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Interesting. I only walked for several hundred meters as I arrived here too late, while I don't think it will be different even I went deep into the dunes.

Great fun, worth the stop. No real trail, so we just pointed to a taller dune in the distance and hiked out to it.

BE FOR-WARNED THIS IS YET ANOTHER TOURIST TRAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Beautiful but not worth the People that are everywhere. I made it down the trail for maybe 20 min and the sound of people was killing the views( Im not much on being around kids and yelling parents). So I left, Death Valley is to Big and the Solitude is a beautiful thing for me. I had just heard so much good of this trail I had to see the hype. This is the Disney of Death Valley Trails especially if you go the length and do Zabriskie Point with it . See my Review on that as well. In fairness TO THIS TRAIL I gave it 1 star because I left and couldnt really see the trail.

Definitely would rank this as a moderate hike, the inclined parts are very steady and nothing too steep, making for an excellent day hike! The falls at the end are even more beautiful than the pictures, highly recommended!

Reached the summit on 2.17.18. Took me 6 hours from the Kilns. That first mile on Mahogany Flat Rd was very brutal. More than half of the people seen on the trail had to turn around due to not being prepared. Crampons were a must!! Trekking poles were very handy as well. Had to leave my sleeping bag and blanket behind at the Meadows because of weight in my back pack. Setting up tent in this area was not an option, way too windy and cold! Tent set up at Thorndike, which was still pretty windy and cold at night.

Awesome hike during the winter!! light snow almost the whole time made for great pictures!! cold but worth it tread carefully with muddy trails and slippery rocks. Waterfall was amazing! huge reward at the end :)

Interesting hike , not sure why it says that you can bring dogs, you cannot. It is inside a National Park and it’s even signed not allowing dogs. That didn’t appear to stop the people we saw with dogs .
More importantly there is a new Brewery in Three Rivers that is the bomb! Great place to stop afterwards and get a drink and some food .

Good Hike. For a 1500 ft elevation gain , this trail had a gentle grade than most other comparable trails with similar elevation gains.

The trail is mostly shaded - about 75% and the falls at the end of the trail is delightful. Tons of water and very pretty. Lots of small and large cascades and falls - be prepared to spend some time here .

There are a lot of thorny plants along the way , so be mindful. Worth the effort on a winter day .

Great trail and cool temps helped make it very enjoyable. I would not recommend for the casual hiker. Trail is very narrow at times and rocky. Trek poles were very helpful. Falls were beautiful. Lots of great views along the way.

scenic driving
1 month ago

Easy drive on paved a road. Beautiful scenery.

1 month ago

Did it a week ago. The road from the Charcoal things is 1.7 Miles each way. There was snow at the top, I hiked 1,5 Miles total in snow 1.5 ft deep. The trail before that is covered in snow as well, like 2.5 Miles. Before that, patches of ice, you gotta be careful. Weather was like 40 morning and evening and 60 around noonish. With so much snow at the top you don’t see the switchbacks so you hike straight up, however you’ll need winter climbing gear, like axe and crampons. I am a slow hiker, it took me 6.5 hours to reach the top so I hiked down in the darkness like for 3 hours since sunset is early. Very rewarding nonetheless. The last two miles of the drive are rough, not good for sedans, just go slow and you’ll make it, however, you’ll need momentum to negotiate a few obstacles.

1 month ago

Beautiful drive but not an off road trip

Trekking poles would be very good to bring on this trail a watch out for those pointy plants along the narrow steep path. Hard, but reward awaits at the end.

Hiked it on Saturday the 3rd. Road closure added extra miles, but still awesome for a day hike

This was such a lovely trail! It actually goes for about eight miles, I followed it for about three. The views are incredible on all sides. It was great to get a little perspective on the park, because as it’s roughly the size of connecticut, it can be difficult to conceptualize everything in your head. I would come back and do this hike again!

Not an off road trail, but full of great dips and curves in addition to the amazing colors and rock formations! Definitely a must-do in Death Valley.

The best lounging spot in all of Death Valley. Explore the sand dunes any which way, there are no trails. Like being transported to a Disney desert set. Went during the evening and stayed far after sunset. No critters to be found, barefoot hiking at its best.

Did the full hike from Zabriskie Point to Golden Canyon and back. Took 5hrs in total with the only strenuous part being the upwards hike towards the beginning of Golden Canyon (on the way back). Zabriskie Point offers a hike up to a picturesque view point. Another trail leads into Zabriskie where exploration is as free as can be. Very incredible formations, a museum of geological processes. Parts of the floor are cracked from scorching heat, rather fun to play around. The trail eventually leads to the badlands where the hike up the ridges give stunning views and one can navigate the ridges like intersected highways. This eventually leads to the Golden Valley, with the highlight being Manly Beacon and the Red Cathedral, beautiful natural structures of the desert. The eye adjust to the few shades of colors during the summer, creating an eccentric visual trip. A highlight of 2wd accessible Death Valley.

This trail was recommended to me by a friend, he said it was pretty easy and roughly 5 miles round trip... That was a lie, it actually comes out to be 7.4 miles (3.7 eachway) but it was a beautiful trail and I would definitely do it again!

awesome trail!
nice swimming hole at the end.

I recommend this as a first stop before going to the valley floor. We stopped here in the evening and camped nearby. We then made several stops the next day starting with Badwater Basin. Great views from this easy trail! You can see people walking the salt flat of Badwater Basin over 5000 ft. below looking like ants. Across the valley looms telescope peak at 11,043. My kids ages 2, 7, 9, and 11 loved climbing around on the trail with the exception of our youngest who I kept in my backpack carrier most of the time.

Breathtaking loop, a must-do if you have some time. Golden Canyon was very well marked. When you get onto the Badlands trail it's fairly well marked with arrow-ed signs for the observant hiker/trail runner. Lots of side canyons to wander into in the Badlands, just make sure to stay aware of your surroundings. I'd suggest a GPX map especially for the Gower Gulch segment if you're doing the loop clockwise.

Great trail,
It is very well marked and has some awesome views. Make sure you do the extra mile or so to check out red cathedral.

2 months ago

A good winter hike. Too hot in the summer. Lower part has alot of brush, but gets good towards the top. Nice hike.

well marked, cool views, fun time.

Started at golden canyon trailhead. Beautiful scenery especially once you get out of the canyon. Not too many people once you get away from the trailhead. Excellent hike. Well marked trail.

Made it up to the highest peak well worth it making it more strenuous. Would love to come again

2 months ago

What a beautiful view even at 11pm at night can't wait to see it in the day

2 months ago

Was not able to reach Thorndike Campground or Mahogany Flats Campground since our vehicle is not 4WD. Started at the Charcoal Kilns, 6900 ft, added extra 3 miles round trip to the hike, and 1300 feet of elevation as well. Bring the total distance to 17 miles round trip and 4590 feet of elevation gain. The hardest parts of the hike were going up the mountain from Charcoal Kilns to trail head and then doing the zig zags right before the summit. Aside from those two, the hike was short and quite enjoyable.

We stayed at Wildrose Campground, 4100 ft, the night prior. Our group did not experience any altitude sickness. Was able to summit before 2 pm. Shortly after 2 pm, the clouds came in and temperature dropped to low 40's F without the sun and with lots of wind. The sunlight completely went out by 530 pm.

Would recommend bringing at least 3 liters of water, snacks, sunscreen, shoes with heel protections due to 3290 feet of decline on the way back down, pants and wind breaker. Was experiencing heavy wind from the Telescope peak to Rogers peak. Felt my face and extremities going numb from cold temperature, probably high 30's F or low 40's F.

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