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4 days ago

Easy hike as long as you take the stairs down (as we did) and complete the loop from there, clockwise. Very cool to see the old ruins!

I was worried this was just another paved fire road with a view but when you go thru the fence and down the cement stairs you’re into another world. Great glute workout on the way back up too. Make sure you take a left thru the opening in the fence!

12 days ago

on Partington Cove Trail

14 days ago

Great short trail with the chance of seeing whales, otters, dolphins.

Pretty steep but it is very peaceful at the end.

Probably one of the most phenomenal views in the entire US.

Went again on dec 16, 2018. It’s amazing! This time I didn’t miss the “entrance” of the loop (the break of the fence) and when you goes down the steps, it feels like you are diving into the embrace of the mountains and green trees. Gorgeous view for mountain lovers! But be mindful since the steps are narrow and small, and full of shades. If you came late without flashlight it might be too dark to see anything and unsafe.

I didn’t finish the steps because it was dawn time and I walked back in darkness. A group of guys was going down the steps, and from far they thought I was a bear climbing up the stairs to attack them and freaked out.

20 days ago

Nice hike/walk to do for beginners and those looking for a bit of creepy history.

As others have posted, it is best to walk clockwise in the loop, starting by going down the stairs to the left. The stairs are long and a bit short and narrow - so watch your step! At the bottom of the stairs continue left to walk around the compound. It is super interesting to see 1930's structures here knowing it was an old ant-semitic / Nazi activity campground. That said - it's not at all sad that it's since been burned down and many buildings have been demolished because eff the Nazi's.

The walk itself offers quite a bit of shade and is mostly paved (~75%) as you are walking essentially a driveway around the compound. I wouldn't recommend this hike for someone who is looking for more nature or for something strenuous. There is a LOT of litter here including a lot of beer bottles, spray paint cans and cigarettes which can detract from the experience for some. I more am interested in that whoever wanted to go smoke weed and paint graffiti here made such an effort to walk all the way there. So more props to them I guess?

Very nice hike. The trail is in great condition and the incline isn’t too strenuous.

Does anyone know when this trail will be open again?

Beautiful redwood grove at the end of a semi steep fire road. You’ll see fern and clover grotto, a stream, and end at ocean views and some tide pools left on the dock at low tide. Easy hike.

1 month ago

I love this hike, however, today there was a man on a mountain bike with a machete clearing a hiking trail so they can start mountain biking on this single track. Then on another part - where the backbone meets the Murphy Ranch trails there were 5 mountain bikers speeding down the trail and it is clearly marked NO BIKES. Hoping that Park Rangers can get out there and clearly mark that this area is no bikes. Bikes are permitted on the road all the way out to Camp Josepho.

Definitely Recommended !!!

trail head visibly marked ,sad to say valley air terrible due to wildfires. Family and I came up from nearby Hanford to take day hike, enjoyed it very much, trail easy to hike maintained as a trail could be as always trip hazards one in particular was a steel post for embankment reinforcements was protruding up out of ground at a trail corner cutback. EOL the falls well worth hike falls were running well had lunch took a little nap headed back, traffic light on trail encountered 1 family on trail and at falls another couple showed up. anyway a great way to enjoy nature

1 month ago

trail head was visibly marked sad to say valley air was terrible due to wildfires. Trail itself was easy to hike temps were excellent, 70ish traffic real light 1 other fasmily on trail end result were the falls they were running well had lunch and a little nap headed back nice day hike.

Depends on the time we here you though it can be very nice or very buggy!

2 months ago

Not a bad trail. Was too easy and left us wanting more. The sad thing was there was no other trails on this side of the lake.

Not very challenging, but do not underestimate the stairs. My buddy was dying on the way back.

Kind of hard to find the entrance. A lot of interesting graffiti everywhere. Very green right now.

2 months ago

One of the best walk/hikes Ive ever done. The end down near the water is so gorgeous.

I have completed the trail in each direction

Breathtaking view especially at sunset. Of course a must on every drive down Hwy 1!

Believe it or not the graffiti (an the unique graffiti house at the bottom of the trail) is the highlight of this trail. Make sure you do the loop clockwise. There is a gate (more like a break in the fence) to the left just at the beginning of the loop. Go through this gate a walk down lots of steep steps. Make a left at the bottom of the steps to continue along the trail. If you choose to do the loop in a counter clockwise fashion you may have trouble finding the steps to go back up (the entrance was not so clear and you have to climb up a ton of very steep stairs. I would definitely recommend doing the loop clockwise.

2 months ago

WARNING The entrance of the loop (not the starting of the whole route) is not obviously and can be easily missed!

I thought if I kept walking on the paved road I would eventually go into the loop and loop back, but that didn’t happen. Not until I walked 4 miles did I realized I was probably off the track because the while trail suppers to be 3.4 mile and I haven’t seen repeated scene.

When I walked back in darkness, I checked the map and saw two open parts on the fences under my flashlight, and there were staircases going down. I suppose that’s the loop... it’s really not obvious and clear, I’d suggest everyone to check their map if it’s their first time here, and maybe read the graffiti on road, though there were also misleading ones like “truck —>” and pointed to the cliff.

Other than that, it’s a easy, mostly-paved route, and the scenery is amazing!

We are visiting CA from CO and we landed on this trail. It was an easy trot and worth the views. There were about 20 others on the trail to go along with 3-4 black bears. DO NOT use the directions link for this trail. We spent about an hour on the wrong trail haha. Follow the directions from some of the previous comments. Enjoy!!

Very short. $10 fee for parking if you park in the state park parking lot. And once you get to the walkway a large portion of it is closed off which was disappointing because it would be a much better view of the falls if we could go further out on the walkway/viewpoint. With that being said the portion of the walkway that was closed off did look very decrepit. But you’d think with the hundreds of dollars they make per day on parking alone that they’d fix the walkway of one of the most famous sights on Hwy 1 but I digress.
My suggestions would be to park along the highway to save the $10 (or pay and hope they fix the walkway at some point). I also think you may be able to see the falls from the Hwy just north of the parking lot. We missed it yesterday but are planning on stopping there today. It’s just a small turn out off the road but there were many people stopped there taking pictures back towards the direction of the falls.

great trail second time this week

Great trail during late October.

3 months ago

What a great Sequoia “foothill” trail. It is rated as moderate but there are some hard spots. Since it had rained earlier in the week, there were no bees or wasps and very little dust. This is the perfect time to hike this trail, the falls may not be at their fullest, but leaves are starting to turn and some fall flowers were blooming.
The trail head is at the very end of the Potwisha campground. If that parking is full, you can park across the road. We recommend good shoes and polls or a hiking stick.
Cannot wait to do this trail in the Spring when the falls are full!

I accomplished this trail today. Beautiful weather and few people there. Haven't hiked in awhile and it was a little rough coming down (wrong shoes). Deffinitely going to do this trail in the spring next time! No bees thst I noticed.

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