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Absolutely worth it, one of the best around. A bit of a butt kicker by the end, but worth it. Nice view of both side of the mountain. We also included fairview lookout, but you could probably skip that.

3 days ago

It's amazing, do it! But go prepare with the description for the scramble. We didn't know about it and met some folk at sentinel pass going up, so we tagged along. They didn't really know where they were going so we had to head back 1/3 of the way. I'll try it again next time, but I'll be the one with the direction!

hard going. But beautiful in late summer.

I’ll repeat, not for the faint of heart, but persevere and you’ll be rewarded with some of the best views of Banff anyone can witness! The trail starts out as a steady climb and once you get past the canyon it all goes up (literally) from there. Now that you’re warmed up the scenic winding trek through the tree line takes you up to the base of the dragons back where the views become more and more spectacular (don’t wonder too far left or right...) If you can make it this far buckle down and finish it, the feet pass away quickly and before you know it you’ll be at the summit.

Stunning, gorgeous path that takes you to the mountaintop along Lake Louis. Still reminiscing about this hike back in August, 2016. Takes several hours to complete and shouldn’t be a problem if you’re in shape!

1 month ago

First hike ever! Did this back in 2014 and it was amazing!

View was way better than Big Beehive. Well worth the extra 45 minute scramble to the top.

1 month ago

Very steep but worth the hike! Amazing views!

A very rewarding hike with a stunning view of Ha Ling and Canmore. difficult but worth it. Ice cleats recommend as the scramble is still quite slippery

Trust the ratings when it says this trail is hard. There was a lot of scramble to get to the summit, and although we brought our dog, he could not make it to the summit, with fear he would cut the pads of his paws. I recommend bringing back up socks for the decent once you pass the snow.

This trail has no markers or set paths, so be very cautious you don't get turned around on the way down.

Goat Pond is a short drive past the start point for some easy sight seeing.

Stunning views the whole way!

2 months ago

Best views ever. Great trail if you can find it

knee high snow but worth it

Love this hike. Stunning views from the top with a picnic table to have your lunch. You can also sign a visitors book. Has some steep parts but overall a great hike.

Attempted in Jan. Made it to the top of the Ridge. Extremely windy, do not attempt without crampons and an ice axe. Turned around due to the wind and because it was dark. Will attempt again in a couple of weeks and start earlier in the day. It was great though, amazing views.


Did this one solo in mid-december was in great condition. Easy, short scramble with no technical challenges. Can be done in less than 3 hours at a decent pace. Some snow on the way to the summit but did not need cleats, however I would recommend bringing them depending on your comfort level. Going a bit off trail you can climb some fun slabs on the way to the south scree slopes. Great views of Ha Ling and Mt Lawrence Grassi to the east pretty much the whole way, especially once you reach the treeline.

Tried to hike to arnica lake this past weekend. Awesome views just past Vista lake as you go up the ridge on the opposite side, I didn't quite make it to the lake due to losing the trail and knee-high snow. I personally wouldn't do it again without snowshoes or until it's cleared out of snow a bit.

4 months ago

Completed the scramble to the summit at the end of September. We were very lucky that not many were attempting the summit at this time of the year, as this scramble can get very busy. There are rock hazards so after the pass, a helmet is needed, especially when busy. While we did not use them, would recommend bringing crampons (or atleast spikes/cleats) as well as an ice axe as the final approach to the summit can have snow and ice all year round. While you need to have good fitness to reach the summit in a reasonable time, never anything more than easy and some moderate scrambling at the crux.

Sep 2nd // Was surprised to see as many people as I did, most difficult hike I've done. Very long and strenuous up and down, we spent 10 hours. The hike itself is mostly just a gruesome grind, not for the faint of heart. However the heights and views once reaching the summit were incredible! Also incredibly windy.

4 months ago

We did this hike on July 7, 2017 Cory pass, 7,777 elevation with a gain of 3,100 feet in 2.8 miles, one of the most strenuous hikes in Banff was our overwhelming over-ambitious focus for the day. Quite the way to break in a new pair of hiking boots as this was one of our first hiking experiences.
We ascended on difficult slopes with little or no traction to get a footing and with miles of sheer slate, rocky ridges along open slopes. Due to extreme uphill grades, excessive heat and high altitudes, we struggled to get to the top, but made it nonetheless! Granted, there was literally No turning back. Now we knew why we were told to take Edith Trail back.
What a spectacular view from the get go!
We knew we reached the top when we arrived at Gargoyle Valley!
We took about a half hour break for lunch then we began our descent on the Cory Loop, Edith Trail.
In total our elevation change was about 3000 feet, our distance was about 10 miles, and it took us 8 hours. At the bottom of Edith Trail we came upon a black bear about 20 yards from the trail. Back at the parking lot, we convinced a group getting ready to make the climb, not to bring their dad who was in no way ready or in shape to attempt this pass. Great experience overall and would recommend.

5 months ago

One of my favorite trails near Calgary. Beautiful views, nice stops to have breaks. I would rate it as a moderate. Almost all trail it's easy, once you past the forest and enter to the praire, the uphill starts. After that gets kind of steep, but nothing crazy. It gets really windy on top.

trail running
5 months ago

We went up in mid September, a few flakes of snow. Was this fun! Climbed for an hour, hit the pass and Gargoyles, wow! Came down in the valley over the screw, then onto the big boulders. Finished the descent with a beauty run to the parking lot.

Completed this amazing trail August long weekend 2017. The hike in is challenging, it is a long, pretty steady incline over the 16km. Most of the trail was in excellent condition. There were a few areas that had been washed out but we found them to be relatively well marked (not sure why others had trouble?). It took us 8 hours to get in with a few breaks and a lunch stop. Getting out was a breeze - under 5 hours (with 35 pound packs). Definitely bring a fishing rod, the lake has incredible fishing.
I wouldn't rate this trail hard but it's definitely intermediate. Also details say no dogs but that is not true.
I don't generally do the same hike twice, but I'll be back to do this one again.

5 months ago

decent hike. from the highway it's around a 7km drive to the trailhead up a gravel road. Go all the way up until you hit the end where the gate is. the trailhead is on the right side right before the parking lot. looks like a gravel service road. starts off easy with a 1km downhill walk which will destroy you on the way back. Rocky trail to mud to everything in between. at 3.3km you'll hit a big valley clearing where you can look to the right and see the peak. Roughly another 3km and you're at the top of the first summit. The base of that starts off decently steep and has around 6 switchbacks. Or you can go straight up and save time but make things harder. If feeling up for it you can go to the main/second peak where the fire/weather station is. Roughly about an hour extra. really windy and no shelter anywhere when you're up there. overall I'd say it's a moderate hike and could be done with dogs or even kids. 13km to the first peak from the parking lot.

mountain biking
5 months ago

One of my favorite trails. Various different sceneries. Then you reach the helipad and you have an amazing place to sit and relax as you have some snacks and rejuvenate before your descent.

5 months ago

I have to go back to this one as it kicked my ass so hard. But even though I didn't reach the summit, easily some of the most breath taking views.

great hike, good variety of terrain (trail, gravel, stone). starts with a decline then a gradual increase til moose mountain. once your at moose mountain the steep incline and snow starts til the top. it has a false peak then you go up another peak. it's cold and windy but great views.

5 months ago

While an extremely beautiful hike, with the weather this time of year it is extremely dangerous. If you’re going up now make sure you have snow shoes, the snow is 3+ feet deep once you hit about 3.25 miles in (probably more now). The trail is not visible anymore. The weather was so bad when we hit 3.5 miles we had to turn around right before the Mt. Edith/Cory Pass crossing.

Gorgeous views but one of the hardest hikes I have done so far.

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