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pretty, but can find lots better

2 days ago

Hiked this with My Sunflower on a gorgeous day.
Beautiful , easy trail.

6 days ago

A nice easy hike to House Rock. The forest is pretty along the river, some old growth trees along the way and on a hot day the river and falls at House Rock are perfect to play in. Can see in rainy season some spots could be difficult to cross. Trail was well maintained in Sept 18.

8 days ago

Hiked this trail today without my Sunflower and with the threat of rain for the afternoon.. Low cloud levels prevented good clear views.
Was on the trail looking for the U.S. Capital Christmas tree ornaments but didn’t find any. SweetHome ranger district lists 3 ornaments on the trail with one being close to Gale creek trail head but found no such trail head or marker. Turned around and headed back down at the 5 miles in.

Just realize that it’s almost all uphill going out. Not very long but all uphill. Of course, coming back is all downhill. Quick fast walk.

Nice hike. Little overgrown in spots and a bit of scramble to get to the falls. The water was beautiful and cool :)

1 month ago

This hike is a challenge! We took the longer, less steep route, but it was still a major climb. The terrain remains the same throughout the hike and isn't as beautiful as many of our Oregon hikes. The view from the top is a treat after making the climb though!

on Rooster Rock Trail

2 months ago

Not a very difficult hike. Gentle ups & downs, just under 3 miles, & if you get there in the morning, it’s not crowded at all!!

Very great little hike! Not too hard at all, some up hill parts, but just enough to speed your breath up. The map seemed to be a bit off, but I’m no expert on that. Very beautiful and green. Plan to go back with a hammock and a book!

First, there's no parking/usage fees but there is limited parking near the gate (right after a large brown/green house on the left and a scenic byway sign on the right), otherwise you'll have to park off the highway. Id say near the gate it'll probably fit 6-7 cars.
Second, this is great for dogs but probably not smaller or older dogs as there are some downed logs and large rocks you have to get over.
Third, there's some streams but easily maneuvered around. I imagine in spring they are not passable without walking through them.
Fourth, there are quite a few spots with growth hanging over the path, no biggie for most, but some may want to wear long sleeves/pants. Some growth is salmon(?)berry bushes with small thorns.
All in all, the hike was awesome! Some spots where you need to hoof it but the end is worth it. The falls near the House Rock are beautiful. Got there at 8 and saw no one else until we were almost back at the beginning.

The kids completely fell in love with this one, their faces on getting to stand under the fall was an amazing memory! add that to the short distance and a nice dip in the river when finished it's completely worth it and so nice. we have done it a few times and each time it's been a little busier than the last. it can be muddy in the spring but a great little hike close to home. If you adventure around the river, you can spot a few more tiny falls.

2 months ago

Good climb. Clocked 2100 ft. Trail is clear but a little overgrown in parts. Every shade of green, light on wildflowers but you will see some. View at the top is pretty. There are more impressive views in the West Cascades, but having seen many, this was a great trail to explore.

2 months ago

Trail was in great shape as compared to previous years. Wildflowers, butterflies and a viewpoint at 1.5 mi. Only went as far as split with Browder and Heart Lake. Total of 6.6 mi. Not too overgrown in meadows and a shorter route to Browder Summit or Heart Lake than if you take Browder Ridge Trail. Only tricky part is locating trailhead as roadside sign is missing. Follow directions and look for area on road allowing for parking and signpost without the sign. You’ll hear the creek where you enter the woods and come to the trailhead sign a few feet in.

2 months ago

I hiked to Rooster Rock in early July, intent on making it a loop at the track on the trail page shows.
I parked at the Trout Creek / west trailhead (room for about 10 cars); the parking area at the Rooster Rock / east trailhead if much larger.
The 2.7 miles walk along OR 20 is too too enjoyable and, in some spots, there is not much of a shoulder to separate you from traffic. Not looking forward to a roadside walk, I scouted the other side of the river but ended at gates with "no trespassing signs".
The 2.3 miles climb up from the Rooster Rock trailhead is steep and relentless (I only spotted a 10 feet flat section the whole way up!). The trail is however well maintained (as of 7/2018) and goes through nice forested slopes. As others have noted, this is likely not a great hike if all you are looking for are the views from the top.
I was actually glad to have chosen to go up the steep side and go down the longest (more gentle) on; while it made for a bit of huffing/puffing on the way up, my knees were thankful for a less extreme pounding returning to the valley floor. The three parties I me on the trail were all doing out-and-backs from the Trout Creek trailhead.

The "summit" is relatively small (not a lot of room to "setup shop" to relax/lunch, especially if you have to share with others. The trail continues to a (higher) second summit just off to the northwest and appears to go further beyond that (possibly due north to the logging roads in that area).

2 months ago

For the work you put in on the hike the views are disappointing. We have done Iron Mountain and loved it! So this view was a let down in comparison. It is a butt kicker so if that's what you are going for its a stead incline the whole 3 miles up. We took our kids and they did complete it. Just watch out for poison oak, lots this spring.

Beautiful little woodland trail , easy lots of ferns, moss and old grown. Falls are minimal size.

Hiked it on 6-24-18 to the Ridge. Beautiful hike with moderate amount of wildflowers. Meadows surprisingly were more ferns than flowers, but still good amount of flowers along the way. Difficult elevation. Starts right off with switchbacks, but levels off for the middle of the hike before dealing with more elevation. Had to hike OFF TRAIL through the upper meadow, just past the cliffs, to get to the Ridge. Once at the ridge, continue up Rocky Ridge to grassy/rocky meadow at summit. Wasn't 360° view due to growing trees, but awesome view nonetheless. Mosquitoes were out, but I've seen worse, use spray. Was in the mid-80s, so I only had brought 3 water bottles; really needed more. Passed 5 other groups/people along the trail. Didnt go to the lake. Decent hike.

3 months ago

Great hike. Excellent conditions. Pretty steady climb with awesome views at the top!

3 months ago

Oh boy I thought this was a moderate hike LOL as a beginning hiker It took about two hours to get to the top. It keep inclining. Great hike I was just glad I made it to the top.

I give this a 5 because it is hard. It is a challenge & a good one. Definitely worth it, though it’s not a 360 degree view like Iron Mountain. There was a native sedum in bloom with a vivid yellow and what appeared on the SE slope to be Indian paintbrush also flowering bright red. I hiked the trail 2 days ago.

Beautiful falls and well worth the hike but be warned this is not an easy trail. Trail is very steep and narrow in places. You have to step aside if you meet anyone on the way. To get to any decent view of the falls you have to climb over a good size rock pile. I gave it a 4 because the falls were so beautiful. If you are older or not in the best of shape plan on many breaks.

3 months ago

Wonderful hike. Great elevation climb. Scenery was beautiful. There was however a lot of poison ivy blooming, but it looked like it had been sprayed.

4 months ago

Started at Rooster Rock TH. Keep right at the fork.

My Fitbit tracked 2.7 miles to the summit and nearly 2,900ft elevation gain! The incline is relentless, especially towards the end. Which means the walk back down was tough on the knees. The view was nice, especially having it by ourselves.

4 months ago

Did this weekend may 19-20 to Browder Ridge. Hike to heart lake is overgrown so couldn’t find the trail. Awesome view of Jefferson and the sisters. If you continue on Browder Ridge for a few meters and then walk straight up the meadow there’s a good place to pitch a tent and have a fire. Tiny patches of snow but didn’t affect access! Wildflowers are just starting to peak out

Great view of the three sisters.

Lot of snow drifts and the forest near the summit is still covered in snow so I would wait until summer.

It would be recommended to wear pants since the trail doesn’t appear to be maintained a whole lot.

Junctions are not marked on the trail so watch your GPS.

4 Parking spots near the trailhead and 2 spots further down the road.

I've completed this a few times now, it's a short hike that is very easy to get to (driving and trailhead wise.) Steady uphill trail all the way to the falls. Still mud in May but that's expected everywhere. My biggest complaint is the bug factor because of the mud areas. For those who might not know/first time, stay to the right whenever it seems to fork off on the way to the falls. I love that the creek runs next to the trail the entire way.

If you decide to venture to the bottom of the falls it is steep and can be slick with mud. My two big dogs had no problem with the entire trail, and loved getting in the water at the falls!

Great short hike. Would have loved to have the dogs along. It was a little muddy however.

Simple and well marked trail thru old growth. awesome destination at house rock. only one creek area that is potentially difficult to traverse depending on the water flow

Trail was not groomed very well. Not many views until you get to the very top. Even the top wasn’t the best view. Trees blocked part of it.

The falls are so beautiful! I was the only human in sight on a Wednesday morning.
Getting close to the falls really makes you feel the energy of the water and reflect on the lessons a river can teach us.

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