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This trail has dangerous fall situations. Not for children

Confusing hike from the parking lot. Found some people naked in the hot spring when we found it. We did see a cool water groove. Not sure the scientific term. Will put photo.

This trail is very dangerous and should never be mistaken for less. I personally have assisted in two helicopter rescues from this trail, both being fall victims. On three different visits the the bath, I have seen the remains of dogs that had fallen to their deaths. I am a local and have frequented the bath for over forty years and say this trail demands caution!

off road driving
1 month ago

Are there trails that I’d be able to take my stock 2017 tundra on? I’m not expecting to do rock crawling, I just want to get on some dirt roads and climb up the mountain to see some beautiful sites!

1 month ago

did this last summer great trail,I would rate it as moderate bring lots of water great way to beat the crowds of summer and when the falls in Yosemite valley are at a trickle these are still gushing beutiful scenery

2 months ago

Great trail that has some built in stairs done by Cal. Conservation Corps. Be careful for lose rocks in certain areas.

Still no snow or ice as of 1/2/2018

Nice easy hike for our family of 4 and 2 dogs. Daughters, aged 7 and 4 handled it well. Beautiful scenery set alongside the river.

This is not an easy trail. I live here locally and I’ve done this trail getting into God’s bath is not difficult but getting out is. It’s gonna have to walk up a granite vertical face with a rope or Billygoat the side of the mountain either way it’s a little difficult. This is a difficult trail I do not know why it’s rated easy

3 months ago

The trail and views were spectacular! The trail starts out mostly uphill but then after the turn to go to the falls (less than a mile in) it’s pretty flat. There are lots of rocks to navigate, but we still did it in about 2.5 hours at a steady pace and stopping to eat lunch by the falls. We just went today, 12-19-17, and it was perfect! Fortunately, we got it in before the snow! Can’t wait to do it again but I will only go on cooler days as there is not much shade.

3 months ago

easy to moderate, Wapama falls was awesome.

Easy trail for all levels. Very gradual incline that follows the river the whole way. Walked with a 5 year old, an active grandma and carried a 4 month old. We took almost 3 hours round trip on this casual walk. Beautiful walk. Shady coverage for the majority of the trail.

Awesome trail. Good up hill the way there. The lake is beautiful. I did it 2 weeks ago and the snow wasn't bad at all. A little here and there. The trail was pretty easy to stay on.

Adventurous trail

4 months ago

Not really sure why this says 10 miles, the map that I have marks it a little over 6 miles to the lake.
This was definitely a beautiful adventure! My friend and I chose this trail for our first backpacking trip and besides us not being correctly prepared, this was the perfect choice!
We started at 1030 and didn't make camp till 1700! Those backpacks really slow you down! The last mile, we walked through ankle deep mud and thought it was never going to end! Luckily, we made it, made camp, froze, and ended up having to share a tent. Thank goodness we brought emergency blankets haha.
Because of a miserable night of sleep/freezing, we cut our trip short and headed back at 0900 and made it to the car at 1500. We found a much easier way back through the marsh, just hike higher up, farther away from the water. ALSO, the ground was pretty frozen, so that definitely helped.
It was an amazing experience and am currently on the hunt for a better, warmer sleeping bag, so I can do it again soon!
Oh, the trail was pretty dead, but make sure to wear bright colors, there were lots of hunters for deer season.

Beautiful day and clear skies on 10/28/17! Trail is maintained well and very easy to follow. After the second bridge, you either go right or left. We went up the right side and down the left side. I think the right side is much better on the knees and less steep but I could be wrong. It just felt like there were more rocks/boulders on the left side (coming down). This is a beautiful hike as you get to see waterfalls along the way. I thought this hike was easy (I hike 2x a month or so) but my friend said it was hard for her (she doesn't hike).

elevation gain is actually only 880FT
mileage: 5.6 miles from Kennedy resort

Very scenic trail. We had great weather during the day, but temps did drop below freezing at night. Lots of places to camp around the lake.

A little icy going up and over today. Beautiful, beautiful.

Got up early on the 4th of July and did the reservoir hike from Kennedy meadows. plus about 3 miles and back. Gorgeous and enjoyed the views of the reservoir in solitude. And hey the trail
Ends with a saloon.

It was a super awesome place to go too. Only thing that I didn't like was that there are people that are starting to leave their trash. Please keep this spot clean and beautiful and pick up your trash. But still an amazing site.

Went last Saturday...a few tough stretches due to ice and snow, but worth it! Absolutely beautiful!

5 months ago

This trail is beautiful from start to finish. Even the drive to the turnoff is gorgeous. The trailhead is at a turnout- and really THE first turnout just beneath the 9000ft elevation sign on Highway 108 to Sonora Pass. It doesn't immediately stand out but becomes noticeable once you head down a short hill and cross a stream. The trail is mostly easy to follow but there are a few rockier areas where you could lose the path. The lake is beautiful and surrounded by majestic rocky mountains. I would rate this as moderate-advanced hiking due to elevation and a few short but more challenging stretches with loose footing.

To characterize this route as a "hiking trail" would be a misnomer. While we opted to travel this road on foot, it should be well stated that it is not pedestrian friendly. It is an access road to the hot springs, plainly put. Heavy vehicle traffic the entire way. Reaching the top of the road lends some scenic views of the Sierras, but it's getting there in one piece that proves the most challenging.

Great place. Hike not "easy". I believe it is marked correctly on Google maps.

KM to relief reservoir is a great destination hike. Can be a day hike for an intermediate hiker. Beautiful waterfalls and canyons make you forget the aggressive ascents. Beautiful lake view campsites. Waters cold and the fishing is good

6 months ago

I love this hike. The wildflowers were still in full force, nice amount of elevation gain for as short as the hike is. The epic blue of the lake is stunning and changes as the clouds pass over. Can't beat the smell of high Sierra air. Lil piece of heaven.

Absolutely beautiful. Hike up the trail is not for the faint of heart. It's easy for the experienced hiker and hard for those that aren't used to using ropes to support their weight and to scale down and across ridges.
A lot of people are littering, leaving their beer cans, beverages, picnic food, wrappers all along the trail as well as at the site. Please, if you do go, pack out everything you brought with you. Respect nature and keep this place beautiful. What you leave there will stay there forever, because this is a secret spot, there is no one that is coming to clean this place up. It is all up to you to clean after yourselves.

6 months ago

prepared to get muddy in the last mile to the lake. everything else was amazing.

6 months ago

It's a down out and up back trail.

The start was a little tricky because it passes through a posted private property area. Stay on the "road" and you're good.

Giving this a 3 because of a few reasons. One it is not an "easy" hike especially if you're not used to 90 and up degree weather. It was also very very smoky this day. It's very rocky and you are mostly exposed to the sun the entire hike trying to find shade is hard as it is scarce. I hiked this on 8-23-17 at 11 am. The parking lot wasn't full and there was not many people on the trail as I was alone for most of my hike. The only falls still flowing were Wapama and the other falls were dried up. The falls were very beautiful however "cooling off" as I had sort of expected and one of the reasons I pushed myself to keep going was actually not really possible as there is still no shade at the falls and you can't really touch or get into the waters as there are barriers. And finally if you do not have a lot of time to spend in Yosemite I think you should skip this. So all in all pretty area but skip it if you don't have a lot of time or hit it on the way out of the park if you are headed that way anyways.

6 months ago

I've hiked the relief reservoir a few times, this is definitely a step up. Hike took about 4 hours each way. Was hoping to do some afternoon scrambling but was hit with 5 hours of thunderstorms this weekend! Bring a book, deck of cards, and a waterproof tent just in case the sierras decide to give you a light show!

No mosquitos! Dropped down to mid 40's at night.

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