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too many people.

it's a nice long trek. it isn't really that hard just long.

Always a fun family hike and enjoy the beautiful views!

Best hike in the Bay Area. Good mix of ecosystems and wildlife, while providing a good workout through length and climb.

Amazing view along the way

fun, finally gets steep towards the top.

This was a fun short little day hike. A cool cave to walk through, a pretty body of water and awesome outlooks along the way back!

The Mulholland side of this hike is my favourite! I love being able to see the ocean from the top :)

Very steep, and slippery when muddy! But very pretty trail, and saw several deer.

Always a fun hike to do! Scenic and a fun discovery each time. Go down the coastal trail and end up at China Beach! A must!

What a great day hike! Very easy and only took an hour to complete the entire 2 mile loop. The caves were tons of fun and different from any other hikes we have ever done. Very little climbing or elevation gain but immediate payoffs on views, caves, reservoir, and watching rock climbers. Lots of fun!

Very pretty views. It has a lot of steps. But these are worth it. And the stairs are do able.

I love this hike!

12 days ago

Very beautiful sites and paved trail on the easy route. Very steep entrance into the trails.

13 days ago

Today I made the loop. Falls were beautiful due to recent rains. Few(3) fallen trees blocked the trail but feasible to sneak into it. I made clockwise loop like many which was strenuous.

Chill well populated hike. Mostly flat. Take detour to beach

Views of Pacific and GGB, mostly within forest

Great views and a nice incline. Extremely crowded.

Went through the caves twice because there were too many loud visitors the first time. Going through the second time when the caves were empty was a really serene experience. Waterproof boots recommended in the case of recent rains.

Did this trail after the rain and had some pretty stunning misty views. Went counter clockwise and really enjoyed, I found it to be a nice ascent with a gentle decline after finishing the steep and narrow segment. Saw three condors in flight at he highest points (prior to the picnic trail fork) which was spectacular. Made frequent stops and still finished in 4 hours. Probably one of my favorite hikes.

ocean, trees, & fresh air, does it get better?

Arrived later in the day (around 2pm) as the early birds were starting to leave so I scored a parking spot at Bear Gulch. The ranger at headquarters recommended doing this loop clockwise since that makes most of the steep & narrow parts be ascents (nicer on the knees) -- I listened to her and it was a pretty easy hike! Took me 2h15 to complete -- I only stopped a couple of times for water & picture taking. Lovely rainbow views on the high peaks trail thanks to light rain. Considering it was a holiday Saturday, not many others on the trail until I got to the condor overlook.

20 days ago

Neat family friendly path with a connection to the nostalgic Batman show; https://youtu.be/xIxRC8AQeEU

Trail is heavily utilized and well-maintained. Park Rangers were actually on the trail in a truck during the venture.
The overwhelming odor of horse droppings all along the trail make this trail a "2!"
The iconic sign is worthy of some pics, but since it's a 6 mile journey out and back, best to prepare for the odor.
Wouldn't traverse again.

Great hike. Spectacular views. Take this loop counter clockwise and add Bear Gulch caves/reservoir to get the full Pinnacles experience. Don't forget to look up often for condors. This should be "moderate" instead of "hard" as far as Alltrails ratings go. Expect 4-6hrs total time.

Don't come here if you want a mtb ride they aren't permitted here but nice for views

Love this hike. Great views.

Great hike with wonderful views of DTLA.
Hollywood sign right there to take it all in.
First couple of miles will have you huffing and puffing as it’s a pretty steep incline.
After that you’ll be treated to the views on your way to the sign.

Don’t miss the magnificent views here! And don’t be scared by the 252 feet—the elevation gain is less than that.

Nice scenery, easy stroll up and down the hills. Husband and I had a good conversation about the history of Lover's Lane Trail. The trail has paved walkways, mostly, if I recalled correctly.

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