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FYI, I thought I’d mention that you can’t park at the trailhead. It’s down the street and then you walk up a hill to get to the start. This is a challenging hike that is pretty much straight uphill until you get to the top. Gorgeous views make the climb worth it! I did need to use my hands to climb in certain spots. A little tough on my knees coming back down. Proper footwear with good grip is important.

This is straight up and straight down Great views but couldn’t really enjoy until you stopped. But great workout

6 days ago

Just did this oneand had a blast. Has a strong vertical ascent line. It’s not camelback grade but it’s a good solid workout and a lot of fun. There’s an American flag at the top which makes for some fun pics. I will probably do this one again with a weighted vest to crank up the workout.

7 days ago

Wonderful hike up to three spring going through the forest following the Horton Creek with some mini waterfalls all along. Very beautiful scenery, very peaceful and relaxing. This hike is at a moderate level.

For in town it’s very nice and if I lived here I’m sure I would go often.

Great for dogs

13 days ago

This trail is my favorite hike yet. The pine trees and creek are breathtaking. I highly highly recommend you make it to the top - the views are so worth it! It was very windy and chilly at the top and the trail toward the top is not marked. Allow yourself 4-5 hours.

18 days ago

Great hike!! This is the “jalapeño” hike in terms of just the right amount of heat for most people... if you want to turn it into a “habanero” you can by running up the hill but the elevation gain is probably just right for less than running. It is steep and rocky so wear solid boots and drop lower becoming more parallel to the trail in the vertical areas... this will help prevent falling/slipping and allow you to maintain pace while also utilizing hand holds on the rocks. A few false summits till you get to the flag and amazing 360 degree views at the top! Glad yesterday was leg day at the gym.... this “enhanced” my experience during today’s hike!!

Definitely a challenge but the homes all around it being built are taking the scenery away from it. Don’t let the short 2.2 miles fool you it is a butt burner.

The road was very rocky, but manageable. It was an excellent hike up, the view was incredible and I would highly recommend this trail to anyone who enjoys a magnificent view. I drove from Glendale and I was impressed, I will totally do it again.

Love the flag at the top!

Great hike today! Relatively easy hike.

I have Black Mountain in my back yard. As a local, I can walk to the trailhead and hike to the top - I do this a few times each week. I LOVE this hike, but it is not for the faint of heart. It’s challenging because 85% of the trail is very steep and rocky, making the ascent quite rigorous and the decent tough on the quads and knees. Make sure to stop periodically to drink and stay hydrated - bring enough water....take in the views. On a clear day you can see forever!

One of the best!

22 days ago

Steep but a good work-out


1 month ago

This hike is amazing up to the spring. Past that the trail is extremely hard to follow and steep loose rocks threatened injuries. After about a half mile or so it is well marked with carins up to Rim Road. Even with this app and trail markers I lost the trail several times. Many great spots to camp by and below the spring.

1 month ago

Came to this trail by mistake. Ended up being a very good workout. Legs felt like barely cooked spagghetti noodles on the way down.

4x4 ride twice within 3 weeks. Fun ride, great views, and Butcher Hook has a mean green chili burro! Definitely will ride this trail again.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail today and thought it was amazing. The scenery was stunning and the fall leaves were beautiful. I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

what a great trail I definitely will be doing this one again.
It's such a good trail for the family not to easy but not hard at all we had our 4 year old and 6 year old and they did great.
there's a great camping site right at the trailhead, I'm hoping to go camp there and do the entire trail next time. it's a beautiful trail and love the sounds from the creek.

Beautiful hike with awesome views, I would consider this hike closer to easy in intensity. It was also heavily trafficked at times with many being novice hikers.

It is a great workout.

1 month ago

loved it

Great views from the top, I suggest combining with other trails for a longer hike. Be careful, lots of Mtn bike traffic.

1 month ago

Parking filled up pretty quickly, but considering it was a perfect fall day, it was easy to see why. The 1140' elevation gain over 4+ miles was very doable even for a 51yo not used to the altitude. A little splash of fall foliage along the creek among the pines was a nice touch. Loved being able to listen to the water for the whole hike and climb around the spring at the end. A little rocky, a little dirt, overall a fabulous hike!

Pretty easy going up to the spring, but past that it can be challenging to stay on the main trail due to overgrowth and limited use. Also, that last leg to Rim Road is rather steep and rocky. Nice views near the top though. Saw some elk to the side of the trail on the way out around dusk, then a deer as I drove from the trailhead out to the highway.

This is a very special mountain

This was a beautiful and easy hike. Completed it with a group ages 8-42 and everyone did great. Ended up picking a day in July that was perfect. Cloudy with rolling thunder and a light sprinkle made this hike through the pines absolutely beautiful. Take some snacks or lunch and enjoy it while eating next to the creek.

Awesome workout !

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