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Had a fantastic time here. We hiked all the way to the end of the trail seeing all 3 waterfalls. It was Thursday so very few people were on the trail. Had lunch at the top if rainbow falls. It was an amazing view.

Nice trail. Not too strenuous. Tracked it at 6 miles total. There were plenty of children doing this trail with no problem. There are places where I would not have a dog with no leash. The views at the end are well worth the trip.

Our first hike on this trail. The waterfall is beautiful and worth the hike.

Wonderful hike with an incredible reward at the end. Highly recommended!

A fantastic hike. We took it really slow and enjoyed the views, stopped for some hot tea at the summit and had a wonderful time on the trail. It is an easy to moderate hike if you start the loop by going left when you reach the top of the stairs. A moderate hike if you go right. Watch out for ice if you go in cold weather. I slipped on a patch and took a little spill, but was no worse for the wear. The views are great. We saw a Peregrine falcon in flight and lots of beautiful ice on rocks. If you don't hike much and are on the fence about doing this one, you can hike in by taking the loop to the left, summit, and backtrack the way you came in...giving you a gentle slope all the way up and all the way down.

Ended up doing this trail by accident... but so happy we did! We went around to Little Green summit first and then down to the falls. The trail was definitely easy going for the first 3+ miles. A nice/steep climb to the top and then some AMAZING views. Got a little turned around on the summit thanks to some careless wandering but never got too far off path. The entire 4 hours we were in the area we only saw 4 other groups of people which made the experience even more perfect. Can't wait to come back for a weekend of camping/hiking.

The trail length is around 5 miles total. Pretty hike.

First time hiking out here and enjoyed it a lot. It may have been raining, not too hard but enough to keep us wet but well worth it.

28 days ago

Cute little walk with the kids and dogs. Beautiful view! You used to be able to drive to the trail head but last time we were there you had to walk the road to get there.

28 days ago

We found it by accident but definitely loved it.

Beautiful hike to an awesome, powerful waterfall, well worth the hike!

My daughter and I hiked this tail yesterday, beautiful sunny day, 55 degrees! We started at the Bad Creek parking lot and hike to the top of Whitewater Falls and back. It was a nice hike we enjoyed it.
Beautiful falls, well worth the hike!!

Great hike. We did this with our 8 and 13 year old. They both enjoyed it!

this is a cool trail. great views at the top along the rock face. some 700ft drop? people were repelling off of. very crowded though. camping isnt allowed. lots of steps. a hammock might be nice at the top though.. huge birds flying at the top

It was awesome!! When hiking you will come to a path to your left... I saved that for last. It was Stairway Falls... Beautiful. So I kept going to right ... First Fall was Rainbow... keep going you will come to Turtleback... keep going you will come to Drift Falls!! All worth the hike!!

1 month ago

This place is great with multiple campsites along the way. Take every side route because that’s where most of the waterfalls and balds are. The place is beautiful. There is a bald on salt rock that isn’t labeled on any maps I say and it’s a beautiful view must go to that.

A great hike, especially in the morning! There were a few people on the trail but not many until I was heading back. Right now there is a lot of mud around the falls so wear the right shoes or you may get stuck or slide. There were a few areas that looked like other trail paths but I didn’t explore them. If you use the map from this app it’ll take you in the right direction.

Great hike to bottom but be ready for a climb out...

2 months ago

The falls are beautiful and powerful. A nice overlook!

Gorgeous water fall. The hike down to the river was steep and switch back and forth but worth the view. There is a nice bridge at the bottom crossing the river. Great place for photos. If you keep going alittle further you will come another bridge going over Corbin’s creek. Nice water fall to see there. If you keeping down the trail about 2-3 miles you will come to bad creek. From there you can also hike to the lower falls.
Very nice trail. Just remember you have to hike back a up the steep hill you started with. Nice day hike one or our favorite hikes.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike

Great, short hike with beautiful views!

2 months ago

Perfect distance for what we were looking for. Took the dog and have great views at the top - there is not Summit sign to say you made it but once the trail starts heading down you’ll know when to stop.

my hike was in total fog. but will go again.

In my opinion, the best way to come to the falls is from the bottom of the mountain. It's way cooler than just walking down the stairs.

Very easy hike on a paved path to the upper whitewater falls. Suitable for all ages and wheelchair accessible. Take the stairs on the right down for an even better view of the falls.

Moderate to strenuous trail. The Falls made it well worth the trip!! We relaxed on the rocks for well over an hour before heading back out. Crossing the two small streams was fun as well.

4 months ago

It's worth the hike. Beautiful falls. Hard hike back up, man made steps all the way.

Gorgeous trail and stunning falls. I definitely wouldn’t rate this as an easy trail but well worth the effort. I refer to this as a Walmart trail because there were more people on it than in Walmart on Christmas Eve. Disappointed with an abundance of trash and toilet paper along the trail. We visited the two falls above rainbow and they we beautiful as well. I would definitely do this trail again. It’s a great place to bring a picnic and sit on a big ole rock and watch the river go by.

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