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5 days ago

A good day hike, clear skies.

Several large trees cover the trail, some are tricky to get by.

As you go up the valley towards the glacier, there is snow on the ground, not enough to need spikes or snowshoes. Poles are needed as you get closer to the glacier.

Counted 17 streams along this trail. Arrived at the trailhead a few miles past Mailbox Peak at roughly 9am. There were only 7 cars in the lot that can fit 50 vehicles. The trail is nicely maintained

Great hike.
A long day, close to 18 miles, plus distance for a few nice side hikes.
Amazing autumn colours high up in the hills. We saw bears, goats, hawks, deer. Not too bad.

3 months ago

Great hike, different than the norm.
Not big on spectacular views of the mountain.
Mostly hiking in the forests.
The final four mile hike back up the hill to Mowich will get you.
This is a 22 mile out and back hike. Alltrails must use some Martian miles measurements.

3 months ago

Trail Report - Granite and Thompson Lakes

*I started this at the trailhead closest to mailbox - starting further down the road will provide a more direct route to the lakes.

Began around 11:00AM into bright, new growth forest. For much of the first two miles it felt like a trail had been maintained through the regrowth of an old logging (forest service?) road. Appreciating the trail for what it was, I hiked gradually uphill with the branches of new trees brushing past and covering the path just enough to feel immersed but never losing trail.

At 1.7 miles in - according to my AllTrails app, was the first of two bridge crossings. After this the forest changed for a bit into older growth before turning back into new growth with beautiful old forest on both sides.

Only .2 miles further was a viewpoint with a bench forged from a big log.

Another .5 miles to the sign post for granite lakes or the way down to the other trailhead.

At this point it was just under 3 miles to Granite lake, and the lake was stunning, especially wrapped in its fall colors. Just before the final push there was a sign splitting the trail for Granite Lake and Thompson Lake.

Experienced plenty of wildlife along the way and even had a close encounter with a Pika right at the lake. @gsaontour was up there taking photos and got an excellent shot of the little guy. If you want some dope wildlife pictures go check out his insta and give him a follow!

After coming back down from Granite I decided there was enough time in the day to make it all the way to Thompson lake. The trail continues through older growth then pops back up into new growth and back into old. The creek was by my side for a decent portion, with a few side paths to a better view.

It is another 3 miles to Thompson Lake and about 600 more ft of elevation gain but if time allows, there was not a single person on the way to the lake and the forest continues to change as the trees grow larger and the moss more dense. The lake became visible through the trees the closer i got and the trail decends quickly. There is an excellent view of the lake from about halfway to the decent of the lake. Even if you decide not to clamber all the way down to the waters edge, if you came far enough to see the lake through the trees, definitely make it to the rock slide area where, in my opinion, the best view lives.

There’s plenty of small spots on the surrounding rocks to stop for a break and enjoy the view. There’s one small dirt spot big enough for a tent and the reminace of a campfire but check the regulation on spending the night there before you do as i am unsure.
The hike back uphill from the lake was actually a welcomes warmup before the mostly gradual decent back to the car.

Appreciated the abundance and variety of fungus growing this time of year, from mushrooms bigger than my hand to patches of tiny orange caps it seems to be a mycologists playground. I was able to enjoy the buzzing and chirping of woodland animals as this was a quiet path with not many hikers, even on a Sunday.

Overall, AllTrails put the round trip at 15.3 miles with a total elevation gain of 4,367. Moving time was almost exactly 6hours. solid day hike not too far out of town and can definitely be enjoyed on a sunny or fully cloudy day.

One of the best backpacking trips I've done! Hiked this Labor Day weekend with a small group of friends. Absolutely wonderful trail with a wide sample of what Rainier has to offer. We camped at Eagle Crest 1st night and Ipsut Pass the 2nd. You get views of the mountain ahead of you this way rather than behind.
Hard enough that my legs were sore the next few days but still very manageable! Would have loved to spend a 3rd night on this trail to linger around Spray Park more!

5 months ago

Hiked to Mystic lake via Carbon glacier via Moraine park from the Carbon river trail head.
This hike is about 31 miles. Only about 5k ft of elevation climbing, but mostly on the 2nd half of the outward hike.

Some amazing views, even with all the clouds. You get to see a lot of marmots on the meadows, tiny toads no bigger than your thumb nail, frogs, bats, birds. A lot of different types of wildlife.

Crossing the Carbon river on the log bridge, with the fast moving water flowing beneath you is amazing I feel. Crossing it coming back in the pitch black darkness just with a head light, I felt slightly different, I was sure to keep a steady footing.

A very long day for me, I'm not the fastest hiker but I can go for a long time.

What a day. The best.

5 months ago

I started this hike at the Granite Creek Connector Trail which is about 2.5 miles before you get to the Granite Lakes trail. Ultimately, my log said it was about 5.8 miles in which, I guess, is close enough! The Connector trail is a bit overgrown. Mostly easy to follow, but a few spots I had to just look for some space between the shrubs. Granite Lakes trail is nice and well maintained. Beautiful lake and scenery.

For the effort involved, this hike boasts nothing special. The viewpoints are mediocre (except at the top, where they’re decent). It possibly gives access to better terrain, but as a hike in and of itself, I wouldn’t recommend it.

So much fun! We camped at Flapjack Lakes, and day-hiked up to Gladys Divide and Mount Gladys. We took a few off-trail explorations and found ourselves in the rocky valley on the northwest side of Mount Gladys. VERY COOL in the late afternoon light. We could see the interior Olympics to the north and west, and I believe even Mt. Olympus. Had a blast. Rocky in parts, and lots of flies by the lakes. But awesome!

5 months ago

The North Fork Skokomish River Trail was my first overnight backpacking trip. We spent 3 days and 2 nights. Our first night was at Home Sweet Home. Getting there the first ten miles are flat and very well maintained. We had lunch at Nine Streams camp. Nine Streams is a wonderfully maintained camp and the last place to camp where you can have an open fire. (in a fire ring, of course.) The next 4-5 miles of trail are straight up. Just after Nine Streams, up the river there is no bridge, but a decent place to rock hop just across the trail on the opposite side. The switch backs in the beginning of this section of the trail remind me of Wagon Wheel trail, located in the same park. There is some meadow crossing, with beautiful flowers and butterflies. Watch the trail in spots. The flora easily covers drops offs on the sides of the trail and completely covers t in spots. There are a couple of blow downs that are easily scrambled over or under. One you can walk around. On the way up we passed Two Bear camp. This camp is a great place for a break and it looked like it had a decent amount of spots with great access to water. Home Sweet Home was gorgeous Located in an expansive valley nestled between mountain peaks. Some snow obstructs the trail, but is easily walked around. There is a toilet and a bear wire. We found one of the bear wires to be tangled in itself and useless. The ranger was notified before we left. Hopefully it is fixed soon. A trail leads down to a creak where there is water access withing a couple hundred paces from camp. The valley this camp is in is very marshy which means mosquito chased us into our tents early. The trek back was similar to the hike up. We stayed at Big Log Camp on night 2. The trail down to the camp is steep. Keep in mind what you climb down you have to climb up! The camp was well maintained. We ran into a couple rangers here providing some of that maintenance. Privy was in good order. Multiple tent camp sites and fire rings. Bear wires were in good repair with a nice log below to stuff a bear canister. Easy water access.

trail washout, adds about 1.5 mile detor

6 months ago

Decent! Trail goes from wide and maintained to pretty thick and stuffy as you get closer to the lakes. Depending on when you go it might be a little busy.

We walked about 5 miles to Isput Campground and had lunch. (A lot of camp sites with picnic tables and clean restroom) We set out from Isput hoping to see the suspension bridge (map says about 1.7 miles), but after a few miles found there was a detour, due to the trail being washed out. We hadn't planned for detour (passerby estimated probably an additional hour to bridge from where we were), so we decided to head back to ensure a daylight return. Still a very pretty hike and beautiful scenery.

Got there at 8am this morning and had the whole trail and lake to myself. Did see a couple people on the way down, but not many. Trail starts out a little steep, but it mellows out. A few creek crossings with the last two being more difficult to cross. Almost turned around at the last one, but could tell the lake was just on the other side. Was able to make it across without getting wet and boy was it worth it. Gorgeous lake view and my pup loved cooling off in the water. Would definitely do this hike again.


6 months ago

This is a beautiful hike through a mature forest with plenty of water along the way. The crowds were light but the trek uphill isn’t the easiest. Once you get to the top it’s pretty challenging to find your way to the lake - easy to see, harder to find. Be prepared for mosquitos galore as well. Overall, plenty of natural beauty and a classic PACNW hike.

6 months ago

It was a fantastic hike. The uphill trek can be a grind. But the view at the lake is well worth it. It is a bit overgrown towards the entrance of the lake. The many small creeks you pass/step over definitely breaks up the hike as well.

7 months ago

A good hike. Pretty busy on the trail. The bridge is in, so the trail is open the whole way.

Parked and walked to the Islup campground. The signs say 4 miles but more like 5 miles. Very flat and easy. once past the campground, the trail was great and nice views. About 2.5 miles in, the trail was washed out. we did quite a bit of scrambling but after a quarter of a mile, decided it wasn't getting any better. It appears that the trail was completely destroyed by a lot of different slides. I was bummed. I had done this hike 25 years ago and I remember it being fantastic. Hope that the trail can be repaired some day.

11 months ago

We didn't start where this trail map says to. Instead we started at one a bit further down the road that makes for a shorter hike.

A very pretty and very wet trail. The trailhead had almost the nicest parking lot for a trailhead I had ever seen. Very nicely paved and clean. We were the only ones there when we first arrived at 8:30 am. We got on the trail at 8:50 and started our way up. The first mile or so is the steepest part and winds through mossy forest. Very picturesque. The trail is extremely well groomed in this portion. We got to the junction for the granite creek trail and turned left. After a few hundred feet the creek (granite creek) is visible directly to your left and you will walk along it and a relatively flat but slightly inclined trail for just under a mile. No snow before this part. After crossing the bridge to the other side of the creek, it was different terrain. Snow started accumulating as we inched our way up in elevation. Less mossy trees and more bare ones. Snow was on/off at first. Saw a nice little waterfall at one of the stream crossings (which there were a lot of). At a certain point the trail was all snow covered so we put on our micro spikes. It was a bit slippery and we just continued trudging up the one way trail looking for the split off of granite and Thompson lakes. At 3070 feet, we found the junction (WTA very accurate), and veered right looking for granite lakes. This is where the very deep snow started. We were the first ones on the trail for the day so we took turns leading the way through the thick snow. I am 6'2" and it was up to my knees. That being said, it was a lot of fun and a good workout. Oh, by the way, there are very nice views of Mailbox peak, or whatever mountain it is, to your right as you walk through the snow. We kept trudging along but at this point our feet and ankles were pretty soaked for all the snow and stream crossings. There was a fairly wide and strong one we had to cross but definitely doable. Looking at my GPS, I could see we were between the two lakes but could not see them. We were getting kind of impatient and didn't realize that the end of the trail was just past the second lake. So, we just turned around and went back down. My boots and socks were pretty soaked at this point so I didn't mind too much. We saw four parties on the way back down but nobody on the way up.
In summary, very pretty and wet forest hike in the beginning. Classic WA forest with a creek scenery. After bridge crossing, snow starts to slowly build up. Fun waterfall and lots of stream crossings. Lots of snow after turn off for the lakes. Unfortunately didn't get to see the lakes but still had a blast!
Fun fact: a tree fell down (apparently by itself) after our hike about 30 feet into the woods away from the parking lot. Very loud and I think my first time seeing one fall naturally.

Definitely recommended if you want an overnight trip. Go in the late summer when most of the wildflowers are still in bloom & the huckleberries are terrific to eat. Huge bonus! The natural beauty in the Spray Park area is absolutely gorgeous.

Monday, January 15, 2018

I have hiked this trail starting at the Duckabush trail head and linking to this trail then out. Also I have solo hiked this trail and linked to Duckabush and in to Marmot lake, then out on the Dosewallup trail and out.
This is a well maintained trail that starts along side the Skokomish River and meanders past a number of good camps. Camp Pleasent is well named and is large with ez access to water and only 7 miles in. Nine stream camp is 10 miles in and very good as well. At that point the trail climbs steadily. At 11.5 there is a good lunch camp called two Bears and has a small stream flowing directly thru the camp. The trail at 13 miles tops a ridge and you look down into a sub alpine meadow that forms a bowl and is home to a beauty of a place called Home Sweet Home. Here I have seen a Black Bear in the early morning as well as a herd of elk 70 to 80 strong! There is a small copse of trees in the camp that I have pitched my tent in and after a furociuos storm awoke in the morning to a dry tent.Continuing on the trail drops you down to the intersection of the Duckabush trail where you can continue out to the Duck trail head or travel further into the Olympics. For traveling further into the Olympics I recomend the Skokomish trail above the Duck as it has much more to offer.

Monday, October 23, 2017

This hike only has three stars and is a perfect rainy day hike. This is also a good hike for a family or a novice hiker. The trail is pretty great but you can tell most is an old logging road that hasnt completely filled in. The hike has steady grade and there is a brand new trail head. Not sure why they spend so much money on the trailhead for a so so hike that was already there. There was one tough water crossing just after the split to Thompson Lake but I think it was due to the rain. We added more rocks and was able to cross. The lake was quite nice this time of the year with the fall colors as the low cloud ceiling. Since there are so many other worthy hikes I probably wouldnt do this one again but its a great hike for a rainy day, family or a novice as I mentioned earlier. My Alltrails registered about eight miles RT.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10/9/2017 (Monday) - This trail has obviously been renamed "Granite Creek Trail", and the lower part of the "Granite Lake Trail" is renamed "Granite Creek Connector Trail". A brand-new LARGE parking lot is completed and open to the public at the new trailhead. In the upper part, after crossing the bridge, the trail gets narrower because of the overgrown bushes, and gets unclear on the lake side. We took the left fork near the lakeside and cross the outlet of the lake to sit on some big rocks for lunch.

Beautiful. Worth the extra miles from flapjack.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Great trail with beautiful views of mountains, waterfalls and wildlife. Be aware that there are rolling hills for about 8 miles, and then you climb a fairly easy ascent with switchbacks. Worth the trip, but nothing too difficult.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I've done this trail a couple of times and totally love it. Nice and cool in the summer with constant access to the river. Pretty flat up until Nine Stream, but there's snow past there up until July.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Stayed up here because Flapjack was full. Definitely worth the trek up..incredible views and very peaceful camping. We heard a mama bear had been wandering around the far side of the lake...but we never saw her. Try later in the season once the blueberries are ripe.
One note however, definitely not a single fish in this lake. We saw risers coming up as we approached, but it turned out to be what must have been hundreds of salamanders...bright red and yellow salamanders coming up for air.

Monday, July 03, 2017

My wife and I hiked with our friends to Granite Lake. The weather was cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. We started from Granite Creek Connector Trail, which saves 2 miles from the hike. The parking lot was not complete and the gate was closed. We parked on the road side. The trail has areas of overgrown vegetation. We clipped a lot of brushes.

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