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Great hike, A dusting of snow at the base and 1-2" on the shady side of the top. Upper 20s and mostly sunny. We did the loop counter clockwise without taking the spur to the lean to. 3.9 miles according to the GPS. We only saw one other pair with their dog. Numerous animal tracks in the snow. We might not have needed them but we used micro spikes on the way down and it made more secure footing.

Had a little of everything. Great few hours

We did this hike yesterday with one exception, after going out to the tower, we proceeded on a blue blazed trail heading east then bushwhacked down the mountain on an old, orangish blazed trail that intersected with the blue trail. It wasn’t the Knauber trail. It was an adventure, but very steep and not much of a trail. Couple things, 1) be sure to check out the Devils Racecourse. When on Stagecoach Road, look for “BF” spray painted in red along the trail. 2) The tower was worth the climb.

Wonderful scenery and decently well marked trails. just make sure you look up every so often to not miss the trail markers. We followed the yellow markers for a bit until we reached the train tracks and the open river. Almost missed the continuation of the trail that turns blue right after the white train track bridge. Many skinny portions to the trail and lots of rocks to climb up and around. Towards the end we got a little stuck and had to cross the creek to make it to the road. Overall the trail was a lot of fun with some sketchy parts that are a little slippery. Parking lot is a little small so be careful.

Nice trail for younger children.

Nice rail, and is a nice workout. On a clear day there’s a really nice view of the river. My only issue was, this trail has a few spots that are not good for dogs. I took my dog along and there were some pretty big rocks that she couldn’t get down from or over. Other than that, it’s a nice part of the AT

Decent hike with a really awesome view at the top. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to find the trail. Here are some directions:
You can park where these directions take you, or drive about a mile down the road to the start of the uphill hike. You'll recognize it by a path leading uphill on your left blocked by a gate and a small parking area in front if it. If you drive past this area about 3/4 of a mile further you'll reach a dead end, a larger parking lot and another hiking trail. This is NOT the right one.
Furthermore, around the last mile of the hike the trail forks with no directions pointing to the tower! Take the LEFT path. I'm not sure where the right path leads...

Great views! Recommend hiking boots. There are some rocky areas but my dog loved it!

Trail was in relatively good shape, and the vistas were stellar. Some sections are pretty steep, so be advised.

Wet rocks and leaves made it a little sketchy. But worth it! A lot of recent rain had the tiny creek roaring! Beautiful !

Beautiful mountain, peaceful and subtle. The trail is marked by white markers on the trees. Lots of rocks and boulders. After walking 3 miles in, we turned back because we didn't see where there would be a loop or a scenic view. Views can be seen past the trees. by 4:45pm, the parking lot was packed with vehicles, I'm assuming to see the sunset? not sure. We entered past the gates bridge.

2 months ago

Great hike very informative however if your following the book from the visitor center this map is not entirely correct.

2 months ago

This place is fantastic, but a word to the wise--the initial bridge to the Blue Trail (the "moderate" one) is gone. I'm not sure why. This means that the only good way to get to the moderate trail is to start on the difficult Yellow Trail and walk/slide across one of the fallen log bridges. It's fun, but NOT easy, and I would not recommend taking small children until Spring 2019 or whenever they reinstate the bridge.

3 months ago

Beautiful views in the fall and Summer. Starting at Ellendale Forge in Dauphin to Lebanon is about 17 miles. The Appalachian Trail intersects the Trail with views of Rouches Gap and the old Cemetery. The Stoney Creek runs close by at all times but sometimes you have to make a short detour. Pass by Rattling Run - about four miles from the gate at Ellendale Forge. It is open one day a year to drive through.

Historically, the area was used in the 1800’s as a resort to heal sore muscles believed to be because of the minerals in the Water.

You can still see remains of the housing and if you are lucky, you can still find pieces of plates of the time period. Horseshoe Trail is worth exploring if you have the time and stamina. Their is also Saint Paul’s Trail which is very steep. The Devils Run is worth the effort but be prepared for the elements and ensure you bring the correct gear for Hiking. You can drink the water from some springs but it’s recommended for you to either boil or use purification tablets particularly in the fall and hunting season.

More difficult than I read. It was a workout but I’m happy I did the 4+ mile loop. Only views were through the trees. Many rocks across the top so I had to be careful. For this 66 year young man I don’t think I’ll do it again.

3 months ago

This is a great trail for those looking for a little adventure and who don't mind searching for the trail a few times. It is not for the faint of heart or those new to hiking as it is has stretches that are poorly marked. If you have any common sense and experience with tracking or hiking then staying on the trail should be no big deal. It may not have a massive grandiose view but the hike in early fall is beautiful and colorful. There is no shortage of picturesque ferns, mountain laurel, mushrooms, and mosses. It has a steep beginning but once that's completed the rest is quite easy. It was in the process of drying out when we went so some steps were not sure and plenty of rocks gave way underfoot. In total, the trail is very much worth it if you don't mind adventure, brush clearing, web dodging, and vast rocky stretches. We will most certainly be back! Also, this is a great trail for an active dog, lots of trees to jump over and rocks to jump on and to.

Love this trail. Lots of different terrain, different scenery, and mostly shaded, all for a relatively short hike. Last time, brought guests, and was turned away by a ranger since parking was an issue. Be prepared for some wet/slippery sections when you choose your footwear. Some people wear flip-flops and crocs everywhere, I guess.

beautiful area! not well marked. Take this map with you

Will go again and finish the loop. I took my two year old and golden doodle which was over ambitious considering the conditions. Next time I will just take my toddler and focus on her. The rocky and steep conditions can make it hard to watch a toddler and dog at once with numerous people around. Parking is scarce, so get there early or later in the day. Beautiful trail and the Tacquan creek is super stellar!! Great holes for swimming too. The views are breathtaking and serene. Go see it but be aware it’s a nature preserve so leave it as you saw it upon arrival. I’ll go again but won’t make it a usual thing as nature persevere are not meant to have high foot traffic.

4 months ago

4 months ago

Great hiking fun for the whole family. Some steep parts for my 6 year old, but she was fine throughout the hike. Plenty of great scenery and falls to pause and watch throughout the hike and a lot of swimming holes for the kids to jump in and cool off. We will definitely be back for future hikes.

We hiked this today! Beautiful setting, hiking one side of creek and back the other side. We had to take our time with many rocks and roots to navigate, but that just makes it all the more fun!!

my favorite

nice trail..great pics to come

Great place to hike during the hot summer!

I've been on this section twice now, once in the winter time and just this past weekend in July. it's very rocky but pretty manageable. hiking boots aren't required but may be good idea. campsites on top of the ridge get breezy so something to block wind while you sleep is recommended. on your way out stop at the lumberjack restaurant not 5 miles from the trail parking, excellent food and nice staff

A very nice set of trails, but a lot of poop to dodge. Wear old shoes.

Starts off steep then levels out. Only went 20 min in then turned around.

6 months ago

Very easy trail. I highly recommend purchasing the booklet as it is filled with good historical information.

The trail and scenery are beautiful. I was a little taken aback by how many people there were wearing flip flops and carrying pool floaties though....I guess that's what I get for going on one of the hottest Saturdays of the year so far!

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