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Loads of fun! We took the trail up and the river walk back, if the water isn’t too high we would highly recommend it. The natural bridge alone is worth the trip but the granary along the left canyon wall is the best we’ve seen in two weeks of exploring Utah! Keep hiking until you’re tired of wrestling with the sand, pop into the river for a cool, leisurely and solitary walk backcourt

The falls are definitely worth it but take the time to enjoy the rest of the hike as well. Very large and visual pictographs, exceptional rock formations and clusters of plant life not often seen in the desert. It is a busy trail but late in the day it was very manageable.

4 days ago

great hike, even in 90 degree noon sun. moderate traffic. best done in morning. easy to follow and lots of variety. be prepared for lots of stairs during this hike of 130m elevation. bring water! gave one of my water bottles to a gent who didn't have any stone he looked like he was about to crumble.

I took this hike in the middle July, which made the arrival to the falls well worth the hike. The trail is mostly sandy and rocky. The sand can get hot towards the middle of the day, but people hike in sandals and chacos nonetheless. Consider getting booties for your dog, and have something to carry their feces in (unfortunate but courteous), a mason jar typically works. There isn’t a substantial amount of elevation change either during the hike. Upon arriving to the falls, it is very much an oasis, with plenty shade from trees. The water is very cold, as it should be. It’s fun swimming as close to the falls as possible too. During the hike back, I encountered some light rain, so be rain ready too. Be sure to check out the upper calf creek trail if you can. As far as traffic goes, be sure to arrive as early as possible if you want to have good parking. During the time I went, the crowd was small enough for everyone to swim and play around. I’d estimate 50 or so other hikers at the falls. The weather at the time was about high 90s during the day, and lower 70s at night. Be sure to take lots of water too.

Decent hike, but very strenuous on the way back up. Looking down from the top of the falls was breathtaking. Also saw a few fish in the little swimming hole. Only rating it a 3/5 because most of the hike was fairly desolate. Was a great workout though!

Awesome hike. Easy trail. Bring at least 2 liters of water and definitely jump in the water. It’s like an ice bath, but you gotta do it lol . I tracked it at a little over 6 miles.

Straight down for a mile, means straight up for a mile. Prepare for that. There is zero shade, so time of day should be considered. Trail is not marked well, so download this map before your trip. The falls are pretty. Go about another 100 feet past Upper Falls to the swimming hole with an awesome little waterfall.

Trail starts at the Escalante river trailhead. First river crossing is about 50 yards into the trail. Sand is deep, so makes this trail slow going. Water feels refreshing. I just wore a pair of shoes that I didn’t mind getting wet. Swapping out for each crossing would suck. After Natural Bridge, watch for the Indian ruins and a jug handle arch on your left. I tracked it as 4.6 miles. Feel free to dm me if you have questions @anderson.outdoors

the falls are beautiful. the hike is predominantly in sand which made the experience slow going.

enjoyed the hike and views.

Exceptional beauty relative to the geology and flora. The falls are gorgeous and offer a great respite on a hot day. Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic in the shade. Another wonderful Utah experience.

Sooo beautiful. Yes quite a few people, but you don’t notice. Worth every step.

Easy, but worth it

No traffic and incredible views. We started on the Cohsb Canyon trail at the Hickman Arch/Navajo Knobs Trailhead and hiked all the way to Cassidy Arch. About 9.5 miles round trip. The scenery was incredible. My favorite hike in Capitol Reef so far. Longer than some hikes, but worth it. I liked it better than Najaho Knobs, Cassidy Arch, Grand Wash, Capital Wash and Hickman Arch. Take at least 3-liters of water. There are many washes and slot canyons accessible about 1-mile into the trail from Cohab Canyon that are very inviting.

Nice variable terrain. The walk though the canyon was beautiful. Don’t skip the viewpoints, a little climb to get up there but great views. We started at the trailhead then crossed over 24 and linked the Hickman bridge trail. On the way back walked along the river/hwy 24. Made for a nice loop. Started a little before 8, very few people on the trail.

The walls of the canyon are so unique.


27 days ago

Views on the this hike are great. Started around 745am. I saw one big horned sheep and zero people! Fun taking the short, side hike to Hickman Bridge.

The best way to do this hike is one way. I started from the campground and ended at the Hickman Bridge parking lot. Hitched a ride back, which was only a few miles.

29 days ago

This is one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be (I’m an avid hiker). I did this hike in the afternoon in late August and it was fine. There was a decent amount of shade on the way there and on the way back it was mostly shaded. The falls were so beautiful! I’m so happy I did this hike.

29 days ago

No Fatties in the slots. Fun hike, would do it again

Amazing. Would be fun to hike at night I bet.

Stunning hiking trail, $5 for the day and $15 for overnight camping. If you go early and the sand is wet from a recent dew or rain shower, it makes the hike a tad easier.

Beautiful natural bridge and some mild climbing but gorgeous and kid friendly

Easy beautiful canyon hike!

1 month ago

Good hike if you want sand in your shoes and slot canyons. Took a couple miles to get there, but the slots were super fun. Really enjoyed the hike, and the sand was exfoliating for my feet!

Jolie balade dans difficulté. Comptez une heure A/R. Quelques passages un peu glissants sur quelques slickrocks (il pleuvait un peu) mais rien de méchant. Peu de monde sur le parcours. Très beaux paysages.

1 month ago

Short but sweet hike and wow! Evolving views all the way to the end. The bridge is impressive as are the rest of the geological features. We arrived early enough to avoid the heat and were happy for it. Not many on the trail by 8am.

Beautiful views the entire way and access to water virtually whole time courtesy of a stream running alongside the trail. At least 3/4 of the trail is sand so took little longer than usual. Not much tree coverage so expect to be exposed to the elements. But the falls are oh so pretty! Refreshing dip on a hot day.

1 month ago

The bridge is amazing. The rocks along the trail are also featured.

I hiked this trail in the morning alone. The shadow made the scene be kind if mysterious. Great experience!

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