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4 hours ago

We really enjoyed hiking this trail. The trail is in great shape and is easy to follow. We saw harbor seals and sea otters. We enjoyed the amazing ocean views as well as the sections through the woods. Fabulous weather and the trail wasn't too crowded.

***Don’t let the crossing stop you from doing this hike!

This is a beautiful hike. I did it in the pouring rain. All 8+ miles it rained. The coastline was still beautiful and visible and the ocean was rough but so powerful. I can’t imagine this hike not being incredible in any weather or any month of the year. The river crossing... it was flowing fast and I couldn’t see the bottom because of all the rain. WITH THAT BEING SAID, it was still no big deal... at all and actually pretty fun! I’m 5’1 and the water was just above my knees but at no point did I feel unsteady. The water level was mid shin before all the rain, when I began. The bottom is smooth and there really isn’t anything to trip you up. At the start of my hike I took my boots and socks off to cross, on the way back I left them on. The river is right at the start of the trail. Again, don’t let the crossing stop you from doing this hike!

Great hike, the trailhead is easy to find. Amazing views

It’s a long one but beautiful! Completed this in July, make sure you bring your sunscreen!

17 days ago

Decent outing- wouldn’t be the trail that I recommend. Waterfall section is closed and this could’ve improved experience.
Trail gets really narrow, rocky and moderately steep in some spots. It’s a turn-around so traffic gets tight in these spots. Would not recommend it with kids.
The view at the top is pretty (expansive view of redwoods), but the trail itself wasn’t interesting.

17 days ago

pros: The trail was very easy to follow and well maintained. (Watch for the occasional bikers. )There is only one access (official) point to the beach but once on the beach u can enjoy the miles of sandy shores.
Cons: no toilet, no drink water except parking lot.

Breathtaking views!

19 days ago

Beautiful views; lots of people.

Went out with the family To begin 2019 with a fresh start, especially with family. We had a wonderful time there were so many places to wander off the trail even though the trail essentially is a loop. It was a pleasure to be able to see it all the humpback whales, as well as the sea lions and otters. We planned the trip by going to Erik deli which happened to stay with us the entire trip, but drink plenty of water. And there are guide for longer true but you also have to be careful to not get so involved with looking ahead because you’ll end up tripping there are many holes and rocks that you could end up falling. However I will say it was one of the best hikes I’ve had in the month of January. I hope you enjoy, And the children will enjoy this as well. There are tons of babies along with strollers all around although I don’t know how they carry them. But if it’s possible you guys enjoy

Great hike! Mostly clear well defined trail with only a few logs to hop over. Vicente campground has plenty of water with about 8 campsites to choose from between up the creek and in the actual flats. The turn off to Goat Camp could be easily missed because there isn't a sign- but it is in the open green meadow on the west side closest to the creek.

Great day hike. We started up the ridge trail and finished descending to the bluff trail. Would suggest this direction for the views and to get the climbing done early. River crossing was cold but refreshing and ankle to knee deep. Scenery is beautiful and diverse with ridge views of the mountains and beach, walks through the forest featuring a redwood grove, and breathtaking views from the top. Ascent up ridge trail has plenty of areas to rest. This was my first hike in Big Sur and it was a memorable one!

on Valley View Overlook

21 days ago

nice walk with lovely Redwoods at the bottom the highlight for me. waterfall section closed.

Probably one of the most phenomenal views in the entire US.

Gorgeous views

One of the best day-trails in Big Sur

Took the ridge trail up and the Bluff trail back down. lovely views both ways, took about 3.5 hours round-trip.

Did it on Christmas day 2018. The ocean was blue! It was a beautiful hike with stunning views. The stream at the beginning was flowing quite fast and was cold, it was very refreshing.

The trail was nice - gorgeous views; however, people have trashed the Vicente Flat area. There are “TP flowers” everywhere - especially in all of the hollowed out trees. People need to educate themselves on what Leave No Trace means....truly sad. Once you get passed Vicente Flat and more into the backwoods, it gets better though.

very pretty and easy hike.

Trail is in great condition! Well marked with stunning views of the coastline.
River crossing is easy and refreshing. Highly recommend!!!

Great hike. Pretty much all alone. Had sex down by the river. Trail a little over run in spots but part of the charm

Trail has reopened today! Beautiful views, perfectly clear day. River at beginning is shallow and easily passable.

Tried accessing the Bluffs Loop, only to find the park closed and the trail inaccessible due to high, fast moving water. What a bummer. Please fix this bridge!!

Definitely do this one counter clockwise, I got my elevation gain done early in the hike and the descent was much more beautiful than if I had done it in reverse. Pretty heavily exposed hike though I didn't have amazing views due to some late spring fog/clouds. It's worth it definitely to detour to the beach which only adds a short amount to this steadily moderate hike. Be prepared to do at least one water crossing very early in the hike and to bring a lot of water. There was one place I could have refilled but I suspect in the warmer months that source dries up.

Great short, high yield hike with beautiful view at top.

1 month ago

Gorgeous views on a clear day, but equally worth the trek in the fog. Definitely take the clockwise route (uphill first) to get the best views on the way down. The hidden beach with purple sand is also worth a stop!

Beautiful mix of trees ocean beaches and tide pools.

1 month ago

Love the views, hiking around the park is a good workout on easy to moderate trails. Go early to beat the crowds and park outside the park and walk in to avoid a parking fee.

Stunning walk. Views amazing.

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