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Great area for exercise but I would say it’s moderate not easy. Just because there are so many steps and some double sized ones.
Tight edges in some places a little stressful when slippery due to weather and need to give way for in coming traffic to pass. I would recommend hiking shoes in this trail.
Some may find it challenging on the way down but consider this trail loops and double the work going up on the return.
Over all it’s a great area.

Did this walk on Oct 21, 2018 and I enjoyed it very much. There were two paths: one for pedestrians and one for cyclists. Very nice. I will definitely go again.

Beautiful trail in the heart of the city. Family friendly with lots to do in and around the area.

Great trail not well market. Could get lost without guide.

1 month ago

Wonderful view!
Late October weather was cold and windy, but the view was beautiful. The fall foliage season brought so much colour to the trees.

I love the Bluffs! First time seeing them in fall colours.

Great for a leisurely walk with nice scenery. Amazing venue considering the devastation caused by Hurricane Hazel October 15-18, 1954 along the river route.

Just awesome. Vibrant fall colours and great hiking experience for all ages.

Welcome To The Humber River Recreational Trail Out In Toronto, Ontario Canada!

This is another part of the Humber River Recreational Trail that we visited along the Humber River and What A Beautiful View it was with tons of Ducks Swimming In The River.

On This Bright Sunny Day: We also saw plenty of bike riders and trees with the leaves changing colors as well!

I want to personally Thank Allan for taking ME there back on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore
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Love going to the top of the cliffs at this bluffs.

Moderate trail. Great for bigger dogs, my lab had the best time, lots of water for him to splash in. Decent amount of people in the beginning but thinned out as you got further in. Parking is very limited but free. No garbage cans throughout the trail, just an FYI. Lots of diversity of scenery, enjoyable hike.

one of my fave's

its always a nice walk to go on on a nice sunny day

My highly active 5yr old managed ok but its definitely a moderate trail.

Definitely moderate and hard for a dog to walk

Moderate for the beginners.

I would not rate this trail as easy. Moderate at best. The roots and rocks make for a very bumpy terrain and the multiple sets of stairs on the way back will work every part of your body. It is a gorgeous trail and worth doing just be prepared for cardio day!!

Mostly flat trails. We took the Moore Ave. trailhead entrance w/c is a bit hidden. Parking is just along the street, in front of the cemetery or one of the residential roads. It's nice that it connects to the Evergreen Brickworks. This will be a nice way to go on the Saturday Farmer's market in the morning when parking is packed :)

We went with our 3 year olds. It was moderate hike for them if you stay on the trail. It was a long one for their tiny legs, but found a few nice spots for snack breaks. It is definitely a beautiful hike, I'd definitely recommend.

Incredible view and landscape! You can climb over the fence and look over but be extremely cautious! Police may come and in that case just climb back over the fence and walk away and don't look back.

You can go on top of the cliff it’s risky but view is worth it !

so beautiful

Beautiful trail but I would not rate this as easy or kid friendly. If you have older kids (7 years and up) maybe. It gets steep at times and the wooden steps are slippery after rains and metal poles stick out of the ground at unexpected places along the trail. Needs to be better maintained. The creek and waterfall are beautiful, however you often hear road sounds so it’s not a complete serene hike. Many dog walkers leave behind bags of dog waste which ruins it for everyone else. There is a trash bin at the start of the trail near the waterfall and parking is small (and they issue tickets when parked outside the lot boundary). The trail connects with another section of Bruce Trail so you can park somewhere else and hike a bit longer to avoid the parking mayhem.

It’s all nature and peace. Wonderful waterfall and a beautiful trail. Lots of rocks and roots cause ups and down in the trail.

Beautiful! I would say this is more of a moderately difficult trail as opposed to the advertised easy due to up and down stairs and walking through rooted paths. Easy to me would mean flat wide trails. Can’t wait to go back in the fall!

Very nice trail. Medium difficulty, paved and easy to follow. It goes cloes to an abandoned railway and offers great view over the city. I ended up in an old factory and clay quarry. A must do to my opinion.

An absolutely beautiful trail that starts at the waterfall. Easy to maneuver around the rocks, fallen trees and Staggered terrain. Perfect for the nature enthusiast like myself.

Its a long stroll only but very nice if you like the beach.

5 months ago

Gets too crowded in the summer, it has lost the feel of being on a nice quiet wildness hike, too many people using it now

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