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I started at Elephant hill and stayed overnight at Devils Pocket. This was my favorite campsite ever. So secluded and peaceful. If you’re looking to feel remote and alone, this is the spot. You have a beautiful scene all to yourself. I sat on a rock right in front of camp and watched the sunset. This was the quietest and most peaceful place. I highly recommend staying here and if you can, leave and head towards Chester park and the joint trail. I stayed at CP4 the next night and it was also amazing.

Although on here it says that it is a camping spot, there are clearly marked signs that say it is a private property and that there is no overnight parking or camping. The beginning of the trail you walk past 4-5 signs that say no trespassing and you are walking down basically some ones driveway. Extremely Misleading information which can lead to a 5,000-10,000$ fine for trespassing and camping in non designated areas.

We hiked the entire entire trail to all three bridges. We were the only two hikers out there the entire day. It was an amazing experience for us. Challenging trail, lots of ups and downs, quite a bit of elevation change and you will need to do this hike on a cool day and bring lots of water and snacks, a good sandwich. Be prepared for it to take longer than you expect. Great views the entire time, especially when you go up on the canyon. We had a little bit of trouble seeing/finding the cairns on the trail and therefore, we got lost towards the end of the hike and that extended our hike to a total of 11 miles. We passed by a beautiful native american ruin down in the canyon.

This was the Sipapu to Kachina trail. A lot of reviews here seem to include the extended trail to the third bridge.

Did this Memorial Day weekend 2017 and had a good time. We parked at the Kachina bridge, hiked the top to the Kachina Bridge and worked our way down, and through the canyon. We made the mistake of not hitting the trail until about 11:00 am. It was already getting very hot in May in the canyon bottom. There was no water when we hiked, so plan on bringing a lot of water (3-4 liters). The trail in the canyon is essentially the wash, and the sand really zaps energy from your stride. It's a beautiful hike though, and if you're prepared, you should have a good time!

We did the entire loop under all three bridges. Great bridges - definitely recommend it but we don’t need to do it again. Took us 10.5 mi in under 5 hrs. Maybe about a mile of that was doubling back, trying to find the trail between Owachomo and Kachina bridges. Frustrating.

We parked at Sipapu and headed clockwise on the trail beginning with the Mesa - in case the winds picked up in the afternoon (they didn’t) - and so we wouldn’t have a 2.5 mile slog back to the car after climbing out of the canyon - and because we wanted to climb out of the canyon at Sipapu and descend into the canyon at Owachomo. There’s much more elevation difference at Sipapu than Owachomo and we’d prefer to climb than pound our quads on a long descent.

We lost our way a number of times between Owachomo and Kachina bridges. As others have noted, the trail is poorly marked - but we knew going in that the trail was unmaintained. Perhaps the trail is easier to read counterclockwise.

At one point around 3+ miles, we followed footprints and stayed too high on the east (right) side of the canyon. After a couple tenths of a mile, the “trail” would have required a little too much downhill scrambling for us to believe it really was the trail. And we hadn’t seen a cairn in awhile so we retraced our steps to find one, and figured that the trail had headed down to the streambed at that point. We were glad we backtracked to find the cairn.

Also, someone had stacked two beautiful cairns in the middle of the streambed at some point in there, leading us to believe the trail went there! Turns out the trail was elsewhere but since we weren’t confident about it, we left the cairns as we found them.

Part of our trouble may also be that a ranger warned us not to miss a left turn at the Knick-point pour-off (but she didn’t know what the pouroff was - FYI, it’s.a waterfall (when water is present) and is obvious when we passed it and looked back at it from the north side.). So we spent a lot of time not wanting to miss the turn, but when you’re going counterclockwise, that part of the trail turns out to be easy to find. Stay on the east side of the canyon and you’ll see the parking lot overlook rail high above you to the right. Way beneath the rail is a sign where the Kachina trail from the parking lot meets the loop trail in the canyon. Follow the sign

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1 month ago

Easy trail. Lots of beautiful views.

Easy and instructional trail. Highly recommend the stop.

Nice trail with some very good views of the National Monument.

This place is wonderful because of its beauty for sure, but the history of it makes it even better. At the top of the bluff, there are ruins dating back to 1200CE. Below, there is a small lake that later provided water for travelling Spaniards and pioneers settling the West. There are ancient petroglyphs and beautiful inscriptions carved in Spanish and English. Its a very cool place.

excellent interesting trail with a rewarding overlook

I did South Truchas in a day and had to go off trail at the end of skyline, but all above the treeline and clearly visible. skyline is one of the most beautiful trails I've ever been on!

Petroglyphs are visible and they give you a booklet to go along with it. Very interesting! You can also hike to the top to see the ruins. If you're camping, they have a free campsite across the street with water and restrooms.

7 months ago

One of the few trails that open early in the Pecos Wilderness due to the southern exposure on Winsor Ridge. Beautiful aspen stands and some Gambel's oak for fall colors, and I've seen coyotes, deer, elk, and grouse, so it's a great trail for wildlife viewing. I've also heard turkey's in the trees. Stewart lake is beautiful, but not many places to camp because of the F.S. regulation of not being able to camp in the lake basin.

Gorgeous views but long hike. Not clearly marked above Pecos Baldy lake.

8 months ago

Yooooooo why did none of you reviewers warn me about how there's not actual signage for Stewart's? You have to follow the sign for Johnson, apparently. I'm not sure, because we never made it to Stewart's. Us passing the sign and heading several miles in the wrong direction turned this into more of a failed suicide attempt than a one-nighter, and since Stewart's is apparantley a bit beyond Johnson we just collapsed at the first lake we got to.

That being said, my review should reflect the actual trail. Which is lovely. Very gradual incline the entire way, several beautiful aspen stands, and multiple water sources along the way. The information calls this "heavily trafficked," and I would agree if you're going on a weekend. We hiked in on a Sunday and passed many groups on their way , but had the whole lake to ourselves that night. Don't trust the distance estimates of people hiking out - they've been hiking downhill the whole time!!

9 months ago

Anyone know if the trail is passable at the moment. Snow and trees down?

9 months ago

This was my first ever back packing trip, and this was an excellent trail for it. The signs aren't marked along the trail for Stewart, but the map at the trail head tells you which trail to take. The trail is very well maintained at least, and when I got to Stewart Lake itself, I basically had the whole thing all to myself. It was a gorgeous hike, and I appreciated the return trip being almost entirely downhill. That 2000 foot elevation climb is pretty rough.

9 months ago

Gorgeous hike and very gradual incline the entire route; however, the route is more like 7.4 miles from the marked trailhead to Stewart Lake for a total of about 15 miles round trip, for your planning purposes.

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9 months ago

Easy out and back on well maintained dirt roads. Beautiful views.

I did the 8.6 mile full loop trail of all 3 bridges. My GPS confirmed 8.6 miles but Park ranger told me it was 10.6 miles- perhaps to scare me. Gorgeous hike through the canyon. I wore shorts but got scratched up a bit - long pants for me next time. Trail was a bit spotty in the canyon so pAy attention to cairns.

Great little camping spot. It has roughly 7-8 shaded pads. There is enough room to park a car or small trailer at each site. We have camped here twice and both times it was quiet. Great view of El Morro rock. There is a paved path to see the historical inscriptions in the rock. There is also an unpaved trail now open to take to the top to see ruins of a small village. Great views all the way up. It is short and doable for my 5 year old. The sites have fire pits and grill tops. Bring your own wood, charcoal, and water. Restrooms are on site.

Great hike. We took out 3 girls here last summer and it was awesome. We actually hiked all the way to Owachoa Bridge which was a few miles longer. Only complaint was it is not tagged at all. Very hard to navigate. The trail crisis-crosses across the stream. If I was not an avid hiker I could see how someone may be upset with the lack of directional help. Views are beautiful.

Great drive, leads to several hikes.

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11 months ago

Very beautiful drive. Easy on my Xterra. The only problem I had was the cow patties everywhere and the low-life drunks who break their beer bottles all over the place and leave the boxes in the watering hole. Made me upset. Other than that, the drive was lovely.

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11 months ago

A great warm up trail for EJS. A 4 on the Moab scale. Stock JKs can make it fine. Only once did I use a locker and that was just to get over a waterfall. Enjoy!!!

off road driving
11 months ago

this place is amazing ! Were first time jeepers looking for new adventures to conquer and this is a good one! I really suggest to bring a map or look at it on ur phone because there's so many roads that lead who knows where. luckily never got stuck but still got lost even with a map , lots of rocky climbing and hills and dirt roads!

Very easy trail for beginners to learn the ropes of backpacking! Also very gorgeous and perfect weather. I recommend late spring-summer-early fall.

Is anything camping ??

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Awesome-views both on top and below!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We backpacked in and reserved the "Devil's Pocket" campground in "Devil's Kitchen". I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite backpacking trips I have ever made. The trail is listed as "Moderate", but if you're backpacking it can be kinda strenuous. If we didn't have backpacks I'm sure it would have been a lot more chill.

There is so much variety on this loop, it never gets boring. Every variety that Canyonlands has available comes through in the Devil's Pocket Loop.

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