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2 hours ago

Gorgeous lower falls in full flow

Well worth the long trek in. First couple hours to Bourgeau lake is mostly covered with the odd views looking back down the valley. Once past the first lake, the views through Harvey Pass and the ridge to the summit will give you more than enough motivation to keep going! One of the best hikes I’ve done in the Rockies.

Faboulous views from the top which makes up for the crowds on a long and fairly uninteresting ascent. Certainly worth the trip and can be done in a morning with ease. Nice soak in the Miette Hot Springs after the hike too.

The first part of the hike, around the lake, was very easy and flat. We actually saw a moose and her two babies swimming here, very cool. I highly recommend extending the hike to get all the way up to Emerald Basin. The hike is moderate, and very secluded, great chance to escape the crowds. Don’t be alarmed by the initial steep start, it flatter out after about 30 minutes. The view from the top does not display the lake, although it is still incredible and serene. I liked Emerald Lake better than Lake Louise, personally.

Excellent hike and worth the views. Not all that challenging if you’re in shape. If not it will be a leg burner.

My husband, my 47lb dog, and myself did this hike on Canada Day 2018. Thankfully the rain that had threatened the day before let up, and it was a clear at the top. This trail is listed as moderate, but if you're fitness level is like mine it's a good cardio workout! A challenge for those with moderate fitness, but the kind you will feel good about because you CAN do it. From the trail head it's a pretty steep walk along a creek, then you hit switchbacks. At every turn there's a great opportunity to view the surrounding mountains and catch your breath. Then you'll hit a plateau with interesting rock features and a gorgeous view. But keep going up! The rest of the hike is above the tree line, but it's not for too long. From the top you can see many ranges, the Miette Hot Springs parking lot and hungry chipmunks. If you're questioning this hike, just do it. I loved it and my dog loved it (she was pooped after it though). You'll feel accomplished and in awe of Jasper's beauty after this hike. (it IS a busy one though, so just be aware you won't have solitude at the top)

terrific day of hiking to floe lake. last 3 km were a little difficult as it was a jot jot July day but what a surprise to get to the camp site and e experience a day in the area. played around with a released chunk of ice that floated along side the lake like an east coast iceberg. magnificent day, and met some tremendous folks from all over. Fallen burnt out trees allowed us to experience what heavy winds the previous night can do to change the character of trail. This after considerable work was done with a chain saw the previous to clear the trail. I'd do this again in a heartbeat and will certainly do it again this year.

Amazing views!!!

eine super Tour mit immer wieder tollen Ausblicken

Good warm up hike for future hiking during the summer months

Did this last August and planning to do it again this summer. I wish I had brought a quality wind breaker rather than a ‘light jacket’ for the trek to the peak. This wind picked up, there was still some snow and I don’t know how anyone wearing shorts survived. I also did not have poles and I plan to use poles next time. The views are incredible, well worth the challenge. Getting to the peak is significantly more difficult than the ridge, but if you think you can do it just do it!!

Great hike. Fairly easy incline until the very end, worth it for the view!

6 days ago

Excellent hike - around 3 hours round trip. Make sure you go past the false plateau to the very top for a breathtaking view! We went on a clear day and there were quite a few people on the trail. Try to go early to avoid the crowds!

This is a truly beautiful trail, well worth the effort to get to the peak. Took two friends who are not from here and are not hikers and they struggled but one made it to the peak, the other one made it to the ridge, which also has stunning views. Would definitely recommend

6 days ago

Hiked this trail mid July. Amazing 360 Degree view of the surrounding mountains at the top. The entire hike is a steady incline. Can be tiring but well worth it. Took about an hour to reach the Big Rock and another 15 mins to get to the top. If you hike to the Big Rock make sure you definitely proceed to the very top...it will provide you with one of the best views you will see. Pack a lunch too because you will want to stay up there for a while admiring the sights. Keep an eye out for mountain goats as well, saw a few at the top. Took about an hour to defend as well.

Awesome hike. Great views going up but even better once you get to the top. The way to the top is all uphill with very little flat but not extremely demanding. It was windy at the top and about 20 degrees F cooler than below the tree line. Highly recommend for the 360 views.

Very beautiful and different views/scenery throughout. Worth going the extra 1.3 km past the teahouse to the lookout point.

Scenery changes constantly. Very rewarding hike that gives you a good feel for the Lake Louise area all in one hike.

Easy hike that’s mostly flat. I’d say once you hit the bridge that’s mostly it. Better hikes to do in Banff.

9 days ago

From my point of view, this is the best waterfall in Jasper. An easy hike with great spots to take pictures.

9 days ago

It was an easy hike with the family. The view of the waterfalls was very good.


10 days ago

Best hike so far. Just gorgeous.

If you do a hike from Lake Louise to Big Beehive, you can continue your hike to the Plains of six Glaciers to enjoy the amazing view of the Rockies!
Definitely check out the tea house, which is almost 2 km before the actual glaciers! DON'T FORGET TO HAVE CASH WITH YOU cause there's no electricity there and the chocolate cake is amazing (So you don't want to miss it :P).
Be prepared, don't go with running shoes, have nice hiking shoes with good grips on them (not necessarily ankle ones).

One of the most beautiful hikes I have been on in recent years

Hiked this mid-June in the rain. Well developed trail, steady climb but you don’t need poles and there’s no scramble. Made it down in 45 minutes, took about 3 hours total. Stunning views at the top even on a rainy day!

Unreal hike. Highly recommend starting with the Lake Agnes route, circling the lake, hiking up the Devil’s Thumb, and dropping into the Plain from there. It’s a 5-6 hour, 12 mike effort but the views are spectacular.

Excellent hike, with views most of the way. The lake is anticlimactic; I went back a bit to have my lunch where I could see down the valley. 3 hours up and 2.5 back. Would not recommend for anyone afraid of exposure - coming down the chains is like rappelling without a harness!

Did the long loop from Lake Louise up to Lake Agnes tea house, over the big beehive, up to the Plain of Six Glaciers tea house and out to the lookout. Then back down to Lake Louise and along its shore. 12mi round trip, 5-6 hours, 4200ft elevation change. Spectacular views, beautiful trail, delicious tea, less and less crowded as you go. Arrive at parking before 8:30am or you’ll miss it.

Made it up the Harvey’s pass and back in about 7.5 hours, with a lunch break at the lake and on top of the mountain. Well worth the effort to go to the top! The treed area is very dull but things get more scenic after you hit the waterfall! We also saw sheep and tons of marmots!

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