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Lovely waterfalls and mushrooms everywhere. It must be lady bug mating season or something because we also saw thousands of lady bugs and many banana slugs as well.

A lot of new construction happening. There’s a rope swing on the side that’s fun.

Great trail for the family!!

Beautiful trail. First snow hike. Trekking poles are a must, if I didnt have them I would have probably slipped down the mountain. I got here earlier today at 8am and I was one of the first ones here, it was pretty empty. Keep in mind it's a weekday. It is pretty tough if you haven't hiked in a while, I contemplated giving up multiple times. The trail to the peak at some point was hidden in snow and I felt that it was best if I didnt continue, plus my crampons broke. I'll be sure to finish this trail in the summer.

This is a good hike,but be prepared. we hiked yesterday (8/1/18). We started at 1am and I would recommend starting between 12-1am (especially if you are planning on hiking at a 10 hour or slower pace!). The views are amazing and hiking with the moon is really cool. The way the weather is I would recommend leaving the top by 10. The 3.5 miles on the crest take a while and is dangerous when the storm starts. The last water is on switch back 23ish. It's good clean water right from a spring. If it rains the trail rivals any major water park. The trail will become a river. It rained while we were on the switch backs and you will get wet. The puddles are unavoidable. I had fun hiking and splashing on the way down in the rain. I loved this hike and would do it again.
This mountain is not a joke, if you are hiking do research, train before you go, and bring all the proper gear (a good rain coat) Be Safe and have fun.

This is a great winter hike!! Especially for the family..

This was my first hike at this location and hiking in the snow. Great workout...crampons and trekking poles helped. Completed in 9 hours. Since it was supposed to rain later that day it was super windy and began snowing on the way back down. Hiking in the snow was awesome and the scenery was beautiful. Can’t wait to do this one again in better weather conditions to be able to absorb more of the scenery.

I’m not sure how all trails rate these but I would not call this moderate. I would call it hard, there were a few times I was on all fours climbing up to the tunnels. It rained last night so it was also very muddy but worth it. I saw around 5 couples a few dogs and a rabbit. Not that crowded considering it was a Sunday around noon.

hiked on 12/19/18

absolutely amazing. micro spikes were a must. hiking poles are extremely helpful, i don't summit without them!

started at 8:30. got to the top by 1. ate lunch for about an hour. got back down by 5. next time I will start an hour early because the sun had set by the time we got back to the parking lot.

this hike can be dangerous for those who don't come prepared. we ran into someone who slid 100 feet because they were in Nikes and no micro spikes. luckily they weren't alone. not sure what the current conditions are, i would call the ranger station a day in advance to make sure.

anyways, had a total blast doing this. i definitely recommend getting some miles in before doing this one because it is mighty strenuous. can't wait to train properly and do it again!

Hiked to the peak without micro-spikes, worst mistake ive ever made. Almost fell off a slope but thanks to someone near by helped me up, very dangerous without spikes at the moment.

best wire of entire ie!!...by far!

It was a tough climb . We chose to walk anti clockwise , which gave us spectacular views as we climbed to the peak . We hit the hot springs on the way down which was perfect .

12/28/18 — Whoa. The winds were wicked. Micro spikes needed from around 3.5 miles in until the peak. Snow was over the ankles in places near the top. Had the peak to myself.

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18 days ago

Go early and beat the crowds- such a fun (and hard!) trail run. Beautiful terrain and a rewarding end.

Did work experience here and helped create some trails. Hard work but I enjoyed how beautiful it was out there. Feels good to know I helped this great organization.

I had a Great time with my Bakersfield College Forestry class on this trip. This place is awesome and they are doing a great job at preserving this place for people to enjoy.

Hiked this trail on 12/27/18.

The first 3.6 miles from the trailhead to Ice House Saddle were mostly dry with scattered patches of snow and ice along the way. The next 2.5 miles from Ice House Saddle to Cucamonga Peak were almost completely covered with snow and ice...you will definitely want micro-spikes and trekking poles from this point to make your way to the top if hiking in snowy conditions. We did the hike in 9 hours (7am-4pm) taking our time and making several stops along the way, but we probably could have done it in 7 hours or less if we were hustling a bit more.

Overall, it’s a beautiful trail that can be considered moderate to challenging depending upon your experience and fit. There’s a tranquil creek that runs parallel to the trail for the first couple miles and once you climb higher you’ll be awarded with stunning views of the valley. It’s a well maintained trail from bottom to top. Do it, you won’t be disappointed!

Starts off with an extremely easy trail gradually claiming to a moderately difficult incline up to the caves which are spectacular.

Great hike! Brought my dog along and we had a blast. The caves are really neat and we really enjoyed the views. It was kinda steep going up the caves but it was worth it!

23 days ago

After initial gravel, you could do this hike barefoot -- it was like walking on dry beach when we were there in late December. It gets steep toward the end as we ascended the highest dune on its spine, and then you can walk or slide down the even steeper face, which was a lot of fun. We were huffing a little on the way up, but I'd rate this moderate overall. Beautiful 360 view at the top.

Beautiful desert hike. Not that difficult but some up and down.

Super beautiful, especially at sunset

Hiked to top. Lots of ice so wear spikes and bring poles!

very fun, steep start but rewarding!

Hello all,
I am planning to do that trail on next Saturday (the 22nd), weather looks good to do it. I will drive down from Santa Cruz on Friday and start the hike on Saturday. I still do not know if I want to do it in one day or two days and sleeping at Trail Camp. I am looking for people to join me. Open to suggestion. Thanks. PM @ theoche_83@hotmail.com

Good hike. Was iced over before the saddle, so I decided to turn back & stay the night at Cedar Glen camp since it was later in the day. Had a great view from the top spot at the camp.

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One of our favorite hikes in Joshua Tree NP. Moderate level, involves a good bit of work and exercise, but the payoff is worth it.

We were rewarded at the end with a beautiful view of palm trees and a pool of water at the oasis! Really beautiful and worth prioritizing especially if you are short on time - this one only took us 2 hours total. While the trail is marked well enough, I can see how it would be easy to get lost on this trail. You won’t see the big boulder piles that characterize Joshua Tree, but you’ll see lots of beautiful vegetation here and enjoy a popular hike that is not as crowded as others in the park proper.

I hiked this trail clockwise, went up the fire road and came down Trespass. If I did it again I would go counterclockwise as the views along the fire road were not spectacular. Once you get to the top though it’s amazing. Clear views of the ocean and the mountains. I did this hike in December so it wasn’t too hot but there isn’t much cover so a summer hike would require extra water, sunscreen and a hat. I detoured off the Trespass Trail on the way down and looped along the Tunnel View Trail to the Underpass Trail. The detour on the Underpass Trail wasn’t really worth it but Tunnel View was nice. $2 parking fee and convenient trailhead right off the highway. I would highly recommend this hike.

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