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good family paths cool on a hot day

First, there's no parking/usage fees but there is limited parking near the gate (right after a large brown/green house on the left and a scenic byway sign on the right), otherwise you'll have to park off the highway. Id say near the gate it'll probably fit 6-7 cars.
Second, this is great for dogs but probably not smaller or older dogs as there are some downed logs and large rocks you have to get over.
Third, there's some streams but easily maneuvered around. I imagine in spring they are not passable without walking through them.
Fourth, there are quite a few spots with growth hanging over the path, no biggie for most, but some may want to wear long sleeves/pants. Some growth is salmon(?)berry bushes with small thorns.
All in all, the hike was awesome! Some spots where you need to hoof it but the end is worth it. The falls near the House Rock are beautiful. Got there at 8 and saw no one else until we were almost back at the beginning.

Initially did this hike as a snowshoe trip on New Years Day. Pulled into trailhead with trace amounts of snow on ground so we left snowshoes in car & started the hike up. Trail is well defined & not too strenuous. About 3/4th of the way up, we ran into heavy deep snow but snow plowed our way to the top. Views of Detroit lake, Mt. Jefferson & the canyon below were amazing. Fantastic hike. Descent wasn’t a problem. Great January hike.

It is a very short walk to the waterfall. Highly recommend, as the waterfall is amazing!!!

Love that you can see Mt. Jefferson and Detroit Lake at the top. It was a trek uphill but very do-able.

5 days ago

Did this hike a few weeks ago with a group. It’s quite the climb by beautiful wildflowers. Really must do iron mountain - the views! Our group did yoga at the top in a beautiful Saturday and not one person came up during the hour we were there.

For middle aged knees it’s a little hard on the way down - but worth it!

So, did the loop with my friend. Super super pretty, you wont regret it, the views and colors are fantastic. I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd take them. I have a lifeproof case so I got some cool shots underwater and of some fish. I work in the mountains for a living and it was hardly a problem to hike it. My friend who doesn't get out as much didn't have much problem either. I'd recommend, but if you're going in the summer make sure to take lots of water and snacks and take your time!

The kids completely fell in love with this one, their faces on getting to stand under the fall was an amazing memory! add that to the short distance and a nice dip in the river when finished it's completely worth it and so nice. we have done it a few times and each time it's been a little busier than the last. it can be muddy in the spring but a great little hike close to home. If you adventure around the river, you can spot a few more tiny falls.

9 days ago

Steady incline, but good trail. After the first 100-200 yards where it’s an old bulldozer Trail, you come to gravel/rocky spot and it looks like you continue straight. The trail actually continues up to the left as a hiking trail. The old bulldozer road continues straight and dies off. Wildflowers are in bloom! Only saw one other hiker on his way out (on a Tuesday). Beautiful views, not a lot of shade so bring hats for you and kids or baby. No steep drop offs until he top so would be ok with kids. Lots of room at the top.
Directions that worked for me: Turn right onto Straight Creek Road, follow for about 4 miles to a fork in the road, keep right onto FS 1168. After another approx 4 miles, there is a large fork in the road with two posts on each side of the road if you continue straight (continue straight for bachelor mountain TH), keep left here and trailhead is in view on the right.

Good climb. Clocked 2100 ft. Trail is clear but a little overgrown in parts. Every shade of green, light on wildflowers but you will see some. View at the top is pretty. There are more impressive views in the West Cascades, but having seen many, this was a great trail to explore.

Amazing view! It is all uphill but the view the entire time, especially at the end is wonderful.

Very clean trails, good outing for the kids, easy hike with benches to rest for those tired little legs and to eat a quick bite. Beautiful waterfalls.

12 days ago

My wife and I hiked this trail today. I gave it a 5 star rating because of the views from the top. I would say this hike is on the tougher end of a moderate hike. Most of the way to the peak is uphill. We thought the first half mile of the hike was the toughest. Most of the hike, except for about the last 1/8th of a mile is through the forest and you are shaded most of the way. At the top, there was a nice breeze blowing, so even though it was sunny, it wasn't too hot. We didn't have our kids with us but we did see other young children, the youngest being 3-4 years old. I think kids would do fine if you took frequent stops. It took us 1.5 hours to get to the top and 1 hour back down. There are not a lot of parking spaces available(maybe 8-10 cars can fit here). We cooled off in the lake after the hike.

Really nice hike—recommend starting on the downhill section and coming back along the McKenzie trail.

Gorgeous hike around an amazing "clear" lake! We clocked it at 7.2 (easy) miles, not 5. We had 5 kids with us, ages 3 1/2, to 10 years old and they all did great.

scenic driving
17 days ago

Great for kids and amazing scenery.

Took my 12 year old son on an early morning hike, and we both absolutely loved it. Going back in a couple days with the addition of my teenage daughter.

Awesome view within an hour and 15 of Salem! When my dog and I did this, it was pretty hot out (mid-upper eighties) and hiking even in the understory felt stifling since there wasn’t much breeze until the top. On a sunny day, the resting place at the top can be pretty intense, so if you plan to enjoy lunch there definitely bring sunscreen! That being said, this is my favorite hike close to Salem!

17 days ago

Nice trail. Narrow and steep in parts. 1300 foot elevation gain. View at top spectacular and worth it. Few trees on trail removed on 7/2/18. Enjoy it!!

Great Hike! The Full loop is closer to 4 miles, the other side of the river is a little tougher than an easy walk but nothing crazy, will definitely go back!

20 days ago

Very nice hike. Beautiful view of the lake and Mt. Jefferson.

Beautiful little woodland trail , easy lots of ferns, moss and old grown. Falls are minimal size.

My favorite hike in the PNW!

It was a great hike for us and our 2 dogs. We didn't make the full loop. just walked up to the bridge above Sahalie falls and back to Koosah.

There are amazing views of the waterfalls

Not too steep. There’s enough straight ground in between the steep parts to recover :-).
My 7 year old struggled just a little bit, but did great with a couple breaks. I held her hand on a couple stretches of trail where she was slipping (loose, gravely dirt/dust) Took us like 4 hours.
Beautiful, view at top was sooo worth it. Be advised, there are a few fallen trees that everyone in your party will have to be in well enough shape to straddle and climb over or small enough (child) to fit under. Also to reach the summit, you’ll need to be able to find your fitting and climb up some steep, crumbling rock, then back down-there’s drop offs all around.
I’d say experienced hikers would do better on this one. Leave littles at home for the next hike.

Here are clear directions from Highway 22… A couple miles east of Marion Forks, turn south on Straight Creek Road, go 3.9 miles, turn right on forest service road 1168. Go 3.7 miles, the trail head is about 100 yards off the road on a spur to your left. It is a marked trailhead. It’s about 1-1/2 miles up to the lookout tower, fairly steep elevation gain, and then right back down. The wildflowers were amazing! I love the bear grass! Stunning views at the top.

Shower easy hike, the trail is basically paved out for you. The falls are absolutely beautiful!


Hiked this on June 22. Great hike.

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