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Way to up is better than way down. Views are amazing!

This trail only adds on about an hour to the loop around Lake Agnes. Well worth the extra effort to climb up the steep slope at the end to get to the top. It is unmarked on trail maps and there are no signs to show you the way. Keep an eye out for it at the intersection of the big beehive and the trail that loops around Lake Agnes. Watch your footing as you climb as it does get a little treacherous, climbing up and over rock and up a steep slide.

Easy, family friendly hike (3 & 5 year old kids walked the whole thing)
Beautiful view at the top and lots of places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

The trail was very rooted and mucky. While not a difficult trail; it was very tedious. No birds or wildlife spotted during our hike and not at all scenic until we reached the lake. Beautiful Glacier lake and views once we arrived.

Don’t let the sign at the trail fool you. “Easy Stroll” Not!

very beautiful! the steep incline lasts 90% of the hike but the view is completely worth it! dress cool and wear sunscreen, you’ll be in the sun most of the time ☀️

Hard and worth it. I am in moderate (sit in a car all day) shape. We made it up in just under 2 hours. The view is fab! And back down in about an hour.


Incredible view!

My favorite view, worth going to the peak itself rather than staying on the ridge— even though I noticed lots of people avoiding it (probably because it looks like a tough scramble from the ridge) but it’s worth the extra few minutes and it’s really not bad..even in runners!

Great hike with excellent views. Completed this Saturday July 14. Started very early before the crowds. Passed loads of people on the way down. Total time was 2.5 hours including 15 minutes at the top. We were on a major time crunch because of a wedding and had a grueling pace. Basically ran down the mountain. Definitely challenging and gets the lungs going but not all that bad if you’re in shape. A highlight of my trip to Banff

Worth the effort. Incredible views, esp of the valley behind the lake.

Starts off in the trees at a moderate incline. Once you break the tree line, it gets a bit steep. The view over the ridge is gorgeous. From there you can head up to the peak or make your way to miner’s peak as well!

Arrived at Moraine Lake by 820 am and the parking lot was full. We were able to park on the road but 2km from the trail head. The beautiful hike made it worth while..the crowds dispersed at the trail to Sentinel Pass. The lake was a beautiful spot for lunch. Still snow on the avalanche chutes and you could hear some avalanche activity along the trail. A great day ended with breathtaking views around Moraine Lake.

2 days ago

Absolutely stunning! I took the "hard" route, which wasn't too bad. The hard route is rewarded with stunning views of Canmore and the valley, and provides a pretty nice workout to boot. The two lakes at the top of the hike are beautiful, which offer a color transition due to the algae(?) in the water. Would definitely recommend this to anyone heading to Canmore!

Nice trail with rewarding views towards top. Not ideal to do mid-day on a hot day. Shady spots throughout thankfully. Big range of hikers on this trail. Parents carrying toddlers to 70 yrs old. Good workout!

trail running
2 days ago

2 days ago

Quick and easy trail. “Difficult” option isn’t very challenging. Good views at the top

on Grassi Lakes Trail

2 days ago

Super easy trail. The trail splits up and there is an easy hike and a difficult one. The easy one is very very easy, super wide train, good terrain, quick walk to the top.

If you go left at the fork and take the difficult on, it has a much better pay off - you have to walk across a small stream at certain points, there is a beautiful view of a waterfall, the view down to towards the lake is gorgeous as well. The hike includes a easy/moderate incline, until the end which includes some stair which were backed up a little and slow going as it was a weekend with lots of people, and people were trying to go up and down.

The lakes at the top are nice, and if you keep going, theres also people rock climbing and you can climb into a couple of the small caves right near the ground to take pictures and explore with kids.

We went the hard way up then took the easy way down. Good option.

A challenging hike, lots of incline, make sure to check the weather before you go because canmore can get really hot, also bring more than enough water. Beautiful view at the end, make sure you go right up to the peak for the best experience

Wonderful hike. 4 stars only because it was busy. Kids 7 and 10 did fine-just complained near the top. My phone says we went 6k there and back. Started at 830. Definitely best to start early.

Easier Hike! Takes about 30-40 minutes to hike up and about 25 minutes down! Lakes at the top worth it !

it was definitely worth it going all the way to the top! we went sunday afternoon wasn't too busy. i am still feeling sore two days after we did the hike. i would recommend wearing the proper shoes and even bringing hiking poles if you have them! took us 4 hours to go to the top and back down (took less time going down then up haha)

Amazing view. Well worth the time. Not to difficult

Incredible views from the end of the trail. Worth doing despite crowds.

Nice hike. Stay near the water as others have advised. Trail washed out a bit around 1.5 miles in but manageable. Look for rock piles (trail guides) and stay close to the water before the stairs. Stopped by the natural bridge over the river (leads to bow hut trail). There’s a ladder so you can climb on top.

Did this hike clockwise (Plain of Six Glaciers, Highline Trail to Lake Agnes, Mirror Lake and return on Lake Agnes trail) to enjoy forested shade in the afternoon. Departed Lake Louise at 8 AM and returned at 2:45 PM with stops at the Plain of Six Glaciers teahouse, side trip out to the lookout, lunch at Lake Agnes and a quick stop at Mirror Lake. Good views and photo opportunities, forward and backwards. Wildflowers and two ice falls reverberating in the canyon, too. The trails got a lot more crowded the later the time. Definitely not best for tennis shoes or flip flops, although we saw hikers in them. Sufficient water required for length of hike, significant altitude gain, and weather.

Good workout for daily training, up n down in under 45min

4 days ago

Great hike for families even infants and old people. I’m unfit and it took me 45 minutes each way.

Slightly challenging if you’re with someone sedentary but great views.

4 days ago

Went early at 6:30 am and glad that I did! It was a beautiful hike, but on the way down saw tons of people on their way up. Go early so you don’t have to fight the crowds!

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