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Fun hike!

Loved this hike! It was relatively easy just long. We went in April and started around 11am next time I’d like to start earlier before it heats up. Middle of summer would be way to hot! There was quite a few people on the trail but not as many as expected. My dogs loved swimming in the falls... we did see LOTS of snakes on this trail.

Can be heavy traffic, but plenty of alone places when you get near the top.

7 days ago

A steady uphill hike, difficult to follow in some spots. On the way to the viewpoint you get great views of Hickman Bridge and Pectol Pyramid. The fold rises like the bow of ship and take note of the black volcanic rocks that add a touch of the surreal to the trail. The landscape and vistas won't disappoint.

Such a beautiful hike with awesome stops to check out along the way (make sure to grab an info map at the register box at the trailhead!) Also, very conveniently, there is a water fountain at the trailhead to fill up water bottles and camelbacks. The waterfall was still a bit too cold to get in but great to cool off your feet before heading back. Very much worth the drive and hike!

easy walk with great views

We loved this hike! The canyon walls are amazing and stunning to walk through! We came during Spring Break and the crowds were very manageable. The hike is very easy and level and very good for kids of all ages. The length of the hike maybe long for very young children though. We didn’t make it to the end for that reason but still loved doing 2 miles of it out and back.

20 days ago

Worth the hike. A post card water fall.

We really enjoyed this hike. Easy to follow trail and easy to medium hike. Part of the trail was shaded but mostly exposed to the elements. As you approach the waterfall you can catch a glimpse of it from a distance, it’s a beautiful contrast from the desert landscape to an oasis where the waterfall sat. Once you get there, it is much cooler in temperature and lots of trees to sit under and have a picnic as you enjoy the view of the waterfall. The water was very very cold, but it was still fun trying to see how long you can stand in it the pool of water. Go early because this is a busy hike and lots of people visit it during this time of the year (spring break). When we got to the waterfall it was just us and two other couples and then after ten minutes we were surrounded by five to six families with 3-5 kids each. So the tranquility of it went away fast, LOL Regardless, it was it was a great hike. Enjoy!

loved it! easy trail with amazing views of the canyon.

This is an excellent, easy hike with kids. We began the hike at 1000 and got back at about 1430. The trail was easy to follow, very sandy in certain areas, and there were unique features to see along the way, such as pictographs and Fremont Indian granaries hidden amongst the cliffs. We spent about an hour at the falls, eating lunch and playing in the water. It was too cold to swim in, however the mist from the falls felt great and cooled us down from the hike. It was Easter Weekend, which made it pretty crowded...I do wish we could have gotten started a little earlier in the morning to avoid all the people.

23 days ago

Decent hike. Good destination. Easy hike compared to Cassidy Arch.

Great trail! Took my two boys(6 and 4) with us. 6 year old didn't have any issues but the 4 year old struggled in the begining. Midway there is some interesting things to check out. the natural bridge is breathtaking and you should sit and enjoy it before heading back.

This is a perfect trail for kids, it’s busy, very easy, and the bridge is amazing.

Beautiful walk up a well graded wash. The only problem was we were there in March on a Tuesday when I counted at least 100 walkers going back-and-forth.

Nice trail. Waterfall was great. Boyfriend jumped in for a dip and said it was still fairly cold. Did this at around a 20 minute/mile hiking pace.

We hiked this trail on a Saturday in March and it was busy, but the scenery is beautiful. Watch for trout in the creek, beaver dams, and petroglyphs (trail markers 7 and 8) before you reach the falls.

We had the trail almost to ourselves in mid-March. We loved being in the canyon. Wear good hiking boots or shoes, because you will be on sand/gravel. We saw a group of bighorn sheep scaling the canyon walls.

Confusing trail, but pretty neat. You feel like you are on a different planet. The hike is up hill 60% of the time, but not too bad. Keep an eye open for all the sites along the trail (arches) there are also many different features that might trick you in to thinking you found the Hickman Bridge. This feature is enormous, you will know when you get to it.

Hiked summer 2017, very cool. Pay attention to the warnings don't become a victim due to stupid planning.This means rain and washouts!

Worth the hike, not too hot but water is a must. Some wildlife can be seen, small lizards, Jack Rabbits etc.

Definitely take some time to relax at the Gifford House. Neat little shop with homemade products. Water is also located here.

Near this area is a large well maintained greenspace area with well fed wild deer. Be careful not to get too close.

Another neat fact, but not necessarily associated with this trail is, during the fall this park operates a huge orchard. You can walk in and eat as much as you want (not the best, but traditional farm orchard from back in the day) or you pay to pick larger quantities.

Great Hike, winds a lot! Terrain changes! Great views! LOTS of sand! If wet, plan on MUD! Dry plan on dust! Seems long but worth it when u get to the falls! Plan on staying at falls for awhile in summer-swim!

This is a beautiful hike.amd fun adventure to find all the Kairns to find the trail. The trail starts down a steep Rock face mountain, and then the trail varies from path to going over rock faces where you follow the Kairns. The falls were not running too strong in February, but still pretty. My only complaint about the hike is that it was so easy to get lost on the way back. I was never in any huge danger for I knew I had to climb one of the Rock faces to the east, but which one was safest. I ended up hiking up a nit too safe one and stepping on a rock that looked stable, but it started a mini Rock slide with me in it a little ways down the mountain. Freaked me out. It took me a while to get my breathing back to normal. It it what inspired me to get an external GPS for areas like Escalante that are so without service.and this trusty app. What a blessing that combo is. Here is my blog post if you want to see pictures. http://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/01/360-adventure-upper-calf-creek-falls.html?m=1

We went about an hour and a half before sunset, and we had the falls all to ourselves when we got there. Long, but easy hike there and back. It got dark on our way back, and the view of the stars was spectacular. Not a light to be seen but the moon and stars. Would love to go back someday and camp. Beautiful sites right along the creek.

Loved this easy, beautiful hike. We started from the parking lot at the end of Grand Wash Road then hiked out and back for an easy 4.4 mile hike.

Such a good trail. First half has a few switchbacks with some elevations gain but the bridge is amazing. We went around 8:30 AM on a Thursday and we only saw about four people. Would highly recommend.

Fun, easy hike. Hardest part for me the sandy areas but still very easy. Pretty view at the end!

no fatties allowed

The most popular trail in a not very busy park. Once you get to the part of the trail that loops, make sure to go right in a counter clockwise direction to get the most stunning approach

2 months ago

Great hike to see a natural bridge in a beautiful National Park! It didn't take too long, but the first part to Hickman Bridge was all gain. After that part, the rest is fairly easy. Worth the heat if you go mid-day in late June!

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