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1 day ago

Wolf rocks is a great place for a 2-3 hour loop trail hike and looking for a great view at the end of it! It’s perfect for a mild to moderate hike. Just be prepared to climb around on the large rocks at the end. Wear good footwear and be sure to have good footing! Nothing to catch you if you fall!

1 day ago

An amazing trail with several wonderful views. Very difficult trail, not for the faint of heart.

My husband and I hiked this trail on a clear, winter day in January and nearly had it to ourselves. It was mostly flat and wooded -- very peaceful. The views from the top were lovely. Highly recommend.

Nice 2 hour ish hike around the loop, there are a ton of trails connecting each other and it gets confusing because some of the yellow markings take you off the more worn paths which make it easy to miss. The trail is marked with different names, glad I took gps to double check route. Now to find out where all these other trails go....

4 days ago

We liked the trail. Clark Run is beautiful. The trail is a good workout. Thanks to a prior review that indicated a issue locating the trail around mile marker 3, we figured it out. The Boulder field is both challenging and fantastic. We completed the entire loop, scrambling around a blow down. A small copperhead snake was spotted near the end of our hike.

I’ll have to go again where I can do entire trail. I had my geriatric pup so had to take it easy but it’s Pete t for her because nice and flat :)

Really enjoyed this hike! We found this map really helpful: http://nebula.wsimg.com/7f35bd17b04f971ef43772807f27f529?AccessKeyId=79BB748DDC683E44B087&disposition=0&alloworigin=1
We stuck mostly to the Horseshoe and Yellow Diamond Trails (so, really just part of the trail loop) but did venture to the observation tower. The trail is wide in most places, which is nice when walking with the dog. We'll definitely go back to explore other trails here!

Amazing! Beautiful natural waterfalls.

beautiful hike

Good test of fitness. Fun trail.

Be sure to wear hiking shoes and stay for a couple of hours to complete this hike. The vistas are awesome. I went to pulpit rock first and then journeyed on to the Pinnacle lookout behind the huge pile of rocks.

I was unable to find my way back through the shorter route and wound up spending 7 hours and hiking over 8 miles or more because there aren’t really good markings for the shorter path back. There are quite a few spots with no cell service (at Pinnacle Peak for one) also, so don’t rely on your cell phones GPS for navigation.

Leave yourself lots of time and be sure to bring water and maybe a snack and you should be good. First time on the AT, so I think I learned a few lessons about how to prepare for my next hike. Enjoy!

we turned around on the very steep hike to the rusted machinery. when you hit the stone bridge do not walk across it. go straight. we went over the bridge and had to find our way back onto the trail.

13 days ago

There is a lower spur off of Birch Run Road that is not depicted on this trail map. It is the best part of the trail. We started from the lower spur and hiked clockwise to the upper trailhead and back. If we were to hike this again, we would start at the lower spur and hike counterclockwise. There is a convenient access to the Knob Run creek where you can take a quick dip after the hike. Very refreshing.

beautiful views

Beautiful trail. Completed this and the falls loop. Go see the falls, they are pretty gnarley.

Would do this trail again, but would make sure to go clockwise rather than counter clockwise

Mason Dixon trail is all over the place and that’s what I love about it. You go up and down and all over. Great views and good challenge. Beautiful waterfalls and just a fun trail.

16 days ago

Did the whole trail starting at. Huckleberry Rd. The campsites can be few and far between, especially in the 8 mi swamp section so plan accordingly. Calling this moderate is a stretch, it gets pretty technical.

This is a great hike, with amazing views and lots of interesting rocks to navigate. The descent along the creek is peaceful and nice. A great hike 8-9 miles

Outstanding hike! The views at the pinnacle are amazing. I’m betting the views on the way to the pinnacle are also amazing but a lot of foliage. That’s ok, good excuse to go back in the fall! We prefer the clockwise direction of the loop, but fun either way. Take water!

18 days ago

It was an awesome hike will definitely be back again well worth doing the whole thing

18 days ago

This was an amazing hike with beautiful waterfalls. We were even able to climb under a few and feel the cascading mountain water. Great trail for the family and our dog.

To many steps

Great views, friendly hikers along the way. Follow the white trail markers on the trees, or it is easy to get lost. Otherwise, a great upward trek with much satisfaction at the end.

I can’t imagine a more scenic waterfall hike! You can easily cut this hike in half and spend time at night each fall soaking in the beauty. The west side from Mohawk to Erie and back can be done in a few hours.

We hiked the loop clockwise and clocked in at 23.5 miles. Great trail compared to the West loop. Well marked with only slight overgrowth. The up hill grinds are just that, with no switchbacks. Fortunetly the are relatively short. Not many campsites, but good areas are there to make one. Saw a Black bear at the start, a fox, pheasant, turkey and another bear. Came across a bog mile 21 and got our feet wet , no way around it. Would definitely do again and combine both loops.

Lots of parking and signs so you know where you're going. Trail is fun, very steep but a good workout and worth it for the views. My dogs loved it. My only advice is to please be aware that there are others trying to get photos at the top too. There's one fantastic photo spot where everyone wants to get some pics, so please don't sit down for 15 minutes while groups wait to see the view and snap their own pics.

Great Hike with amazing views! Make sure to take water and a few snacks, it's a LONG hike if you do the full trail/loop. Make a pit stop at Pulpit Rock...absolutely incredible.

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