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14 hours ago

Loved the view! Quick and easy hike with a great view. The trail was snowy and icy at points but completely walk-able with just our hiking boots (no poles or shoe grips).

Loved the hike, easy, with great views. It was a bit difficult at times to see the cairns but we were able to get back on the trail. Icy and snowy at parts but we were fine with our hiking boots (no trek poles or shoe grips).

Hiked it for my second time yesterday. Awesome terrain and my hat is off to the great people who laid it out and maintain it.

on Dead Horse Rim Loop Trail

19 days ago

Fine but not that spectacular.

on Mesa Arch Trail

19 days ago

Great sunrise spot. The glow of the sun on the arch is beautiful. The view of canyons behind the arch is also lovely. The trail is very short and takes less than 20 minutes to walk to the arch and easy to follow. Going in mid November was great to miss the crowds but there was still about 10 of us at the arch for sunrise

on Chesler Park Loop Trail

19 days ago

This is a looonnnng one for our family, but fun one. There are many twists and turns. Once reaching the Park, the landscape changes and the view becomes expansive.

The trail is not terribly challenging, but requires some planning and stamina. There are some narrow canyons along the way. Nothing was insurmountable.


Worth hiking this trail to the end as it provides views on the other side of the mesa too! For more details and pics, visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

I think the better views are at the second overlook, but most people stop before then. Interesting and different from the rest of the park. For more details and pics, visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

20 days ago

Simple Trail with a few signs indicating surrounding vegetation. Nice view of canyon through arch. For more details and pics visit: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

Beautiful hike! The only reason to do the entire loop is if hiking through the Joint is important to you. It is similar to a slot canyon. Otherwise doing the shorter hike to the overlook provides all you need to see of the needles as the return on the longer hike gets a little dull around mile 9. Otherwise, it is a great hike including flat parts and scrambling. For more details and pics visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/11/20/best-hikes-canyonlands/

One of the most amazing views is at sunrise. Definitely worth getting up early for!

nice views

Nice trail .05 mil look amazing

1 month ago

Pretty middle hike, some stairs but other then my that smooth. Beautiful views, must so you can see both sides of the canyon at the same time!

I must miss the ponit of why this is exciting geologically speaking.There is so much nicer places to hike around there.

It's impressive to see the road down there. Great view

A nice view overlooking the canyons. Easy hike

1 month ago

A classic. If your expectations aren't too high, then it's worth it!

Absolutely beautiful hike. My sister and I did this hike, ages 64 and 66. Parts of it are nice and easy and parts if it kicked our butts. While the Joint part of the loop had some difficult areas it was quite short and doable. It’s tough coming back as it feels like it will never end. One of our most beautiful and most strenuous hikes.

We did this hike in late October, so it was cool enough to be pleasant. Wouldn’t want to do this hike if it was over 70 degrees. We’re in our mid-sixties, and felt the hike was not worth the view at the end. We almost needed a rope to scale one of the boulders, and had to use our hands pretty frequently to either hoist ourselves up, or lower ourselves down. Also, the Jeep track isn’t much fun, dry, dusty and not very scenic. We much preferred Chesler Park and Squaw to Big Spring Canyon! They’re long, and fairly difficult in places, but the views are way worth it!

Great hike with interesting sceneryalong the way. Some hard patches as well as some fairly easy stretches. Bring lots of water. Vegetation is dominated by juniper, piñon, live oak, and other hardy species. The scene of two different colored rivers mixing is cool. Great echoes yodeling (yes it’s worth it) at the overlook.

Amazing hike. Beautiful changing views the whole way. Bring lots of water.

1 month ago

We loved this hike, with its great views and changing scenery. We did the loop in a counterclockwise direction and were glad we did it that way. The slot canyon section was unexpected and amazing. No technically difficult sections. A 1 3/4 hour drive from Moab but well worth it and the roads are good.

great views!

1 month ago

Great views and an easy hike

1 month ago

Incredibly memorable. I did this in the clockwise direction starting with a super steep descent. The trail was really varies and interesting the whole time and the views are amazing.

Super easy, great views, no boots or poles required.

Great short hike, wonderful views. The history of the area is very interesting. Great visitor centre

What a stunning view. Loved this!

Awesome, more "secret" hike in canyonlands.
It's a steep climb in and out, but the views are awesome! The kiva is currently roped off, but you can get close to it. It's a bummer someone ruined the experience for the rest of us by vandalizing it.

Be sure to read the brochures in the guestbook box about archeological site protection. Respecting the trails and sites are key to being able to enjoy these hikes for years to come!

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