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Capitol Reef / Bryce Map

Beautiful hike. Did this a couple days ago, with the queen's garden loop and then the peekaboo trail. Bryce is such a unique place, worth the effort! Take water. Wear good shoes.

Fairly straightforward trail leading to the arch - which is AMAZING. Definitely worth doing. Fairly steady path throughout, with a few good overlooks into the valley too.

Left Hurricane about 0630 taking the I15 route up to Bryce. Weather was unfortunately poor. In the low 30s with rainy intermittent sleet and low clouds. Due to the weather and the time there was plenty of parking and surprisingly quite a few people out hiking. It turned out to be a great but wet hike in the canyon.
For what it’s worth I took 89 South, stopped at Red Canyon for an hour hike and then down thru Zion. Absolutely beautiful drive through the canyons. There is a section north of Glendale where the trees are a spectacular array of fall colors. just an overall fantastic drive

13 days ago

If you can only do one hike in Bryce, this is the one. Super rewarding for modest effort. Whatever your hiking time normally is, add about 20% for all the photo stops.

A good hike. The view is really good. Lots of people though make it difficult for pictures.

23 days ago

Wonderful short hike. The trail guide is well done, and worth the 50 cent donation to the park. Super informative. The bridge kind of hides itself against the cliffs until it suddenly doesn't. Worth doing for sure.

Loads of fun! We took the trail up and the river walk back, if the water isn’t too high we would highly recommend it. The natural bridge alone is worth the trip but the granary along the left canyon wall is the best we’ve seen in two weeks of exploring Utah! Keep hiking until you’re tired of wrestling with the sand, pop into the river for a cool, leisurely and solitary walk backcourt

27 days ago

Beautiful! Went early on a weekday and encountered very few people. After walking from the parking lot for about 10-15 minutes you’ll reach the canyon. The trail is not clearly marked, follow brown sign up and to the left. After about another 5-10 minutes you’ll reach the sign for the trail split. In September there was no water.

28 days ago

great hike, even in 90 degree noon sun. moderate traffic. best done in morning. easy to follow and lots of variety. be prepared for lots of stairs during this hike of 130m elevation. bring water! gave one of my water bottles to a gent who didn't have any stone he looked like he was about to crumble.

I just spent the last week hiking in Utah and Colorado and this hike was my favorite hike! A must do if you are in Goblin Valley!!

The hike has great views, some decent shade from the afternoon sun and a great ability to explore the area around the trail. Will definitely be doing this trail again in the future.

Stay at Goblin Valley Campgrounds if you can - great spot to camp, with plenty of room, showers and a cool little visitor center with some nice treats to buy.

Not really a specific trail, but you can easily get to the window. A very neat hike that is completely exposed to the elements, so bring plenty of water. Would definitely recommend if you have an hour to take a short hike.

Decent hike, but very strenuous on the way back up. Looking down from the top of the falls was breathtaking. Also saw a few fish in the little swimming hole. Only rating it a 3/5 because most of the hike was fairly desolate. Was a great workout though!

Straight down for a mile, means straight up for a mile. Prepare for that. There is zero shade, so time of day should be considered. Trail is not marked well, so download this map before your trip. The falls are pretty. Go about another 100 feet past Upper Falls to the swimming hole with an awesome little waterfall.

Trail starts at the Escalante river trailhead. First river crossing is about 50 yards into the trail. Sand is deep, so makes this trail slow going. Water feels refreshing. I just wore a pair of shoes that I didn’t mind getting wet. Swapping out for each crossing would suck. After Natural Bridge, watch for the Indian ruins and a jug handle arch on your left. I tracked it as 4.6 miles. Feel free to dm me if you have questions @anderson.outdoors

enjoyed the hike and views.

1 month ago

This is one of our favorites in the Red Canyon area. It's a hidden gem and you would be lucky if you see more than one or two other groups of people. We have hiked it twice and were alone the one time and only saw a couple the other. The views are spectacular and not unlike Bryce, but without the crowds. You will need a high clearance vehicle to get there, but the road is easy ... we always ride our side by side back into the trail head parking area (takes maybe 10 minutes to drive in on dirt road). The parking area is nice enough and is also the same area you use to hike Loose canyon. There is a restroom at the parking lot, but it's not very well maintained. There are specatular views, so make sure to take some pics. Lots of arches and it's a fairly easy hike. We go counter clock wise, but I guess you could do it either way it doesn't matter. You can spend as long as you want on the hike, but with the views, you will be there a good hour. The actual trailhead has been washed out by a flash flood, so you will need to hike up into Loose canyon (past the animal unloading gate) about 50 yards until you find a way across the dry creek bed. Straight across the creek bed from the animal unloading coral is were the actual trail starts, but it's hard to see from the parking lot. You will see a small sign over there and the actual trail once you cross. It may be difficult to find if you haven't done it before.


Wall Street is an incredible thing

Beautiful natural bridge and some mild climbing but gorgeous and kid friendly

Fantastic scenery. Try and do the walk at sunrise or sunset. Avoid peak season if you can. If you have the time, combining this walk with Peekaboo Trail means you'll avoid a lot of the crowds.


Jolie balade dans difficulté. Comptez une heure A/R. Quelques passages un peu glissants sur quelques slickrocks (il pleuvait un peu) mais rien de méchant. Peu de monde sur le parcours. Très beaux paysages.

2 months ago

Short but sweet hike and wow! Evolving views all the way to the end. The bridge is impressive as are the rest of the geological features. We arrived early enough to avoid the heat and were happy for it. Not many on the trail by 8am.

2 months ago

A really nice hike after the crowds in Bryce. The trail is easy to loose if you’re not watching but, it’s a good place to just wonder.

2 months ago

The bridge is amazing. The rocks along the trail are also featured.

2 months ago

Gorgeous trail. It takes you down, so you can walk among the hoodoos.

Awesome trail beautiful views and not to bad of a hike

2 months ago

Relatively easy and beautiful!

Stunning and not that hard. A great place to sit and rest and enjoy the views midway through - good picnic spot.

It was just ok, you're really doing this for the petrified trees. I had already seen them in the Black hills so this was nothing special.

You need to do the optional loop to see a decent amount of the petrified wood which is indeed rather steep.

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