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Lovely hike. Extremely mild. Beautiful lakes along the way. Bring some hammocks and chairs, as this is a spot to RELAX. Could have spent days exploring the Lofty Lake area. Beautiful formations and very little traffic. Smoky the past couple days, but where is it not. Highly recommended.

Was fun to hike as a kid. We would do it at night so it was not as hot. The morning was very cold until the sun came up. At which time we had hiked to the silver shed on top. What a beautiful view of Utah valley. I will never for get coming down the glacier and enjoying the ride to Emerald lake. Was a lot of fun with my brother and friends.

Brutal hike. Quite possibly the toughest hike I've done. Super steep, not the most enjoyable terrain but great views from the top. Bring plenty of water!

3 days ago

Drove up squaw peak road and started from there which cut out a good chunk of the hike. Ended up being only about 2 miles each way for us, but a brutal two miles. Not the prettiest but definitely worth it!

A very difficult hike, but so rewarding!

amazing hike. it was 17 miles though... def not 13.9. beautiful, great weather, great trail. loved it!

Hiked this on Sept 7th. Camped at Emerald Lake. Left trailhead at 4 pm. Reached lake by 7. Lots of vertical gain. A few streams near the start give you an opportunity to fill up on water. Highly recommend. From there, the next source is Emerald Lake. Was merely a pond on the 7th; it will dry up. Very few people this late in the day; beautiful. Camped. Next day - traversed to the saddle. Left pack at saddle. Took me two hours to summit from Emerald Lake. Gorgeous views of the Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Wilderness. Well worth the mental and physical challenge of the steep vertical, and relentless switchbacks.

Important to realize Emerald Lake is not a part of this trail. Must go well out of the way for water, and as I said, would be surprised if the lake makes it much longer. Bring more water than you need.

Favorite hike! I’ve done it 7 times and it’s a new experience every time.

Left at 3am from Timpanooki parking and made the summit at 8:30am. The sun came up right at the meadows at 7am. The wind at the Sandle wasn’t too bad with the sun up. Great and difficult hike.

So hard but the views were worth it!

beautiful, but I'm not sure this is really a loop. I went clockwise and couldn't find the intersection with the Notch Trail. my nat geo map does not show a loop. it's missing the east west connector at the top. Nice to see the fall colors.

This trail is great, every lake has another view it is always beautiful. Absolutly not crowded. Much silenc, awesome.

We went up last Saturday. We hiked the first hour or two with headlamps because we started in the dark. Plenty of parking when we got there and a steady climb with breathtaking views all the way up. Managed to find some mountain goats. The only two complaints I have are the amount of people and that you have to hike just short of a mile across a boulder field-it hurts your feet! Will be trying the Timpanogee trail next time.

13 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in Utah County. I've probably hiked it 20 times. The Horsetail Falls are spectacular but you need to be very careful on the rock. It's incredibly slippery.

Not for the feint of heart once you pass the meadow. The trail hugs the side of the mountain pretty closely in a few places, and there are some scree piles you cross. Once you reach the saddle, the rest of the trail to the top of Timp requires some basic scrambling, and you need hands and feet in a number of places. it's quite steep.

This hike is beautiful, rewarding, and challenging all at the same time. the view from the saddle is beautiful, but the view from Timp is awesome. There is very little water along the trail, and very little shade the last half of the trail up. Bring sunscreen and water (I brought a full gallon).

We also saw some pika, two female moose, and got some great selfies with a mountain goat.

please pick up your trash, too!!

Best Utah county trail. A must.

Beautiful views all the way to the top! Definitely worth an early start. Not too difficult, just long, as others mentioned.

Beautiful hike! Went this morning with my friends and we loved it, although we all agreed it was pretty difficult. We started at midnight and got to the summit around 5 am. The trail was very popular this morning because everyone wanted to watch the sunrise from the summit. Also, it is freezing once you reach the saddle, so bring warm clothes!! Watching the sunrise was incredible and the hike back down in the day time was gorgeous. Definitely recommend if you’ve never hiked this trail before. Just be prepared... it’s tough.

17 days ago

This is labeled an out and back, but more accurate is an up then down. 2 miles straight up with maybe 2 or 3 very short flat sections.

Coming down is no picnic with old knees.

Great hike! The last bit before the top is steep. Bring water because there isn’t any when you start getting higher. Great views down rock canyon from the saddle. I went over and down through rock canyon. The trail gets a bit confusing as you come down through the camp sights, but follow the signs for 060 and you should be alright.

17 days ago

The views of the many lakes all along the way are beautiful. The trail is easy to follow except up to Three Lakes Divide. There isn’t a trail here and I felt bad walking on the foliage. I would have given this 5 stars if it did not include this section. Also, be prepared to pay for parking and it can pretty full. You’ll need $6 cash for one day.

Alltrails loged 14.6 miles and over 44,000 steps on the loop going up from Aspen Grove and back down Timponeke. I only saw one mountain goat butt, no flowers, a lot of dust, and too many people at the top, but it was an amazing day! Now to nurse my sore feet and legs!

Hiked 7/4/18. Beautiful, gradual hike that never gets too steep. There are a few different stages of the hike, each with pretty different surroundings, which keeps things interesting. Beware the “point of despair.” They’ll be a moment when you think you’ve made it, only to realize how much further you’ve got to go!

Found the altitude was only really a problem during the final mile, and the trade off for the gradual ascent is a prolong descent (knees = dead).

A very pretty trail with gorgeous views. We left in the morning and were in the shade most of the way up. The last couple miles are incredibly steep. We passed a gang of dirt bikers coming down so the dirt was especially loose. Wear good shoes and bring plenty of water.

Pretty busy. Sunday of Memorial weekend and got there at around 10:30am, so guess that’s to be expected on an already known busy trail. Had to park in overflow parking down the road a bit. Lots of hikes start here, and after the first bit it thinned out some. Lots of cool lakes along the way. Hiked to the last one and had a pretty peaceful lunch and tried to photograph some dragonflies. Saw some tent campers and people fishing. Overall we enjoyed the area and hope to come back for an overnight sometime.

Hiked this with my husband yesterday. We started at 4:00 in the morning and hiked a couple of hours and then through the sunrise. This hike was so beautiful. It didn’t seem too hard for me but it was quite long. You pass through meadows and a few different landscapes before coming to a giant meadow where you can then see the saddle and the peak. The view from the summit was breathtaking. It was quite crowded yesterday, but we figured it would be with it being a Saturday and Labor Day weekend. We got one of the few parking spaces left. But we enjoyed meeting new like minded people. We did get stopped on the trail for over 30 min in the dark when a bull moose and 2 babies wouldn’t move. They just kept eating. It was a cool experience though. We also saw a few mountain goats and a whole family of deer in the meadow. Will definitely do this hike again and maybe even try a sunrise summit.

18 days ago

Great hike with beautiful scenery. Some steep, rocky trails. We took a group of kids 11-17 and had a great time.

My favorite hike! So pretty up there! Definitely worth the view going all the way to the shack at the top

This trail is really long not sure about 7 miles is accurate but the views and wild life is awesome. we started around 6:30 on Wednesday parking lot was having around 10 cars. we saw moose , mountain goats and deer. it surprise you with multiple meadow and multiple layers of vegetation. the final 1 mile is little strenuous and need careful stepping and resting. The trail is long and beautiful. best to carry lot of water food, jacket , gloves and hiking poles.

Extremely difficult for little pay off. Hiked this one a number of times and it’s never gotten better

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