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Nice day hike if you are local. Nota challenging hike, but enough to get the blood flowing.

on Rocky Knob Trail

7 days ago

I love this trail! It's a nice wide trail with steep portions and beautiful views. The lower spur from Birch Run Road is a little difficult to find and follow, but if you keep looking for the blazes you will enjoy hiking along the stream.

7 days ago

Beautiful trail. We hiked this with our dog right before New Years.

Highly recommend this trail, even in winter. In January, the view at the top was less stunning because all the trees are dead. But, it's a very green trail with lots of bright green moss and tons of streams and tiny waterfalls. There is an Appalachian Trail shelter with some camping spots and a port-o-potty near the start of the trail. As another reviewer recommended, I would turn left at the fork to avoid going up the steeper way. Lightly trafficked, at least this time of year, as we only ran into about 5 people during the hike.

this was such an awesome hike.
will DEFINITELY be going there again!

12 days ago

Beautiful trail. Parked at the north trail head on Ridge Rd. 3 other cars were parked there but did not see anyone the entire time.

Great ridge line trail. Nice views in the winter, and lots of blueberries in the summer. I don’t recommend attempting to go up from or down to shingle path. Even in winter, ticks were really bad. The shingle path sign on top of Tussey has been removed due to erosion.

Get hike! Did Both Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock! Great combo!

One of my absolute favorite places... i have done this trail and all other trails in ricketts glen more than i can count.

Awesome hike. Regardless which direction you take it, you will begin by going uphill early on then walking the ridge for a few miles before going back downhill again to the reservoir road.

Went out looking for ice; unfortunately coverage was minimal. We traversed the entire loop without strapping on spikes or crampons. Still a great hike and not another soul out there. We’ll definitely be back when the real cold sets in.

Very nice New Year’s Day hike after a rainy New Year’s Eve day.

18 days ago

Cool hike depending on what trails you choose! Check out my recording.

20 days ago

you do not need anything but a water supply and some determination. the trip takes a person of average fitness level 45min to reach the top. you don't need a pack or boots, sneakers will suffice. It's a workout for sure but, not soul crushing.

excellent views and scenic waterfalls and that was in the middle of winter.

Awesome furnace, nice scenery, totally recommend. Take a detour to visit the “beach,” haha

Nice easy day out in late December. Not too wet a day after rain, a little soggy but no flooding. We had the view from chimney rocks all to ourselves.

Wonderful scenery and decently well marked trails. just make sure you look up every so often to not miss the trail markers. We followed the yellow markers for a bit until we reached the train tracks and the open river. Almost missed the continuation of the trail that turns blue right after the white train track bridge. Many skinny portions to the trail and lots of rocks to climb up and around. Towards the end we got a little stuck and had to cross the creek to make it to the road. Overall the trail was a lot of fun with some sketchy parts that are a little slippery. Parking lot is a little small so be careful.

23 days ago

Beautiful views! I loved this place. Trails are all well maintained. Recommend hiking boots and hiking stick.

Nice trail for younger children.

we did this one today for xmas. with our 15mo old. certain trails are very rocky. its all beautiful. steepish terrain. ♡ wouldn't recommend bringing a young child better for older ones.

The view from Hawk Rock is great. Had actually only done the hike down this part of trail but enjoyed the numerous rock steps/stairs. Looped back up the un-blazed trail which includes unobstructed view of Duncannon.

Me and my friends walked this trail a cold Sunday morning. Since it had snowed, it was hard to walk at our usual pace. It was very muddy and so many puddles. Aside that, it was a beautiful hike! Well worth our 2hr. drive. Would definitely do it again but in the summer. The views were stunning!

Relatively easy trail (going clockwise) and well marked which was nice. Good trail to hike with the dogs!

Great day hike with the ladies. Very empty on a December Sunday

1 month ago

This trail is very pretty and well marked. I would suggest starting the trial counter clockwise (heading to the right) for a great leg workout, as the incline is quite steep on the last part of the hike.

Sept 2018- We left at 11:15 AM. Took us a little over 4 hours. Very pretty overlook.

great hike do it once a year on my hiking in Pa anniversary

hiked this on 11/4 with a friend. loved it. many people on the trail and lots of dogs. made it fun. had lunch and hot coffee from my thermos at the Pinnacle rock. views beautiful. saw a bald Eagle!!!

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