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Lovely hike! It splits shortly down the trail k to two trails: dry creek to the right, Trapper to the left. We went down about 3.5 miles before turning back and only ran into one other couple hiking. They said they saw elk, we missed them. The trail runs by the creek/river but wasn’t directly on the creek except for a few spots. Lovely scenery and it was completely walkable this time. However, it’s been a mild winter and there would usually be snow this time of year.

This was a really nice hike with incline. The waterfalls are gorgeous

The falls were gorgeous and the hike along the water was relaxing. Not technical, pretty easy

This was a great trail. There was only a little snow in some spots, and we only saw only one other person. The waterfalls were spectacular!

Absolutely beautiful!

Did this hike a while back. Did not disappoint, very beautiful.

Phenomenal! This is a short hike so I combined it with two other waterfall hikes nearby - Panther Creek Falls and Spirit Falls. I did the lower creek falls hike first early in the morning. I was the only one on the trail. Every waterfall was beautiful. I did all three waterfalls from 7am -,4pm. Short drives in between. Here is a video from my day on the Washington side of the gorge - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KasE9uJGAOA&t=630s

(If link doesn’t work search Dabai’s Adventures in YouTube)

Travelers info:

Forest Pass: YES
Parking Fee: Forest Pass! No parking permits available!
Driving: about 2 hours from Portland. The road out to spirit falls is easy and any car can make it. The roads out to lower creek and panther creek are full of potholes and loose gravel... better to take a vehicle with some clearance.

Enjoy the Trails!


Just do the bottom half of the trail.

1 month ago

Great hike, serene setting and landscape.

Great hike! It’s a long haul to the falls, but completely worth it!!

Road to the trailhead is very well maintained for a forest service road. There are a few pot holes but they’re more like speed bumps and easily avoided, my Honda Civic had no issues getting there if you’re worried. Trail to the base of the falls is easy and short, if you want more of a challenge hiking to the upper trail #152 has some steeper sections. Couldn’t really see the falls from the upper trail but found some cool camp spots with a view for backpacking.

2 months ago

Amazing views. We could see mount rainier, Adams, hood, and Helens.

horseback riding
2 months ago

Easy trail with little ups and downs. Rain forest woods so nice and cool when it’s a hot day. Very quiet in November. Beautiful tourquoise colored lake with a view of a mountain from either end.

2 months ago

Very nice hike. Not very steep, except for the short trail that takes you up to the Falls Creek Trail #152. I went up to the base of the falls and then to the viewpoint above the falls and then completed the loop and my Alltrails app recorded 6.5 miles.

2 months ago

Relatively easy trail. Follows creek most of the way to the falls. Awesome little peekaboo of the falls from the trail before you get to the lower viewpoint.

great easy trail for dogs too.. . yes there is a decent up hill but nice trail.....amazing waterfall. totally recommend....a must see

Wonderful hike and an easy trail to navigate once you've found the trailhead. If you're hiking upstream the actual trailhead can be tricky to find if you don't have service or good directions. If you're unfamiliar with the area I strongly recommend getting familiar with directions because GPS commonly fails here.

Great easy hike with a beautiful waterfall.

Today I was going to do Cape Horn, but when I drove up the colors had not changed enough to be worth it. Instead I came to this old favorite. A beautiful day for a hike up and trail run back! It was worth it the colors had just changed enough. You can tell it’s been a dry year two on the main side creeks were completely dry, but the main Falls is as beautiful as ever. Not as crowded as normal. The road is much better than it has been in the past, but there are some pot holes. I have an all-wheel drive RAV4 and only had to slow down in one spot to put in perspective.

3 months ago

Road in and trail are in good shape. Other than 1 rotten tree down near the lake it’s a hike just about anyone can do. Can see why it’s one of the most used trails in the area. Lots of campsites and a few facilities once you get to the lake. Definitely is the flattest 1500 feet of elevation I’ve ever climbed lol. For the middle of October it was some great weather. Low 60s and lots of sun.

We were enjoying the fall foliage colors on the drive up so much that we missed the “Falls Creek Falls” trailhead sign and accidentally drove up another 10 miles. We turned around and found a nice local who told us where the trailhead sign was - I really think there’s only 1 sign marking this turnoff, which is on a blind corner. So watch for mile marker #15 and the access road is just around the corner on the right {if you are coming from Carson}. If you cross a short bride named Moore Bridge, you just missed the access road. Access road to trailhead had just a couple small potholes, which are totally avoidable.. it was a pretty smooth dirt road, though I’m sure it gets rutted up once the rain starts. Hike to the falls are 1.7 in with a slight incline as you get closer to the falls. We were short on time, so we came back down the same trail instead of doing the longer loop. Beautiful rich fall foliage colors are happening right now {Oct 13th}

This was by far my favorite hike of 2018. Challenging, beautiful, fun and plenty to see. Went of trail to get behind and underneath some waterfalls, but nothing too crazy!

Don't believe the negative reviews, there are plenty of signs and I believe only two pot holes that I can remember. The road is well maintained and you can easily get to the trail head in a car (I did) and there is a large parking lot with a bathroom. It was absolutely beautiful, the fall foliage is incredible right now. I did however almost hit a heard of Elk so be watchful on the main highway!

As long as you don't expect grand views of the neighboring sites the walk to Lake Packwood was very nice.

horseback riding
3 months ago

We rode the loop, Muddy Meadows to PCT to Killen Creek... I wouldn't recommend Muddy Meadows by itself, at least not the section we did as there are no real views once you get away from the trailhead and it's just a lot of steep climbing. Totally worth it to do the loop though!

This is a really beautiful and easy hike up to the falls. They're spectacular when you reach them. Saw lots of other people and dogs. The road to the trailhead was okay for my sedan. I was a little worried about the potholes but there were only one or two small ones and nothing too serious.

3 months ago

We were not able to do this hike because the driving directions lead you to a point that is a 2.4 mile walk from the marked starting point of the hike. (https://www.google.com/maps/dir/46.265431,-121.644099/46.27116+-121.63655/@46.2650469,-121.6492751,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m7!4m6!1m0!1m3!2m2!1d-121.63655!2d46.27116!3e2?hl=en&authuser=0)

A quick stroll up to the hot springs and plenty of trail to go further if you choose to keep going. We were just checking the area out on way home from another day trip. Great campground area and beautiful scenery. I only gave it 4 stars as the hot springs are not the majestic type we all think about in our minds... but it is fun to go to from standpoint of the very warm water in the middle of a forest. Visitor center was super and helpful. If you have little kids be sure to ask for the Jr Forest Ranger book as they can earn a badge from the center once they complete the activities.

Beautiful falls from the base and very nice hike, but the signage is terrible, as is the road to get to the parking lot. We took a turn that we thought would loop around to parking, as described, and ended up turning an easy 6 mile hike into a 12 mile excursion filled with frustration. Download the map ahead of time...lesson learned!

4 months ago

Hiked to Lost Lake via Packwood Lake Trail #78 Sunday of Labor Day Weekend for an overnighter. 20 miles RT (counting a 4 mile RT to the Old Lookout above Lost Lake), with 4216ft elevation gain including Old Lookout that took 5hrs to Lost Lake.

As expected, the parking lot was packed and started a second parking row. Arrived and on the trail by 9am. Arrived at the Packwood Lake in 1.5 hrs, had a snack and continued on Packwood Lake Trail #78 UP 4 miles to Lost Lake. This section is step climbing approx. 2500 ft. Mosquito Lake is overgrown by brush and not really suitable to stay, however there is a nice campsite next to it. Afterward there is a nice meadow with the first views of the Goat Rocks. From there the Junction of Coyote Trail #79 is just ½ mile and Lost Lake is another ½ mile after that. I arrived at Lost Lake at 2:15pm.

I made camp, had lunch and left for a 2 mile side trip up to the Old Lookout site above Lost Lake. Left at 3:30 and arrived at 5pm. Beautiful. There is a 360 degree view including Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, The Goat Rocks, Old Snowy and the White Pass ski lifts. Spent 30 minutes up there and headed back. Made it back by 6:30pm.

From the Old Lookout, down to Lost Lake and to the Junction of Coyote Trail #79 is part of the detour of the PCT around the Miriam Fire near White Pass.

Lost Lake had a lot of people, and some sites were open. There are at least 6 sites with lake access, maybe more. 2 were open. The water level at Lost Lake was VERY LOW, about 12-15 ft below years past. There are more camp sites available, however they don’t have lake access, but a seasonal stream is nearby. They are about ½ mile past the lake.

Going down the next day was quick and took 3.5 hrs vs 5 hrs going in. Tough hike after Packwood Lake but easy starting and finishing. Lost Lake is beautiful and a peaceful place to camp with no bugs this trip anyway. Well worth the effort!

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