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Fun winter hike! Absolutely beautiful.

5 days ago

First hike ever! Did this back in 2014 and it was amazing!

Great views at the top.

A very rewarding hike with a stunning view of Ha Ling and Canmore. difficult but worth it. Ice cleats recommend as the scramble is still quite slippery

favorite hike so far! Absoloutley beautiful

Beautiful and easy walk in -30 weather

Trust the ratings when it says this trail is hard. There was a lot of scramble to get to the summit, and although we brought our dog, he could not make it to the summit, with fear he would cut the pads of his paws. I recommend bringing back up socks for the decent once you pass the snow.

This trail has no markers or set paths, so be very cautious you don't get turned around on the way down.

Goat Pond is a short drive past the start point for some easy sight seeing.

Did the trail to the Upper Falls on February 8th right after the snowfall. Beautiful hike. Used yaktrax’s to help steady myself on the trail. Probably didn’t need them. Highly recommend for beginners

So beautiful! Definitely take shoe spikes in the winter! Lifesavers!

Easy family trail/walk. It's crowded even in winter, I couldn't imagine during summer with strollers... Cleats recommended. Nice view and fun for kids.

Feb 04.
My phone died, so the recording is inaccurate.

-15, still comfortable temperature as long as the appropriate clothing is used.

Some steeper parts, but has rails almost the whole way along, handy. Hiking sandles would be comfortable in the summer. Saw several kids around 5yo doing just fine. Path is narrow especially with heavy traffic, strollers not ideal.

Completed this in 1hr at a moderate pace, plenty of stops for photos.

VERY busy in the summer until past the upper Falls.

Hiked from Lake Moraine over Sentinel Pass all the way to Lake Louise. Beautiful but long. Saw wolverines and heard glaciers calving. Highly recommended.

great winter hike! so beautiful.

Nice leisurely walk for all ages, beautiful scenery busy during the day with lineups on the foot bridge near the lower falls.

Strenuous but worth it, once you get through the switchbacks there’s a nice level plain with stunning views of the 10 peaks

Did this one solo in mid-december was in great condition. Easy, short scramble with no technical challenges. Can be done in less than 3 hours at a decent pace. Some snow on the way to the summit but did not need cleats, however I would recommend bringing them depending on your comfort level. Going a bit off trail you can climb some fun slabs on the way to the south scree slopes. Great views of Ha Ling and Mt Lawrence Grassi to the east pretty much the whole way, especially once you reach the treeline.

Dec 9/17 - we started out around 1130 and the trail was not overly busy. The weather was mild and the trail was very slippery in many areas. Though many other hikers were struggling and having difficulty with the trail, we had purchased Hillsound Crampon Pros and had no traction issues, even on the icy inclines. We ventured up above the upper falls towards the ink pots but turned back as my girlfriend had a recent knee injury that was starting to flare up. It was a very enjoyable hike. Without the cleats it would have been very difficult and a good way to risk injury.... as we saw from one of the more unfortunate people who were coming back with facial lacerations and a bruised ego.

Good beginners hike or if you only have a little time in the Banff area.

Nice walk, not really a hike. Wouldn’t recommend in the winter, it was super icy; If so you definitely cleats. It Was busy even in December.

Beautiful hike! The trail was a bit icy in places but with cleats it was no problem. The falls in winter are something to see.

Great views. Make sure you have spikes for shoes. Trail gets very slippery and difficult but worth I️t for the views and experience. We hopped the rails at both waterfalls for some incredible views.

3 months ago

We did this hike on July 7, 2017 Cory pass, 7,777 elevation with a gain of 3,100 feet in 2.8 miles, one of the most strenuous hikes in Banff was our overwhelming over-ambitious focus for the day. Quite the way to break in a new pair of hiking boots as this was one of our first hiking experiences.
We ascended on difficult slopes with little or no traction to get a footing and with miles of sheer slate, rocky ridges along open slopes. Due to extreme uphill grades, excessive heat and high altitudes, we struggled to get to the top, but made it nonetheless! Granted, there was literally No turning back. Now we knew why we were told to take Edith Trail back.
What a spectacular view from the get go!
We knew we reached the top when we arrived at Gargoyle Valley!
We took about a half hour break for lunch then we began our descent on the Cory Loop, Edith Trail.
In total our elevation change was about 3000 feet, our distance was about 10 miles, and it took us 8 hours. At the bottom of Edith Trail we came upon a black bear about 20 yards from the trail. Back at the parking lot, we convinced a group getting ready to make the climb, not to bring their dad who was in no way ready or in shape to attempt this pass. Great experience overall and would recommend.

I wanted to pick a decent day to do this trail when the falls were frozen to take some pictures. With a forecast of +5C and mainly sunny skies I got what I wanted. The trail is easy, mostly on boardwalks attached to the canyon walls, kind of busy (even for late November) but nothing like it would be in the busy months. The sign said close to one million people do at least pat of the trail every year. It's a must-do for anyone visiting Banff. We spent roughly 2 hours on the trail. Ice grips on the boots were essential. The snow was wet and extremely slippery. Can't imagine what it would be like early in the day after a night below freezing. Lots of people with normal hikers and such were slip sliding all over the place. Not fun. This was our second hike to the upper falls, next time we'll go in the spring and go right to the Ink Pots.

Great winter hike!

Love this hike. If you’re going to the Ink Pots in the winter months, be sure to wear proper footwear as it’s very slippery.

Very nice, but get there early. The lot fills up quickly and the trail gets crowded

trail running
4 months ago

We went up in mid September, a few flakes of snow. Was this fun! Climbed for an hour, hit the pass and Gargoyles, wow! Came down in the valley over the screw, then onto the big boulders. Finished the descent with a beauty run to the parking lot.

Beautiful trail for all skill levels (although not difficult). Waterfalls and rock walls are stunning.

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