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Banff and Jasper

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Loved this trail! Less snow here than at home. Gets steep when coming up to the cave but breathtaking views and an incredible experience awaits at the top! Definitely recommended.

Be sure to start before noon - took us 6 hours but we were in no hurry.. till the sun set.

My first hike! Uphill one way, a nice bench for a break lol. Downhill on the way back. Took us 2 hours at a very leisurely pace. Our dog loved it!

1 day ago

It was a great little hike with the family. Our 4.5 and 2.5 year old came along. We brought a sled and had fun with that as well. Really packed trails, this is a high traffic trail but still lots of fun. We found one troll, the kids loved it. Looking forward to do this trip in the summer as well! Jan 2019

Was packed with people and not a place for snow shoeing. My hopes were let down:( Hope the people I saw that were walking had a healthy time but again for myself I am happier with less people and using my snow shoes.

Nice short hike, great for the kids!

Good for everyone, great practice hike. Beautiful frozen waterfalls at the moment.

For a decent walk with a foot problem it was a beautiful place and not too difficult of a rise. Good muscle ache after the icy in places hike. Jan 2019

Easy hike with moderate elevation. Great views and good walk. conditions were great

2 days ago

This is a very easy short hike. Did it today(January), and found that there is some trail Maintence so you easily knew where you were going. Snow cleats were very appreciated for the steeper areas. The ledge by the falls is very small and a bit icy. But so worth it.

2 days ago

Went with a friend on Jan 13/19, was a good afternoon walk/hike. Pretty falls - follow the river downstream for more beautiful views! Weather was perfect - the sun was shining and barely any snow!

Crowded but safe. easier trail for friends

4 days ago

I've done this hike many time! It is a great hike for everyone! Very easy and family friendly to the first waterfall. The upper falls take a bit more effort but are equally as wonderful. Lovely views, flora, and fauna to be seen!

Great for a quick little trip out of the city. Easy for kids

My first ever hike. Amazing view from the top

Easy beginner hike. Gorgeous views.

Best views of Moraine Lake....if you can actually get there. And I mean to the parking lot. Best idea, if you’re just there to see the lake, is to take the bus from the lake Louise overflow lot. It’s free.

Good hike, sun was here, no need of spikes. The view at the top worst it ! Just be aware that the main of the trail is on gravely road just the last kilometers are on a mountain trail.

Great hike. Path is snow packed with very little ice right now, so could probably do it easily enough without spikes, but certainly easier with them. Get up there early to avoid the crowds, and you're in for a treat! Some amazing views on the way up, and the crowds really thin out once you get past the Upper Falls and head to the Inkpots. When we got to the Inkpots there was only one other couple there, so very peaceful! I just started hiking this past year, so certainly not a strong hiker, and this trail took us about 3 hours, including stops for photos and lunch.

Easy hike for a family! It was a touch icy in spots throughout . Kids had fun sliding on the icy hill parts while we skirted in the brush to stay upright. But lots of dry/bare spots too!

10 days ago

Great little hike. Easy to do with kids. Beautiful waterfall. Keep your eyes out for the troll! :)

10 days ago

Very simple easy trail, barely a hike. Great views of the canyon and surrounding area through the whole way. Very busy when we went and unfortunately were seeing LOTS of people jumping the fenses and getting way too close to ledges for pictures.

Quiet and pretty trail, nobody else here when I visited. Good for a quick stroll.

12 days ago

Great for a beginner!

did this trail on one of my last days in Banff and it was really beautiful!

We tried this trail in early May. Pros: we had the whole thing to ourselves. Cons: we didn't make it very far! Saw and heard a bunch of avalanches, so be smart(er than we were). Loved the parts of the hike that we were able to do and can't wait to return someday and finish it!

Easy hike with a beautiful waterfall at the end!

nice, easy trail to do with a toddler in backpack

15 days ago

Fun, easy walk with the family. Nice place to bring a small camp stove and make hot chocolate at the falls.

Takakkaw Falls is a powerful and amazing waterfall to see in Yoho National Park. I visited in August 2017.

A winding and narrow paved road leads from the Trans Canada Highway cutting through the park to the waterfall which is located at the very end of the road. The drive was incredibly scenic as the road passed through beautiful lush forests with mountains all around and openings in the trees providing amazing views of the landscape. There was a series of intimidating-looking switchbacks up a steep mountainside along the road which were somewhat difficult to maneuver even with a small car (a 2-3 point turn is required), but a fun challenge. I even saw remnants of a recent avalanche along the road with huge piles of snow and broken trees.

It took roughly 30 minutes to arrive at the Takakkaw Falls parking lot along the Yoho Valley Road from where it stemmed off from Highway #1. The parking lot was small mostly full and I was lucky to find a spot in the afternoon. I could see and hear this powerful and spectacular waterfall and couldn’t wait to get closer!

From the parking lot, there was a short and well-trafficked paved path which crossed a bridge over a rushing river and wound through the trees with great views of the falls along the way before arriving at the base of Takakkaw Falls (it took about 10 minutes to get there). The waterfalls got louder and louder as I got closer and they were so powerful that I could feel the mist long before I even reached the base. The mountainous scenery surrounding the waterfall was so gorgeous and there were lots of places along the pathway to take photos of the views and the waterfall. The water plummeted at high speeds off the edge of a tall vertical cliff and into the river below. It was super windy, cold and wet standing at the base that I could only stand there for a few minutes before turning back as my camera was getting soaked. The sound of the falls was like thunder and it was incredible to experience and admire the waterfall while being SO CLOSE to and literally right in front of this breathtaking natural beauty! There were lots of large boulders off the main trail on a slope beside the falls that you could climb to get even closer, but I chose not to. The trail to the waterfall was quite crowded during my visit but not too overwhelmingly busy that it detracted from my experience, but if you arrived early in the morning you would probably be able to enjoy this place in peace.

Takakkaw Falls were a very impressive and stunning tall waterfall to see and there were plenty of great viewpoints of the falls for some amazing photos. This waterfall is definitely a must-experience when in Yoho! There are some picnic tables and washrooms near the parking lot of the falls as well. Make sure to wear a rain jacket because you will get wet at the base of the waterfall.

15 days ago

Silverton Falls is a short and rewarding hike to a pretty waterfall. It is a hidden gem and lesser-visited beautiful waterfall that is located just down the Bow Valley Parkway from Johnston Canyon about ten minutes. It is a short 0.7 km hike from the small gravel parking lot to the waterfall (1.4 km round-trip) and the hike starts along the same trail that leads to Rockbound Lake, but stems off to the right at the fork. I visited here in July 2017.

The trail passes through the forest along a flat terrain to begin with and then climbs the remainder of the way along switchbacks to a small area overlooking this gorgeous multiple tiered waterfall. A portion of the trail was narrow as it followed along a steep ledge. There are also amazing views of the deep forested valley and mountain range in the distance from this spot. This tall waterfall was beautiful to admire and photograph.

I was pleasantly surprised to have the trail mostly to myself when I visited here in the afternoon after a hike to the Ink Pots and Johnston Canyon. This hike is a great one to do if you are looking to get away from the crowds and see a beautiful waterfall and rewarding views for a moderate amount of effort along a short trail. It’s conveniently located just a short drive from Johnston Canyon along the same highway (heading north – look for signs for Rockbound Lake) so if you’re already in the area, you should definitely stop here either on the way to or from Johnston Canyon.

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