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I did this hike on a Tuesday morning and only encountered two other small groups while I was out. A nice, quiet hike with incredible desert views and plentiful saguaro. As other reviewers have noted, going counterclockwise will get the hardest part of the hike done first and then a nice descent for the second half. There is a self pay fee at the trailhead where you are asked to put three dollars in an envelope and keep the receipt for proof of payment.

What makes a trail 5 stars for me is always the vistas. This one really has it all.

No dogs in cave.

7 days ago

Nice trail with a lot of variety not too long but not too short and very scenic.

+1 for hiking it CCW, staying right at the fork to do the north section of the Elephant Mountain trail before the Spur Cross section. You will be facing the best views the whole time going this direction and you'll do the harder section earlier.

21 days ago

This was an exhilarating and challenging at the same time. I did this counter clockwise and so glad I did. Actually, I felt like I got the hard stuff out of the way first, and enjoyed my descent down after all the climbing I did. The views are incredible! Don't forget to stop every once in a while and turn around to see the sweeping desert views. Start early as this takes a while to do. Recommend this trail to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline keyed up!

GO COUNTERCLOCKWISE! The first 3 miles is a fairly gradual but steep incline to the saddle, everything from there is a breeze. Clocked in at 7.5 miles total, got off trail a few times but we think that’s mostly because we were admiring the scenery. So beautiful, watch out for jumping cactus around the saddle area... they line the trail for a good mile!

Great trail. Once you get past the horse shit it is a fantastic trail. Great for a dog!

Great quiet trail with views. Sections are steep and loose. Do it counter clockwise and add Dragonfly trail at end for 8+ miles total and creek with big cottonwood trees to cool down.

Great hike with a 5 y/o and 12 y/o...good views and wash crossings and really nice large saguaros to see. Easy hike but keep an eye out for horse poop on parts of the trail...

Low traffic and beautiful scenery...one of our favorites!!

Moderate hike...not too intense but a nice workout. Did the Overton trail loop. Beautiful!!

1 month ago

love this Trail have walked it many times if you walk it clockwise it's harder more up hills nice and scenic

1 month ago

It is more of an easy trail rather then Moderate. great views but had to share the trail with horses and Mountain Bike riders which was not an ideal situation,
The trail is very well marked and the entire park is gorgeous, so it's worth one trip.

My introduction to the Northern part of the Scottsdale Preserve. Nice, scenic hike around a couple of small mountains and beautiful desert vistas. The desert was nice and green from recent rains that made the cactus and trees really pop with color. Crowded at the trail head, but once you get further out, you get solitude. My hat's off to the city of Scottsdale for a job well done making these parks so enjoyable. The facilities here are top-notch! I'll be back again for more hikes in the area!

One of my favorite hikes...not really hard and magnificent views. You can also extend the hike to pretty much as much distance as you want.

Great hike. Beautiful views! On the easy side of moderate. I would definitely recommend it.

Went counter-clockwise. Great hike up the hill out of the valley and nice easy descent. Had the place to ourselves early on a weekday. Highly recommended.

1 month ago

Beautiful and hard hike. The AllTrails rating of ‘moderate’ is incorrect. The trailhead has it rated as ‘extremely difficult’ which is correct. Lots of steep climbs and it is fairly long 6.8 miles. But incredible views and happened upon a rattlesnake and a king snake. Bottomline, leave early, no dogs for sure due to terrain and difficulty, and be in shape!

1 month ago

All elevation changes were gradual and not difficult. Great trail for kids!

Tunnel is blocked off. No access anywhere

3 months ago

I decided to go clockwise starting at the Slate trailhead, then heading north on the Jasper Trail to the Go John Trail and finishing up on the Quartz and Slate trails. Started at mid-morning when it already was hot. There is no shade so bring plenty of water. The trails are well maintained and clearly marked. It is impossible to inadvertently go off-trail. Nice scenery along the way, except for the Slate Trail which is kind of boring. Admission fee to the park is now $7.

The perfect scenic trail. Never crowded so you get the place to yourself.

5 months ago

This is a great trail for kids with the pond and plenty of wildlife. It is one of my all-time favorites!

5 months ago

Nice trail saguaros were great!!


6 months ago

Beautiful trail. Much 10% grade. I only did from parking to elephant mountain trailhead. I started around 7:30 and should have started earlier to make the whole route. Next time

Great loop for kids.

great trail! a lot of variety, well marked, clear paths. Lots to see! The Quartz rocks are beautiful. A little bit of shade along the way. I started at Go John then took the Quartz trail to Slate trail and back to the parking areas, which took a little over an hour. a little bit of incline the first half, then the second half is mostly decline or flat. went on a Saturday and think I saw a total of 4 or 5 people on that trail. pushed back far enough from main roads that it really does feel desolate and peaceful. there is a $6 day pass fee, but definitely worth it!

Great views, no people, wildlife, and well maintained.

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