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Great experience! Started at the Adk Loj main parking area.The Marcy trail is beautifully maintained. Thanks to those who give so much to make it that way! We actually jogged with full survival packs! We went to Tabletop first. Great views of Marcy and some others. Trail has a lot of roots and wash ditches so slow cautious push worked best for us.On the way back hit Phelps trail.Loved it! Challenging and lots of bare rock to walk. Views are outstanding! We were impressed! We especially like the stream along the Marcy trail and the old Marcy dam area. We jogged back on the “Marcy Interstate “ as we call it now. I calculated the trip at 11.2 miles.A totally doable duo bundle for those in good physical shape. Start early to have plenty of daylight.Enjoy!

A group of 6 of us really enjoyed this trail yesterday morning. Nice and flat for awhile then a steep incline, but the view is worth it. A bit difficult getting down, but not too bad. Plenty of water in streams available for dogs.

on Slide Mountain Trail

9 days ago

Great mountain, but it was not easy to get great views. We did an up and back during the winter months. Check out my full write up which has pictures and some things to look out for.

Another great adk high peaks hike. Started at the loj and hiked to the damn then up to Tabletop first and Phelps on the way back down. Tabletop is unmarked and muddy like most of the unmaintained trails. Trail is narrow but it’s pretty apparent to follow and there is a summit sign on top. Cloudy the day I went up but it has some views. Going up Phelps was a climb for sure. A lot of scrambling and steeper sections which was tiring but not that bad. A great summit to kick the boots off and have a snack on. Not that busy as most of the hikers you’ll pass will probably be going up Marcy wearing tennis shoes and holding a Poland spring water ball completely unprepared for what’s to come. Be prepared

on Phelps Mountain Trail

12 days ago

Added at the end of a Marcy/Table Top day hike and worth it. Mix of moderate stony path like the main trail and tree roots like Table Top made it challenging after climbing 2 other peaks already.

12 days ago

After Marcy, the view was somewhat underwhelming. But it was still a view! Trail was muddy and root-heavy unlike sections of the main trail and added a challenging elevation gain.

Great day on the trail. Mostly shaded and lots of water sources for cooling off and refilling drinking water (filtered of course). Views not the best, but still worth the climb.
Muddy, but only ankle deep.

This is my third time doing this trail...The sign moved, so I walked two hours in the wrong direction past the trail, haha. I included a photo of the sign to show you where it is so you don’t miss it. I absolutely love this hike! The trail is easy to follow (if you keep your eyes open) and not too difficult, so I’m not sure why it’s rated as “hard”. It is very muddy after the rain we’ve had, but boards are randomly placed to help maneuver through in most spots. The view is decent at the top but has grown in a lot since the last time I was there; Beautiful nonetheless. Good Luck Cliffs is a great taste of the Adirondacks and super dog friendly ♥️

There are 2 entrances, one for the lake and one for the cliffs. We made the mistake of initially heading into the lake entrance not even looking at the sign. Got off the trail and had to find our way back to the road to get to the correct entrance to the cliffs. Once on the correct trail, it was beautiful. A little muddy in spots but not bad at all. Trail markers are limited so you definitely have to pay attention but overall a fantastic hike! Definitely gets your blood pumping!

21 days ago

For the most part this trail is a pretty simple trail, after you get over all the rocks ( a lot more than expected). Then after you hit top elevation (4190) and continue down the mountain your skills really get tested. Overall this mountain is truly amazing and all the work to get to the top really pays off with the view. I would definitely recommend this trail to everyone!

I must have screwed up somewhere because we never found a peak at all, and ended up on the snow mobile trail the entire time. Good workout, but I wanted to get to the top... all flat, no steep inclines like I was looking for. What did I miss?

The hike in to the cliff trail turn off was super easy... the cliff trail was challenging for this novice hiker. It was difficult to see the markers. Once we made it to the top the view was great. Total hiking time was 90 minutes in and out.

26 days ago

Great hike with my 7 year old daughter. We started at South Meadow. Walked to Marcy Dam & then up Phelps. Wonderful weather and a very nice view. The trail isn't very demanding but it's pretty beat.

A really nice hike reviewed by a couple novice hikers :) We hiked on 6/16/18 and really enjoyed the nice easy climb from the Loj for the first 3 miles but the last mile was certainly steep with some bigger rocks toward the summit. The views were rewarding and the false summits on the way up even offered lovely views - I think you can definitely see Marcy, Colden & Algonquin. About a 9 mile round trip, it took us about 6 hours with a long rest at the summit.

Great hike, great views at the top!!! First 2 miles were easy, 3rd mile started to feel the incline. The last mile up was strenuous, but we took it slow and kept going. We were super cautious on a couple climbs up rock, but there were spaces to step into the rock or roots/branches to grab. We were glad we had hiking poles, but also used our hands at a couple bigger rocks. We were able to do this with our two kids, ages 12 and 14. The 12 year old is fit, but gets a bit tired when it’s steep, and the view was rewarding to her. Our 14 year old loved it and even did tabletop afterwards while I hung out at Indian falls. Indian falls was wonderful!!! Everyone loved their accomplishments!!! Bring more water than you think you’ll need, or a filter, especially when it’s a warm day!!!

This trail was a bit challenging after doing another short hike earlier in the day. I’d recommend wearing boots. We found the cliffs/view, but was uncertain at first due to the lack of trail markers. When you reach the top, the cliffs are straight through the not as heavily forested area. The view was extremely beautiful however.

The sign for the turnoff was missing. First hike of the season and so a little struggle for me--very beautiful at the top. I'd thought of doing this on the same day I did Marcy but I'm probably glad I didn't. It's definitely more than just a quick side trip--well worth it on its own.

Close to Pillsbury and was a perfect backup when Pillsbury Mtn was closed. Nice hike and view. would do it again.

1 month ago

The road in is rough. We gingerly did it in a Honda Odyssey until there was a gate we could not pass. We hiked in on the road. Expect to walk on a primitive road for most of the hike. The view over the dam is great (albeit with lots of mosquitoes). We only went 15 minutes past there because of the baby on our backs. Evidence of moose. Stories about a charging turkey.

I'm not sure where to start, but a very poor hike. After 2 wonderful hikes in the Catskills (Devils Path, Hunter Mountain), we came upon this. I can't think of one good thing to say about this trail, other than the fact people hike it just to say they've reached the highest peak in the Catskills. After hiking up a rock bed with a creek flowing through it, we reached the summit. There were zero good viewpoints on the way up. When we finally made the top it was overgrown and we could barely see anything. The bedrock trail was also poorly marked and very confusing. There are a dozen or more better hikes in the Catskills! Don't waste your time.

There are such better hikes in the Catskills. It’s long, crowded and the view as nothing special. How it is so popular is beyond be.

Fun short hike... gets more challenging once you turn off towards the cliffs but nothing too hard. Nice view from the top but not spectacular.

Loved this hike!!! Did it with my 4 children ages 5,7,12 and 15. Alot of traffic of other hikers but the end is soo worth it!

1 month ago

Went on a late spring day. Nats were crazy. Definitely recommend a bug net or waiting till mid summer before hiking if you dont like bugs in your face. Other than that, it was a very easy hike straight up. Gradual climb the whole way. A handful of views from the top. Took the blue loop on the way down. Nice walk through varying types of forest that change like night and day. Lots of birding you can do as well. Crosses several little creeks on the way down. Very nice hike for any beginner and leisurely walk. Distance isnt hard at all. Took maybe 3.5 - 4 hours total.

1 month ago

Overall, this was a great moderate hike! We only traveled to the first peak because the full loop was longer than we expected (approx. 12 miles). There were a few trees that obstructed the view from the top, but close to the peak there were two amazing overlooks. If you decide to do this hike in the spring/summer - remember to bring plenty of bug spray!!

1 month ago

This is a very challenging and long hike and very worth it!

1 month ago

Camped here for 3 days and the weather can be very unpredictable. Awesome hike and it’s about 3.1 miles from the parking lot to the main pond with views.

To get to the trail you have to cross a stream and idk if it varies on days of water height I would assume it does but just be prepared to get your feet wet. After that it's a rocky trail up. Trekking poles or sticks would be nice with this trail. There is no summit. There are a few look out points. Overall it was a nice hike.

Great climb, although no view on a cloudy day.

1 month ago

Steep hike can be challenging at points. Definitely a staple hike in the Catskills, great views toward and on the summit. Go when it's been dry for a couple days.

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