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Loved this trail! I would like to point out that the trail is very close to cliff edges so I wouldn’t recommend bringing children.

Really pretty in some areas. Thickly wooded. If you're by yourself it's an easy hike. However, it's DANGEROUS if you have two big dogs with you because the a large portion of the path is narrow (my dogs were shoulder to shoulder) and on the edge of a cliff.

A decent hike, not much to see. It’s a very manicured setting, so no ticks to worry about, but also little to no wildlife to see. If you’re in decent shape this is not moderate, this is an easy trail/nature walk.

Had no trouble following the trail. Quite a severe downhill though, during leaf off its easy to slip on rocks and other debris under the foliage. Waterfall is lovely, has carved itself a nice little canyon. Was beautiful in autumn but low water flow. Hike back out is almost nonstop elevation gain. I stopped one time and did fine but regardless it was a work out. Wouldn’t want to do it during the warm months.

Find the trail at the back of the grounds, it’s easy to get to the lower falls. If you’re up to it, there are many other falls upstream that will require some sure footing and boulder hopping. Be careful crossing on fallen trees as they are often waterlogged and rotting. Really fun area to explore. Haw Creek is an excellent camping area (fee for camping goes up to 10$ spring 2019) and does require a water crossing in your vehicle. Don’t let it scare you, I crossed in my Toyota Yaris when the water was touching the bottom of the poles on either side of the road meant to measure flooding. Probably wouldn’t have tried it if it were much more than that, could definitely feel the car struggling against the current on the far side. Be mindful and keep an eye on the weather.

9 days ago

Easy hike even if very poorly marked (marking the trail would at least give novice hikers an opportunity to learn). Lots of good fall foliage and trickles of water over the bluffs. A few small trails beginning at the very back of the campground road; those were better time investment (I’m fickle; I like the payoff). Day was cool and damp with thick fog impeding any view. But felt amazing at the top!

9 days ago

Fun trail! might be a little strenuous in some spots for beginners and if the water is up along with the rapids its a challenge to cross to the trail head safely, but a great day hike regardless! Seems like a great camping spot as well

fantastic in the fall. easy trail. bring a hammock. lots of good spots to enjoy the views. definitely going back with a crashpad.

It’s a pretty grueling hike back up. Be prepared!

Rough road to get there , very short hike in the rain with two falls flowing !!

Beautiful trail and many views. I saw in a previous comment that the trail was not well marked and I have to disagree, it was marked very well with colored diamonds on trees every so often and the path is well worn. Devils den has an amazing camping area as well. They have multiple trails in the area that will easily keep you busy all weekend.

on Twin Falls Trail

20 days ago

This place was awesome

20 days ago

The trail was great with a beautiful waterfall!!

great place becareful driving down recommend 4x

beautiful fall morning very easy hike

One of my favorite hikes

30 days ago

Loved the hike, the solidarity with nature, and was blessed by a waterfall!

Simple hike to the falls. Nothing like the sound of water and the spray.

If you want to make it challenging, climb the slippery bank to get the view from on top.

Beautiful waterfall..when you finally get to it. Once we crossed the creek we drove the 5.8 miles as instructed and saw no turn off. Finally turned around and found the 1113 maker turned halfway over and covered by brush. Instructions say 5.8 miles, was more like 4 from bridge. The trail head was clearly marked with the 1140 that a previous hiker mentioned. Trail down was nice and wide, pretty clear. The falls were beautiful and worth the drive.

Great hike with wonderful views. Lots of little trails to go on and get great pictures. Not a strenuous hike. Watch your step once out on the rocks. There are cracks and holes one could fall in. Wouldn’t recommend bringing the kids. I would recommend doing King’s Bluff while there.

1 month ago

Hello twins. ;)

Spectacular views after easy hike. We did not have kids but definitely recommend keeping close eye on them when on bluffs. Did see some kids rock climbing on our hike.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This trail was poorly marked. We spent more time pushing our mountain bike then riding them. The rocks were very loose and there were alot. Not kid friendly for bike riding. They need to do more maintenance on it.

Super short. Amazing views.

on Triple Falls Trail

1 month ago

Short easy hike into the falls - only small twin falls when we were there in late Sept., but still pretty. The drive to the trail head from the highway is rather long (steep, rough, and downhill) considering how short the hike actually is.

on Sam's Throne Trail

1 month ago

Nice hike with amazing views.

All the times I've gone, I only bump into local hunters. Probably my favorite due to the secluded area. Best when you can catch water flowing. More to see past the falls most people don't know about.

on Triple Falls Trail

2 months ago

I drove my 2007 accord through the road and it was not bad ( you just need to drive slowly.

The falls was barely dropping!!
I would love to come to this falls after a heavy rain!

Great waterfall. Trail not too spectacular other than that, but still worth it.

I think I walked on the creek bed part more than a trail. It was a little confusing at first, but I think the trail weaves beside the creek bed and across it. I had to be careful because the rocks in the creek bed where really slippery. Do not push off the rocks with your feet. Just try to pick your feet up. I found that helped me not slip as much. When I got to the end, I saw someone had left flowers on a tree trunk. In the picture I posted you will notice that I attached the white roses I found to my backpack. It was a pleasant surprise to find white roses like that.

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