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amazing views and challenging rocky path

1 day ago

Wear good shoes!!! This hike was very well-marked and fun. The rock scramble was intense, as it went across rather than up. I went in mid-Sept.

The Patriot Trail is a good fast walk/run with some nice steep climbs. The detour to the waterfall is steep and good for the quads although the waterfall is really a brook. We went on a Saturday and we had it all to ourselves. Due wear hiking boots the terrain is rocky and the leaves hide them quite often.

Dog friendly, wide open trails. Nice and easy dirt trails for beginners.

Awesome trail! Definitely drink plenty of water and watch your footing. All the rock scrambles you’ll end up climbing/hiking through get difficult and very exhausting but climbing through them is so much fun. You’ll feel accomplished when you’re finished!

Had a great time! The trails are blazed well & the reserve is in great condition. Only compliant is that some of the trails are close to people’s backyards; perimeter of the park is close to private property. Overall watch out for frogs & chipmunks!

Great & easy trail perfect for small dogs. Pretty awesome view of the dam. Would love to return to mountain bike. Which reminds me to warn hikers that some parts of the trail you share with cyclists (some are polite and some will run you down if you don’t get out of the way).

To find trail head- park across the street from the State Police station. Often Info on where the exact trail is, is not provided. When you are looking at the building the trail head is on the far left of employee parking lot - you will see a sign. As mentioned in another comment below, unless you are looking for strenuous uphill cardio take the trail clockwise by taking this entrance. Use All Trails carefully there are a few tricky turns but very well worth it. Hike starts out flat, and yes parkway noise but you soon head away and down. Beautiful trail w a few waterfalls and pretty well maintained.

mountain biking
6 days ago

Very nice trail for a hike or bike ride. Only grip is it's a little short. Rode my bike and did all of the connected trails it only took an hour. The bluffs over looking the water are beautiful and one of the two bunkers are open if you look carefully. Not that I would know, but it seems like it would have a great view from the roof that may or may not be accessible from a ladder on the inside.

Well marked and is difficult after the first 2 miles. Be prepared for scambling and steps. I did this after the rain and the scrambling was very hard and slippery. Beautiful views.

Lived near this park for years and finally got a chance to check it out. Nice little trail system with a couple of moderately challenging hills. Trail markings can be a little confusing but you are in the middle of suburbia so you shouldn't get lost. When we were there only saw one other group as we were first entering trails but tracks on trail appear to indicate it is well used.

not hard but tricky. finished the loop with 3 other people, 1 who has never hiked before. enjoyed it immensely though. Calves were a little achy the day after climbing the grand staircase and the boulders. but nothing insane if you have some level of fitness.

Lovely hike. We did what other reviewers suggested: white to blue to orange to red. The scramble up at the beginning of the blue portion was definitely a challenge (I’m in reasonably good shape for my 51 years) but fun. I’m glad we went UP for that scramble; going down would have been a bit much for me. Overall really nice way to spend 3-4 hours, with some majestic views. The trail blazes can be a bit difficult to locate, so be on the lookout for those.

Good workout trail because of the hills. Serious erosion problems on many of the stair step portions of the trail. Watch your footing.

great hike! I only did the blue trail since my dog was getting tired but very pretty, scenic hike. I didn't think it was difficult at all, mt tammany was much more difficult. The waterfalls are beautiful and it only takes a mile in to see the view from the top of the rocks.

BEWARE - TICKS!!! My dog and I each had THOUSANDS of embedded seed ticks after an hour walk on this trail, requiring medical attention. I will never go here ever again. 9-2-18

Great for beginners and not too crowded yet enough people on the red trail to not worry about getting lost. Took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the lake and just 1 hour back down. Bathrooms and ice cream vending machine at the trail head/visitors center a definate stop on the way back to your car. Next time will go slower to enjoy more of the scenery and take pictures along the route. All in all be ready for a great afternoon of cardio work on your way up.

Tbh it was not great there were mousquitos and we could bearly see the water beacause of the leaves and trees. And it was also quite short

Didn't quite do the whole thing, but we loved it. Beautiful waterfall!

My favorite day trail. Easy to navigate and quiet and peaceful. Lots of deer as well. Some horseback riders as well. Has a nice stream to hang out at towards the end of the trail with a bench. The boardwalk going through the forest also great. I’ve been there 3 times and have gotten bit by a few mosquitos but nothing out of control. I have never had a tick on me at this location.

Starts out with an incline of steps and is very up and down make sure you are ready for it. Good shade and just bring water :)

I run this trail all the time marked well beautiful scenery quiet bathrooms on course at 2 points. Love it!! My nickname for this course is “Snoopy”

Beautiful views and loved the hike, but BEWARE taking your dog! Despite staying in the middle of the trail, all 3 of ours were literally covered, no joke, in thousands of "seed ticks" (tick larvae) from paw to chest. We had never heard of this before and it's absolutely disgusting. Will go again, but not taking the dogs unless it's the dead of winter.

28 days ago

My daughter and I decided to do a small hike with the dog... it was pleasant and very easy to use, since the trail is well kept... Our dog quickly made friends at the dog park, and dog owners were very nice. I would definitely do this walk again..

28 days ago

Nice waterfall, scenic view at the top of the climb. Came across an eastern box turtle!
Only complaint is that you can hear the sounds of traffic the whole time.

Also- TICKS to the max

I’m a little confused by the different Palisades trails - we definitely did this one but our trackers said 5.5 miles, not the 3.7 indicated. It was tough. A day later my thighs are still burning. The rocks were fun and challenging but the ascents (multiple) were very hard.

This was much harder than I expected. Being a novice and somewhat out of shape, it needed a lot of exertion and a degree of balance.

The first part going north from the visitor center / cafe (fully stocked), you go down the cliff with moderate exertion and get to a beautiful waterfall emptying into the Hudson. At this point, I advise the beginner hiker to turn around and go back up. Because the next part, south along the Hudson, is hard. And it’s not really that technically demanding but you are taken over rock pile after rock pile, think what’s left after a rock slide and it seems ENDLESS. I was asking a higher power to please stop and turn back up the cliff.

When that part ended, it was a very pleasant stroll along a packed earth path next to the river and a steep but manageable climb back up the cliff.

Total time of 3.5 hours including a snack break.

29 days ago

Great walk with Lambo my Golden Retriever, not sure who’s more tired...

29 days ago

The views of at the top were very nice. There was one point with a rock scramble which was fun and slightly challenging. Although walking along the creek was enjoyable, I did not see any waterfalls. I would do this again if I only had a few hours (took me ~2 hours), otherwise I'd to extend it a bit longer and go to one of the lakes.

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