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Fantastic trail

1 day ago

Beautiful views. a little more of a challenge to do when it's 105 degrees outside. I recommend going when it's less than 100. more worth than soap lake.

2 days ago

Awesome hike! We took our 5 year old and he did awesome. There were some hard parts with climbing rocks but he made it through the whole trail! I suggest flash lights, gloves for climbing the rocks and hiking boots, no flip flops.

3 days ago

great hike a few steep switchbacks

3 days ago

hard upper caves. but worth it

3 days ago

Lovely hike close to Seattle. Can be crowded.

4 days ago

The beginning of the hike is easier and runs along side a river. You’ll start to hear the waterfall as you hike deeper and start to gain a little elevation. There is a fabulous lookout point with benches to enjoy the view of the waterfall from afar. The hike becomes a slightly harder with lots of change in elevation towards the waterfall. There are no signs on the trail. We ended up at the upper falls spot first and then went back down towards the lower falls lookout afterwards. Gorgeous hike!!

Overall good family friendly hike, it is busy though.

Fun way to spend a hot day! Views from upper and lower falls are gorgeous!

7 days ago

Hiked this trail 7/7. Did the lower section first, which should be rated hard. It is not for small children, dogs, or anyone fearful of heights. I am none of those things but there were a couple of places on the trail that sped up my heartbeat!

As noted by another reviewer, several people have died on this trail, I imagine they went beyond the many signs telling them to stay on the trail. We saw quite a few people doing just that the day we were there. The ladder is tall but very sturdy. However, there is one place one the trail that is quite skinny and you also have to step up a couple of feet. Yikes!

Turned around at the bridge and back up the way we came down, then did the easy loop across the suspension bridge. The water is beautiful.

My friend, who has just recently gotten into getting back into shape and I hiked this trail today. She is almost 60, and I am in my mid-sixties. We enjoyed many streams, tall trees, views of the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River, and just hanging out together. It is rated easy, and at our age and ability found it very doable but it’s still a workout. We went down to the lookout for the highest waterfall (lots of stairs and not all of them very even heights) and we are glad we did. Enjoyable day, even though it was in the 90’s by the time we were done, since there are virtually no places where the sun is beating down on you.

9 days ago

Multiple wonderful views of beautiful waterfalls, coupled with somewhat scary cliffs to traverse. There is plenty of solid ground at these points, the narrowest point being about a foot of trail, but it is quite a long way down. I highly recommend this hike as the environment is quite fantastic, but watch your little one's closely. If you are bringing a dog, these is a 30' steel ladder, nearly vertical, that you need to scale. Plan accordingly.

pretty good hike, fun one with my son

10 days ago

Pretty trail along that river that is very crowded with new hikers.

10 days ago

My toddlers first hike! He loved it! Lots of other kids on the trail, nice people. Access to the water for playing or dipping in, which quite a few folks were doing. It was awesome. I can't wait until my son can go even farther when he gets bigger.

very easy and enjoyable hike. very pet and family friendly.

11 days ago

We did the whole trail. The top part of the difficult section was a little nerve racking for me since the ledge is thin and some loose dusty ground there. But it was well described.

Took us 2 hours round trip

One of my favorite hikes to date. Pretty high traffic but worth it. My husband and I found a path that led to a part of the falls that was secluded and we took a dip in the ice cold, crystal clear water. Absolutely amazing. Won’t forget this hike!!

I’m five months pregnant and had my 2yr old on my shoulders and LOVED this hike. It’s short but beautiful and we hiked down to the waterfall and went swimming underneath it.

Nice views but we only had time for the observatory and the short hike and it cost $8/ person for a green wrist band. Make sure to get your money's worth if you go, skip this and hit the other areas of the park-

Perfect sanity break on my way to eastern washington. Easy access to trailhead. Yes there is freeway noise in some places but I consider that a trade off to easy access.

Technically this trail is 3 modes of difficulty. You have options. The first is a paved interactive walk that has plenty of marked signage and history about the formation of Lava Canyon. It is wheelchair accessible and fairly straightforward.

The second trail is a loop. It is easy to moderate depending on what time of year you go. The trail gets slick in places. This is the portion of the trail that has the (amazing) 128 ft suspension bridge and the ladder. Its quick and I saw several families as we hiked. Kids love the suspension bridge. After the suspension bridge you can choose to go down and to the left which leads into the canyon or you can go up and to the right which continues the moderate loop you are already on.

Did I try the advanced trail? No. There is signage EVERYWHERE about people who have died because they didn't understand the risks. The third option is for experienced hikers and climbers. From what I understand it is a canyon that follows the flow of the falls. It is slick, steep, and dangerous. I know what my hiking level is. Someday I will get there. But not today.

overall the moderate Lava Canyon trail is what most think of when they learn about the trail. The views are incredible. The contrast of blackened lava and ice feed waterfalls against a cool green backdrop of forest and moss is stunning. You can see how the eruption of Mt. St. Helen's impacted the area because you are literally standing in the wake of dried lava flow 38 years later.

17 days ago

Very unique! Def make sure to take gloves and layers. It’s 40* down there. Wouldn’t recommend taking little kids through the whole length of the caves. Def a must see.

on Twin Falls Trail

17 days ago

Great hike! Really packed on weekends but people were pretty cool for the most part about trail etiquette. People pick up your dang trash!!! We carried out as many plastic water bottle as we could but seriously, it’s terrible how trashy humans are to the environment. So I would imagine this trail is always packed by the looks of the garbage lying around. Otherwise it is a beautiful hike, lots to see and the river and falls were beautiful.

18 days ago

Was a bit of an incline for my 4 year old, maybe the rating should explain the incline as a warning. Over all beautiful waterfall and nice trail. There was plenty of resting spots.

Great hike! I would definitely do it again. It's not long at all, but there isn't much to see beyond the bridge that you cross with the viewing of the falls. I kept going up beyond that and there was nothing and it was noisy since you could hear the cars on the highway. That was the only thing I didn't like. Definitely follow the trails/steps going down because that is where the best views of the falls are. The bridge is nice, but downwards is where the view is really at. I would recommend going early morning before midday because when I was going back down (around midday) there was a bunch of people coming up. Also, discover pass is required or $10 daily parking. There is a kiosk machine available at the beginning of the trail.

I love this trail! I’ve hiked it a few times, each going further past the falls. Eventually it connects to the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. It’s a good hike for all skill levels, but be sure to take the staircase down to the lookout before you hit the falls! The view is incredible. Parking can be a pain on the weekends, and you may have to park down the road.

Did this with the family so I don’t know if that’s why I found it so fun! But there’s just something to see around every corner. Between the two falls, the bridges, the stairs, the huge boulders.....definitely a great easy hike and I highly recommend it!

23 days ago

It was quite easy hiking for me. It was on monday, and i thought hiking traffic will be quite and nice , but boy, when i get there, i almost couldn't find a parking spot for myself. I was almost going to turn around and go else where but i stayed instead. And i am glad i did. Hiking was good and all but what impressed me the most is there are some 'hiding' ( you need to get out from trail and spot one ) swimming pools in here that i loved the most. Water was crystal clear and not that cold at all ( this is 7/23/18) . quite sure that not tons of people know of these spots ( except the locals ) but that just made my day. will go there again but at this time, will bring my a little cooler and some snacks of course. P.s. bring your discover pass otherwise you will be asked to pay 10$ for parking.

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