picnics...truly a fun time!

i loved it!! and if you aren’t wanting to hike or walk with kids there’s so many other stuff to do here as well. there’s, a zoo, horseback riding, there’s a train! overall i think this was the best place i’ve visited so far. it’s great! :) highly recommend it

5 months ago

It’s a nice hike at the beginning because it starts off as a forest, but then it becomes open with nice views. This hike is infected with squirrels so every little noise you hear is them scaring you. The last half of the hike is full of little bugs flying all over you. Short but the steepness makes up for it. Great for beginners and kids. Once you reach GMR street, you’ve reached the end of the hike.

Parking is free and about 4 spots right at the entrance of the trail. Best bet, park near the tennis courts so you don’t bug the neighbors with your car. Plus it’s extra 5 min walk to get started.

good hiking trail for all level.

I am only able to speak about the Redwood hike and not any of the other features of this park

Parking $5 I believe
Trail- dirt path that is pretty flat and it was an easy 2.5 mile hike or so
Destination- grove of Redwoods...cool to see in So Cal but they are smaller and on the dry side...worth coming to see but not eager to return
*suitable for young children and a quick, easy adventure for the family

A great simple walking trail that offers something for everyone: it has a dam, a redwood grove, flat trails for bikers/runners/chill hikers, exercise benches around the park, a peaceful lake with waterfowl, a hill with nice views (right across the marked entrance there's a path that lead uphill, it is steep but short - on a good day you can see the San Gabriel peaks to the north and the Pacific to the west.)
The park has a paid parking but you can park across the street on Brea Hills Ave and walk to the gate, it will take you about 5 additional minutes. Or you could use the other entrance point that will lead you straight to the redwood grove - park somewhere around Prospect Ave and walk up the dirt bike road (0.2 mi + 0.2 mi to the grove).

I have done this entire bike path only once so far but travel El Dorado Park to Seal Beach & back quite regularly. Nice ride to do during the day and preferably with another person or people. The entire path (road) is in great overall condition. Most riders have courtesy and know the rules of the road. My only issues are some sketchy areas (Pico Rivera... for one) where graffiti, urine stench, homeless, and/or undesirables frequent. Overall though, it's a beautiful path.

On the pleasant side, I've seen a coyote, large sea turtles, egrets, blue heron, red-winged blackbirds, 4' to 5'long snake, many rabbits on the path over the past few years.

6 months ago

Tackled this trail about two weeks ago and honestly despite its easy rating it’s not as easy as it’s described it’s a pretty steep uphill climb from beginning to end but not bad

not so much of a hike as it is a nature walk. the trail itself is short and flat but there is a nice little redwood grove at the end. a nice place for nature portraits!! the park is huge and very family-oriented with playgrounds and picnic areas. don't forget about the $5 entry/parking fee.

6 months ago

Love the redwoods!!!

Perfect place for mothers to bring their young ones for a power walk!

Love it

Nice views a lot of eucalyptus trees nice aroma hill with different trails

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