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20 hours ago

Casual stroll through the forest until you reach the falls, where there is a short, steep section. Little effort for large reward. Did this hike late evening so decided not to explore below the falls but there seems to be lots more trail to explore.

Nice accessible hike to a great lake. Great for beginners, the trail is a bit uninteresting along the way, but the lake is worth it.

The canyon was really cool, but crowded. There were lines by each of the falls viewpoints to wait to take your picture (about 2pm weekday), and some folks seemed completely oblivious to moving with the flow of traffic on the narrow walkways. Once you get past the upper falls, the crowd thins out a ton and it's a nice quiet hike to the ink pots. They were pretty cool and the surrounding views were nice, but if you're limited on time, I wouldn't consider the ink pots portion of the hike a must-see. Definitely go up to the upper viewpoint though.

Good Trail. Lower falls is must see if you can't climb all the way to upper falls...

Unreal scenery.

The first bit is very crowded. Get there early to avoid the people and the full parking lot. The falls are beautiful though!
Once you get past the upper fall, it clears out. There are many switchbacks but the ink pots are a unique place to visit! Very cool place. We had lunch here then returned.

Amazing view. Easy trail. Totally worth doing it! And my winner dog did it also!

Nice hike but it was kind of late when we get there

We were inspired by a young lady who went all through the inkpots with crutches. We did the hike again after two years and the inkpots were much more beautifulthis year due to the amount of rain! It is a beautiful hike.

3 days ago

A busy trail but the waterfalls are worth the wait.

Very busy. It's a nice walk that you will enjoy.

3 days ago

Love this hike. We do it annually, preferably in the fall when the tourist season slows down. It’s worth the trek to the ink pots. Take a pic nic and plan on enjoying the view at the top for a while. I don’t recommend taking kids that need to be carried all the way to the top. The upper falls is fine for kids. Can get very busy on summer weekends making climbing and parking tough if you go mid day.

Wonderful scenery but very busy.

Great trail. Not too tough but the boulders add a lot of interest and skill-testing. Gets you away from he madness of Moraine Lake and out to a peaceful and quiet oasis. The creek/river that parallels the trail has some spectacular little chutes and falls. Super for photos.

somewhat mild entrance. that leads to a beautiful waterfall you can enjoy from above and below

beautiful and scenic, easy strolling. what emerald glow!

Fun walk/hike! It’s paved most the way past the waterfalls before it turns to stairs and then into a trail. Would be great for people not huge on hiking but enjoys nature. Can be quite crowded and sometimes you must wait before you can start walking on the bridge just due to the sheer volume of other people. We tried to get to Mystic Junction through this trail for an overnight camping trip but only made it as far as Jo 9. Still an amazing journey!

Scrambling over boulders and watching a beautiful mountain lake. Could sit here all day.

After a full day of day hikes through Banff National Park, we stumbled upon this hike by accident. We already were exhausted so we made it to the bridge before we turned around (getting dark and my girlfriend was getting hangry). It was a great easy track up the switchbacks with awesome views. Lots of young trees with evidence of a past Forrest fire. Wish we had the time and energy to complete!

Arrive extra early to get a parking spot in the lot, otherwise you’ll have to park along the road and walk in. It’s extremely busy and populated. Its become more of a tourist spot. It’s a very easy trail, good to do with kids or the family. There is a “hidden” cave which is fun to find and explore.

Pretty easy hike the hardest part was avoiding crowds. We arrived just before 9 and got a good parking space. If you are trying to do photography I would highly recommend arriving around 8 to avoid crowds.

Jam packed with tourist but still beautiful

Would suggest trying to go through out the week. It’s super busy on weekends. Definitely worth it . So beautiful !!!

Sooo crowded! Not a nature hike. So many people we could barely walk. Do not take dogs for this same reason. Maybe if you when at 6am it would be cool but with a fence and a paved trail it was not my kind of hike. Many other options in Banff.

Just a walk along the lake, good for chilling, the lake is beautiful :) came there at 5am to have a parking spot and get the sunrise, worth the short night!

This was a really beautiful and easy walk. Although the beginning shoreline gets crowded, especially near the Rock Pile, not too many venture out onto the trail itself. Peaceful views and beautiful forest.

If you want to park, get here early, like 5:30 am. The parking is full at 6:00, though it empties out somewhat after dawn.

Nice walk through the woods, the lake is cute

9 days ago

Great view of the shoreline and the stunning blue water and mountains.

We did this hike yesterday and because it was a Sunday long weekend. It was packed. We had to park about 15min walk away on the street. The falls are spectacular as always despite the crowd of people coming and going. We skipped the line up to all the fall viewing spots since the line ups were rediculous :) and we wanted to go straight to the Inkpots. There was a steady elevation up before descending down to the Inpots valley which was surrounded by the mountains. It was very beautifully peacful place. the inkpots were like a mini version of the ones in Yellow Stone. We saw lots of people young and old, kids as young as two to 8 on the trail. On the way there, we saw a lady with a walker ascending up the hill from the Inkpots and we were so inspired by her for going all the way. It was a very pleasant family hike, the boys (14-20 yrs old) enjoyed hanging out at the upper falls rocks. My oldest even jumped in for a dip. The rest of us soaked our feet. The water was refreshingly cold. It took care of our warm and achy feet from walking. We did this hike twice since the past 10 years and this was the first time we walked all the way to the Inkpots. I enjoyed it very much. We didn't mind the crowd. The falls and canyon are still magnificient and we loved the rumbling sound of the water falls along the trail.

Beautiful falls, but many, many people. We went just a little beyond the upper falls and found some quiet spots next to the water to eat lunch and hang out, and that made it very worthwhile!

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