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Fun. Parking is tight. Though one can park at two other trail heads.

fun hike.. beautiful scenery ,great hike with my dog!

Beautiful short hike....falls are the perfect place for a picnic..

great walk with the dogs. They are now napping soundly

Great views, not too challenging. Second hike since moving to Springs and it was perfect for adjusting to the altitude!!

Excellent mountain biking trails; green, blue and black trails.

Loved this trail. Beautiful falls at the top. Nice if you just have an hour or two.

Nice, but the trails need to be marked better.

light snow and ice, falls and creek completely iced over. just below freezing at the falls, 45 at the trailhead.

Beautiful rock formations and views. Just pay attention, it may be easy to get lost in the network of trails

I went here a couple of weeks ago and you will need directions to find your way around. There is also a inner loop were you can let your doggo off leash so my golden retriever liked that.

Nice views if you are looking for a hike in town.

Please respect the trail rules and keep dogs on leash. We passed 3 people today with dogs off leash and I️t was extremely frustrating. Our dog panics when others are off leash and she is confined to a leash. She actually got tangled and fell off the side of the mountain after someone didn’t have their pet on a leash. She flipped and slid 30 feet down while tangled. Of course the people who had their dog off leash didn’t even stop to help. Your endangering other people and animals in these snowy and slick conditions.

Nice, tree-covered trail that isn’t too difficult for being around 10,000 ft. Falls are partially frozen around this time of year but still beautiful!

Absolutely wonderful! Fresh snow fall made the views extra special!


Went counterclockwise on the trail doing the steep climb... views from the top were beautiful. I didn't see anything untoward. Just families and dogs and hikers and bikers... it was a beautiful day!

Not my favorite trail! It’s rattle snake city in the summer and I always seem to get lost. The views aren’t spectacular, but the rock formations are kinda cool.

4 months ago

Easy, tree covered hike to the falls.

Beautiful hike. Went in the early spring and the falls were frozen over, but loved seeing them that way!

I live right down the road from Palmer Park and love it! the full outerloop trail can be hard to follow, but my fiance, dog and I tend not to mind going off trail, plus its nealy impossible to get lost here. If you are looking for an easy place to go with a dog, lot 18 will take you to a trail where your pup is allowed off leash (If under voice control). Many of the reviews certainly peg this park as dirty or prone to drug and alcohol use which is unfortunate. There are a few spots that appear to have a certain crowd, though they are mostly high schoolers likely trying to find somewhere their parents are not. I would suggest trying the Mesa trail or trails off of the Palmer Park overlook. They are clean and offer beautiful scenery as well as friendly regulars to offer tips!

short hike but beautiful views if you like graffiti. I do so I really like this spot

Awesome trail. Encountered a runner that did not announce his passing, narrow trail so it was a little startling.

Easy, relaxing hike. Saw four young mountain goats near the entrance to the trail. Beautiful forest the whole way.

5 months ago

Our first hike up at this sort of altitude (just under 10,000ft I think) and it was a great intro. The first few hundred metres were tough but there were some good views throughout and the falls at the end was nice. Got there early and there was plenty of parking but it was very busy by the time we left.

5 months ago

This trail moves through Spruce and Fir forests giving it good shade for the hike. At the end of the trail there is a waterfall and the trail travels along a stream for about a mile of the hike. Trail 360 on YouTube

I loved the park. Easy hike. Also easy to get a little lost or turned around. But some of the views are so beautiful..

It's a nice walk. I'm not sure why people are disappointed in the length. It says .3 miles. That's exactly what it is.

5 months ago

Did this trail today for the first time... nice easy hike up to the falls for some great pictures and a good spot to relax. Not too busy, and most groups had friendly dogs with them. Nice shaded forest hike most of the way up. On the way back down the trail we stopped at Horsethief Park (the prairie area off to the right) and spotted a large young bull moose in the tall grass about 80-100 yards away... incredible sight... wish I could have got my camera out before he spotted us and trotted off down into the valley.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great beginner mountain biking trail!

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