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The trail was awesome! It rained all last week so there was lots of water in the creek and falls. The water made it a bit tricky, but it was worth it to see a waterfall in this area. Glad I wore waterproof hiking shoes.

2 hours ago

Such a fun easy hike and a close little drive in you live in Oceanside/San Diego Drive! Narrow rocks are quite beautiful and a nice getaway from the city!

Best hike I’ve done period. Great tree coverage throughout most areas - more foot traffic near bottom but once you get up and out there’s barely anyone. Note that there are some complications with the trail which can make it challenging for some people. I recall one section being pretty narrow to walk on and had to be very careful walking that section with my dog since it was a drop off to the side. Also a tree fell over the trail at one section so you have to climb over the trunk. beautiful peak at the top!

Easy trail to follow. Was pretty slippery and muddy when we got down into the falls entrance. People were friendly. Trail was clean. Would do it again. Easy one for the dog too. :)

Great hike wind got a little blustery.

14 days ago

By far the neatest hike I've done. loved walking through the narrow canyon. you can even climb up to the top. soo soo much to see. so many different directions you can go. once u make ur way out u will hit this HUGE hill u have to climb/walk up to get up and out of the canyon and back to the parking lot. once up that hill u will be the whole canyon wide up from the top. I will def be back, hopefully to backpack..

It is a good hike, just be careful while stepping on rocks. You could slip and sprain your ankle. Otherwise its not too difficult.

This trail is so much fun!! I love rock climbing so this was a very fun trail, the last mile or mile and a half are fairly challenging. There are even more options to climb once you reach the now dry water fall. There is quite a bit of graffiti but nothing that affected the beauty of the trail. Parking is free, the trail itself was fairly busy for a Saturday morning around 8 am. I will definitely be visiting this trail again soon!

off road driving
15 days ago

Breathtaking views. We actually set up camp here for a night. It was definitely not the best spot due to the sand flies, but it was perfectly silent, except for a heli patroling here and there. Such a beautiful sight to wake up to.

Definitely wouldn’t call this a lesser known hike. Granted we went New Years Day, but starting at 8am on an exceptionally cold(for SoCal) and windy day, we were about the 10th car in the area. Passed probably 60 people on the way out and the parking was completely full.

The trail itself is actually only about a mile through a creek bed. The first 3ish miles are all on paved/hard packed road. Once in the creek the place really comes alive! As you progress up the boulders get larger and larger leading to some great fun climbing and hoping around. For those who wish to skip climbing, there is several paths around that hug the creek bed. The waterfall itself was dry, but a rope has been set up so you can climb up it a bit and explore the cavity the water has created. Once your done, scramble back down the creek hit the road and you are home free. Clocked 7.4 miles in 3.5 hrs leisurely.

Decent views, good fun scrambling, but LOTS of graffiti. Sad to see so much defacing in a reasonably secluded area, it was borderline distracting.

19 days ago

Nice short hike with a moderate elevation gain. Really cool to see the rock climbing.

20 days ago

My 4th time and finally found the falls...

Really tough terrain, it's fun boulder hopping but not for a beginner.

It's about 8.9 miles from the parking lot due to zig zagging across the water.

Very cool Aquatic life in riparian section.

21 days ago

Short, easy, kids and I loved it!

Short but pretty cool. You get to see some rock climbing going on.

great hike! first half is a flat fire road, the second half is legitimately climbing through boulders all the way to the fall. no water at the fall, it’s completely dry, but i think it’s been dry for a while. the graffiti and lack of signage is why i gave it four stars but otherwise a great hike!

One of my favorite trails! It’s a really fun trail but lost of bouldering. Leads to two beautiful waterfalls... when there’s water. There’s hardly any shade from the parking to the actual trail head.

Found this to be more of a mountain biking trail, but very enjoyable the same. Thanks

Would not call this hard. Beautiful views over creek and waterfall and many rustic cabins.

Excellent trail for Running!

Peace and beautiful in winter.

Nice mostly shaded hike with some nice fall colors. Definitely do the detour to the waterfall and backtrack back (please don’t scramble up the hill back to trail). December was a good time to do this as it was cool all day in the shade and no bugs.

this trail was awesome. had back surgery last month and i still made it to the fall. great workout.

nice easy trail, obvious trail so no issues there and decent views...

4.5 stars for a 30min drive from LA without traffic.
We went to the falls and took the lower creek trail after which was beautiful, and my pedometer registered 11.3 miles.
4h50m including the Mt Zion peak, a short snack, and getting from and to the car.

Saw a deer up close. Woodpeckers. Bear poo.
Little hazy towards the city but the trail and mountainsides were pretty.

We tried this trail today and just after the entrance, we encountered the famous steep hill filled with slippery ice, steep enough to make you fall down and slide down. We tried to grab on to branches and rocks but failed miserably. Other two groups tried it as well and couldn't make it past the ice either. This was just the entrance and the trail is supposed to be steep in the first mile.

The trailhead is barely noticeable with a small sign and there's no parking around except on a small curve on the right side coming from Big Bear before getting to the trail. Be sure to buy the Forest Adventure pass before parking.
The terrain around was nice with snow and light hills we explored a bit, made a small snowball fight... but we couldn't go to the trail.

Conclusion: Maybe don't go in winter unless you have steel crampons and a LOT of energy. I'll try again in spring.

1 month ago

Don’t let the hike into the waterfall fool you. (It’s dry at the moment) if you continue on once you reach the falls, there will be a steep incline to your right with a rope to help guide you to the top. If you are going with a group I would recommend to climb very cautiously and call your rocks as they head down. If you are bringing a dog, it’s do-able....responsible? It all depends on the owner. Haha just make sure to have a person down at the bottom to catch your dog incase they slip, unfortunately they don’t have thumbs like us to try and catch themselves. There is a beautiful photo op once you reach the top with a 8” foot cross being propped up by rocks. I would keep a look out for the bike trails since that will be your best route to go back down unless you want to bust your ass and have achy knees for the rest of the day and go down the same way you came up. Overall, we hiked for 5.5 hours and conquered 10 miles. You will be tired for the rest of the day. Guaranteed. And if you’re not, then you suck.

awesome views! a but challenging, but fun!

Very fun trail… Boulder scrambling super fun unfortunately all the graffiti takes away a lot of the beauty but still worth the hike! A little bit of water in the creek bed but not at the falls!

Hiking with friends. A little bit of water along the way. I really enjoyed the hike. Good workout. A lot of rock climbing

The best way to go is ride a bike to the trail head hike to the to the water fall and back and then it’s nothing but a down hill ride back to the parking lot.

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