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2 days ago

Absolutely beautiful! This hike was so fun! Even though it was super Smokey and I couldn’t see very far it didn’t matter. I love every part of this hike. Finding the cave was like finding and oasis in the desert..., a much appreciated cool reprieve from the heat. Beautiful views of Mt Jefferson. Perfect length and difficulty level. Just watch your feet on the rocks and roots during the first half or so. Easy drive to the trail. Some gravel road but doable in any car.

Nice trail, view of mount Jefferson was amazing!

3 days ago

First 5 miles is a continuous uphill trudge with lots of loose rocks on the trail. This made for a less enjoyable hike getting to Russell lake and even on the way back a bit tricky as it is easy to roll an ankle, despite being downhill.

If looking to get to Russell Lake using this trail, just know it is NOT 6mi, more like 8.5mi.

5 days ago

Good hike, strenuous but not difficult. Path is a little overgrown. Gorgeous view of Mt Jefferson above the tree line. I think I'll do this again, but not when it's 90 in the shade.

Great hike with incredible views. We went on a clear day we could see mount hood and the three sisters. It’s a bit steep at the end but totally worth it. The area where the cave was is completely burnt. However, still highly recommend!

This trail was not bad, however I felt the need to constantly watch my step during most sections to avoid rocks and tree roots. The hike isn’t strenuous until the switchbacks at the end and the rewarding views at the top make it all worth it. Bring more water than you think. The trail to Boca cave was very dusty and dirty due to the remnants of the fire. I had my 14 year old and 10 year old and the cave “trail” gave me some mom anxiety. Haha. It’s very steep and slippery. Coming out of the cave was wet and very steep for the first section. I recommend traction shoes. We were all very dirty at the end, but what an amazing view!

This is a great hike with amazing views of Mt. Jefferson and other cascade mountains. It isn't usually packed with people, which is nice. The forest is beautiful and you get a treat at the top with plenty of private spaces to sit and view. If one was inclined, there is plenty of tent space at the top too. Since the burn, we didn't hike down to the cave this trip. It is a sad site to look out on all the burned up forest, but beautiful all the same. This hike is a good workout, but easy enough for anyone in decent shape.

Made it up in 45 minutes just in time for sunset! Beautiful hike, views and setting!

Another one of my favorites I've discovered after moving here a couple of months ago. Good hike with moderate incline and light traffic. long drive up the side road to get there but well worth it. would do again

Great hike! Got there around 11:30 and there was still parking on a Sunday. Made the mistake of branching off too early in hopes to find the cave (wait until you’re practically on the peak) but that turned into a nice rock climbing trip! Trail to the cave is very dusty from the fires and the trees radiate some heat still. Saw only about 5 people the entire time. Would recommend

Great Hike with spectacular views. Cave is tricky to find. You’ll need to go up to your left about 0.1 mile before reaching the trail peak.(we actually found it on the way back down which would be on your right). A rock with “cave” and and arrow points the way from the trail (see photos added to this site). Hike up about 200 feet, head toward the right where you will see the burned out forest. Cave is down and around burned out area..(around to the left) Dusty, ashy hike but very worth it!

Trail incline increased noticeably over the last portion of the path but what a wonderful view at the end! Path to the cave is through an old burn. Had to follow footprints in the ash/dust. We didn’t have any trouble but I can imagine if you were the first one after a rain It might be hard. The framed view from the cave is very unique.

So I tried to find the cave but was unsuccessful, when I took the right path (triangulation peak) it dead ends to the peak, where do I go from here?

Hike to a trail junction and head right that’s labeled “triangulation peak”. From that sign you’ll go up nearly 0.7 miles to another (unlabeled) trail junction. To the right is a very short distance to the peak. To the left you make your way down some burned trees about 0.3 miles and take a left around the large rock cliff to get to Boca Cave!

Phenomenal! Definitely a moderate hike. I found the trail marked 3372 fairly easily. There’s really only one fork, and it has a sign. Boca Cave was pretty easy to find as well. Did it with my pup, she loved it. Verizon service at the top fyi. It’s definitely on my go to list now.

24 days ago

Beautiful area and a good trail up to the lakes. Past the lakes the trail follows a creek bed up a fairly steep hill which is very rocky- wear good boots! Meets with Pacific Crest Trail at the top of the hill. Great day hike but a bit strenuous in warm weather (80-85). Beautiful mountain lakes!

7/14/18 This route into Jeff Park a much more difficult hike due to the years of erosion and loose rock on the trail. Good news is that because the Whitewater TH is closed due to 2017 fire there were FAR fewer campers. swimming in Scout Lake was absolute bliss.

This hike is not for beginners! The hike is really steep for about 2 miles, but the last mile gets rough. You have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL going down since it is easy to fall. Hike at your own risk and with caution.

28 days ago

Beautiful trail beside Pamelia Creek transports you to the small lake. Went in on a Thursday and there were open campsites. Ranger mentioned they would post at the trailhead if there are any known algae bloom issues which there none. There a posting of a cougar siting south of Pamelia Lake on July 5th, 2018.

1 month ago

The creek has dried up so be sure to bring extra water for you and your furry friends! Beautiful hike but it was super hot making the trail dry and dusty today. Lots of good places to camp and so many additional trails and lakes to explore - will definitely be back again!

OMG! beautiful hike ! One of my favorites so far. Drive up was super easy. It turned into a gravel road and I have a little car, but it was very well maintained, not one pot hole. hike was easy in the beginning. Got more uphill at the end, but wasn't awful. At the top the trail goes left or right. left will take you to the top then follow the trail to the right down the burn and around to the rocky side of the mountain on the left the cave is hidden back in there. it's huge you can miss it. make sure on your way back you go to the other trail that split off to the right. It's a super short hike to the peak with beautiful views ! breath taking hike, I can't wait to go back !

Completed this hike yesterday. From the unmarked trailhead at the gate, it’s realitively flat & easy for the first 1.5 miles. At the intersection of Spotted Owl & Devils Ridge, we opted to take the Cliff route to the right. This is where the climbing begins in earnest. Your quads will scream at you at the steepness of this ridge, but hey that’s why they call it a ridge! The views of the canyon are well worth it. After a brief rest there we continued to the top. Switchback after switchback, the trail continued to test our fortitude. About 1.5 miles from the summit, the trail fades out in places only a mountain goat could navigate but follow the green flagging & you’ll find your way. Round the last bend & you’ll be greeted by the glacier side of Mt. Jefferson. Sweet panoramic views of the canyon. The return down stressed our knees & quads for the first 2 miles but mellowed out by taking the Spotted Owl trail back down to the right of the intersection. Only saw one other hiker up there.

Beautiful Hike, Amazing Views of Mt Jefferson.....I Love It. #TheSignaturePicture.

very family and pet friendly walk. great scenery and wildlife. The creek was outstanding beauty. Once at the lake we watched the osprey dive repeatingly from the air into the water and come up with a fish. Once in a lifetime moment. hour and a half walk each way.

This was a fairly easy trail alongside a creek that featured white water and mini waterfalls. The lake and mountain were stunning and I could not stop staring at the perfect reflection of the mountain in the water. This made for a great half-day hike.

Gorgeous views, and solidarity one year post Whitewater Fire. With the Whitewater Trail closed, I expected to see more people hiking this trail as an alternative. Strenuous hike, continuous incline the entire time. We turned around after 4.5 miles because we were not as strong as we thought! The views of Mt Jefferson and wildflowers were stunning and worth the workout! Would love to hike further next time to access the lakes.

1 month ago

Perfect conditions right now on the trail but almost 3/4ths is covered in loose rock so wear some supported shoes. Did this backpacking up to Scout Lake and it wasn’t crazy strenuous, just long. Took us about 4:30 to get up with some stops. If you’re looking to camp up, spots do fill up but Great Lake views! Loved it!

Once you find the trailhead, it's a stellar hike! Don't plug 'Triangulation Peak' into the GPS- Instead, from the Detroit Ranger Station, travel east on Hwy 22 for 6.2 miles and turn left on to McCoy creek road (Forest Road 2233). Drive for 7.3 miles to a three-way junction and make a sharp right. Then it's another 1.3 miles to the trailhead, which is on the right. (Trail #3373). Pretty moderate hike and gradual elevation gain. the view is breathtaking on a clear day with Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, North, Middle, and South Sister. The cave is not too hard to find, either. Before summitting Triangulation Peak, there's a path that veers to the left through some sparse brush. head down that path for 0.2 miles. It's very dusty, since you're hiking through trees affected by the wildfire. But the cave is just around the large rocky mountain towards the left. Amazing spot!!

The drive to the trailhead; accessible by bmw? My truck is down!

1 month ago

Some patches of snow once you hike down in to Jefferson park but manageable without yak traks. Beautiful area with multiple lakes! So worth the hike. Did it as a day hike but next time would love to backpack and actually camp

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