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32 minutes ago

This was a nice day on the trail but a little disappointing when hitting the summit as there were limited views. Prior to the summit off to left there was a limited view. On top we met a park ranger who suggested recommended going to Cornell Mtn and then on to Wittenberg. He said that this was an easier way to get to Wittenberg. We didn't have the time that day but plan to do just that On the way back down we met several people with back packs planning to camp near the summit.

great hike for all levels, very pretty trail(once you get on it) and the view from Indian head is iconic! Had perfect weather today with no black or horse flies. can't wait to do it again in the fall :)

Loved this. Hard challenging uphill. Spectacular views. Descent was challenging even more so by torrential rain (that wasn't in the forecast for another 4 hours..!). Can't wait to do it again. Total immersion in nature. You need to be less fit and more resourcefully able to do it. Took my thighs a few days to recover.

This is a great hike, but I would not call it easy or even moderate unless you are regularly climbing high peaks.
The view at the summit of Mt. Marcy is breathtaking and well worth the effort.

It is pretty. Very fjord like for sure. It is also getting very popular. I watched 2 tourists posing for 10-15 mins taking (what seemed like) hundreds of photos of themselves. Their faces were buried in their phones, saw them look up at the view maybe twice. There was also another group of French Canadians playing their music pretty loud at the top. I understand everyone has a different idea on what makes a hike enjoyable and I'm usually okay with it, but only as long as it doesn't interfere with anyone else's trail experience.

Definitely the best non-46er view in the ADK's but word seems to be getting out about this place. Do Not expect to be alone on this hill. With the increased foot traffic comes increased trail debris as well unfortunately. I had to carry down 2 shirts, a gatorade bottle, a flip flop?, and countless food wrappers. Very disappointing.

Maybe posting up a Summit steward on peak days throughout the summer? I'd volunteer lol.

1 day ago

Awesome hike. Easy hike except for the last mile to the summit. Summit had great views. No summit button, at least that I could find.

1 day ago

My first hike in the Adirondacks! Three observations: (1) they don't do much trail engineering in the ADK's, I did not pass a single water bar this day (muck and water everywhere as it rained hard the previous few days...not so pleasant), (2) Most of what I hiked was on "herd paths", semi-planned trails cut by hikers, not the ADK Club or others and consisting of many "class 3" short climbs/descents over ledges, and (3) The NY DEC only "manages and maintains" about half the park trails (I've heard) but this doesn't make much difference except for overgrowth. My point, these trails are more rustic and unrefined compared to, let's say, the trails you'd find in the White or Green Mountains. Once I adjusted to that, I was fine. Regarding direction, I'd say going up the Beckhorn Trail to Dix first might be superior to going up the Macomb slide, there are more technical ledge challenges over there. Finally, this is a SUPER GREAT trek and one you could easily break up into 2 hikes (do Beckhorn/Dix one day, the other peaks another day). My day, with a 15-20 min break on each peak:
Elk Lake Trailhead 6:30am start
(the parking area was full by 6am!)
Macomb 9am, +4 miles, +2300' gain
South Dix 10am, +5 miles, +2600'
Grace 11am, +6.25 miles, +3000'
S Dix (return) 12N, +7.5 miles, +3400'
Hough 1:30pm, +8.5 miles, +4000'
Beckhorn 2:30pm +9.5 miles, +4900'
Dix 3pm, +10 miles, +5000'
Elk Lake Trailhead 6pm, +16 miles, +5250'
Elk Lake Lodge Dinner Served: 6pm!

Awesome trail! Really fun. If you do both Cascade and Porter it's actually 7.8 miles. My 8 year old collie did great and loved the trail. There are steep rocky surfaces so not all dogs may be able to make it, but there were a lot of dogs on the trail doing fine.

Porter is hella muddy but still lots of fun! Super dope to see the other hikers over on cascade before making it over there. Our border collie loved climbing the steep rocks

Well trafficked but worth the views. The rocks at the top of Cascade are awesome!

Great hike , awesome view , really recommend it to anyone who loves pretty scenic and waterfalls.

Just hiked up and back today. Very pretty vista at the top (both the false and actual summit). Well worth the effort (moderately difficult). Relatively crowded, but a very pleasant experience nonetheless.

First peak for my boy! Beautiful day lots of sun and hikers and pooches.

4 days ago

Always a great hike that's close to home

Great hike! Three pretty easy miles to start off, then a mile up! It had great views on top! 3 down 43 to go!

Great hike.the views from the top are awesome.

4 days ago

Solid day of hiking, completed all 5 peaks in the Dix Range. Started from the Elk Lake trailhead at 6am. Going up the slides of Macomb wasn't too difficult, just had to be very careful of each step as rocks could become loose and cause you to slip and fall possibly. Macomb was steep but offered great views. South Dix & East Dix (Grace Peak) were easy to get to, Grace had the better views. Hiking up Hough was tough and very steep. Hough to the Beckhorn & Dix was steep in a few spots but overall not too bad. Summited Dix by 12:30pm. Went down the trail via the Beckhorn, steep going down and a bit slippery. Total time of 10.5 hours (including an hour on top of Dix), 15.8 miles round trip.

Not as easy as the local reviews say it is! Definitely a challenge, but so worth it!

very much a disappointment . 4.5 hours round trip and was hoping for breathtaking views. all you can see from the top is big pine trees. what a waste . been on much better hikes than this that offered so much beauty . just before you get to the top you can see a little of the mountain ridges across but mostly obstructed

6 days ago

Buck is a great day hike for those who are in reasonably good shape and looking for about 2000 vertical feet of elevation gain in about 2.5 miles. We went on a mid-summer Monday and were joined by about 10 other groups of hikers. Definitely popular, but not for those with small kids. We found lots of bolete mushrooms on our hike and they were quite tasty when we cooked them up on our return.

Beautiful hike. Not the most interesting or challenging trails, but the payoff at Indian Head is one of the prettiest views in New York in my opinion. A great hike

My son and I did Porter first, which was muddy in spots, but otherwise a really nice detour before going up Cascade. The views from Porter were better than expected. Cascade was spectacular! The rock scramble at the end was a good time. We stayed longer on Cascade, and had some food. The path from the trailhead is uphill from the start, with only a few very short level areas. It is also very rocky, and on the trek down this was a bit of a challenge. There were people of all ages and skill levels on the trial, and most people were very friendly and encouraging on the way up and down. The parking areas around the trailhead were packed by 10:00am, so get there early. We spent about 5 hrs on the trail, 4:19 minutes of actual hiking time. Two of my apps agreed on mileage, 7.1 for Cascade and Porter. Great hike and amazing views!

Great, steep hike, fun rock scramble at cascade, porter was super muddy

Decided to stay an extra day after doing 4 of the Saranac 6 to get a High Peak in. We got a later start than we would have like and had to park about a mile down the road from the LOJ. It was overall a great hike the water was refreshing and the top had some good views. The top can be a little confusing because there are a lot of trails right at the peak but nothing to crazy.

Always a favorite. Great with my kids. We went early to beat the crowds and was worth it.

All in all a beautiful hike. We stayed true to Cascade. If you are new to hiking ( like many we passed as we made our way down) preparation is key. It’s definitely a hike, not a stroll. Wear appropriate footwear! I’m incredibly proud of our 4.5 year old son who made it to the summit and back with no assistance. Took us 4 hours car to car, with a nice break at the top and a few on the way up. We cruised down with ease. Parking was not an issue for us as we arrived early enough. View at the top was beautiful.

Great hike! Lots of steep inclines. Well worth it, though, the view at the summit is amazing!

The hike up to Marcy Dam and then to the Phelps Trail cut-off is easy. The sign to Phelps at the cut-off reads 1.0 miles, but it is actually 1.2 miles. The 1.2 miles are a bit challenging, but nothing too difficult. At the top, there is a small trail to the right of a boulder that runs along the left side of the trail - take the trail (very short) for some very nice views.

If you enjoy hustling up a rock scramble incline, this is the hike for you. The effort is worth the view at the summit! Fairly wide trail for most of the route. The first view is stunning, especially after staring at so much greenery for 3 miles. But don’t forget to continue in the the summit about 3-5 miles further on the yellow trail.

A good moderate hike with a very beautiful summit.
There are many steep patches and getting down was especially difficult for me

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