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24 minutes ago

The trail was easy. I wished I could have done the old trail for a better challenging workout. We started about 8:30 am. Weather was nice and cool. When we hiked back our if was a bit warmer. Heard some rattle snakes so be careful! Overall, great hike for anyone and kids no younger than 9-10 years of age.

Hiked this on April 20. Didn’t start until 12:50 but that’s because I flew into town in the morning. As others indicate, you will need protection from the sun. I had long sleeves and a wide brim hat. Nothing on the calves though so they got a little toasty. The hike took me 2:35 to the top and 2:20 down. I saved the “mine shafts” for the way down. There are some great views to be had throughout the entire hike and lots of wildflowers this time of year. I didn’t really think the water requirements were that exceptional - I think I had 3 liters overall. Granted had I done this in July or August it would be more. I personally thought the uphill on the second peak was the toughest - that’s where I had to stop the most to rest. While not the most physically difficult trail around, the technical (sure footing) difficulty is enough that you need some experience to expect to do this trail in a reasonable amount of time. It is a good idea to go early though it was nice seeing my last other hiker by mile 4 as a result of starting so late.

Bring gear. Don't under estimate da mountain! Really pretty, really dangerous...

I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't always so fucking crowded

I went for the 2d time. Is not easy but very nice trail with amazing views. It takes more than 3 hours to get to the peak. Not a lot people like long hikes I like challenges and this is one of the challenges to get stronger. My hike was 4/15/18

I've heard various levels of difficulty about this trail, since apparently there used to be an alternative route to the falls. going down, I followed the blue ribbons placed along the trail to help you stay on it. a few points where it became rocks/ climbing, I had to look and for the trail, but for the most part it was pretty easy to follow. a lot of the trail is right on the edge of a drop-off, so I wouldn't recommend bringing children. I was the only person when I got to the falls. slipped off my Dusty shoes and socks and enjoyed the water, and got to lay down on the rocks by the water, just enjoying the sound of the falls. on the way back up- which is steep in some parts, I passed 3 people. I brought 3L of water, drank 2.

on the way down I had complete shade, trek back was maybe 25% shaded. beautiful change in scenery throughout the hike. A few areas I had to slow down and focus on my steps.

Great hike! The falls were beautiful! I wasn’t sure what to expect with the new trail. My 11 year old son came along and made it. Coming out was a little difficult and made many stops. It was also pretty warm, about 80 degrees and only had an occasional breeze in the canyon.

Heard some rattle snakes right off the trail in the rocks so be on the look out this time of year.

Over all it was a great hike, taking us about an hour to get to the falls and about 1 1/2 - 2 hours coming out.

Pack water and a snack and start early and your sure to have some fun!

tough hike but a great work out. the down hills are steep on way back..

Very nice hike. Beautiful views. There are shady spots throughout the trail. The incline is steady so you get a good workout.

Good walk with a climb. Along a stream for a good part of it with some cool old structures and lots of rock.
Wear good shoes

We started the hike at 05:30am and the trail got real busy later in the day. Picked up lots of trash on the trail, lots of young adults cutting switchbacks... It was however a beautiful day to be outside. If Crowds aren’t your thing, try going on a weekday.

trail running
3 days ago

Loved running El Cajon mountain this morning. It was a definitely a challenge with constant inclines and declines along with some rocky areas that watching footing was a must. Beautiful views. Can’t wait to go back!

3 days ago

I really liked this hike, great scenery and views getting down to the waterfall and the waterfall/pond was beautiful.

I was the first one on the trail at 6 30 am and passed a lot of people on the return so I would advise going early if you want tranquility.

Fun hike. Lots of elevation changes and the rope down was fun. Various paths to get down the steep part.

The falls are pretty and a nice place to enjoy lunch or a snack.

Some nice single track bouldering and switchbacks.

Good times.

Just beyond epic

One of my favorite hikes, can’t wait to come back!

My second time at North Fortuna. This time I signed the book

April 14 up the backbone and down ski hut, no snow on the trail.

We started at 6am and got back as it started to warm up. It was the perfect time to go! It was so peaceful to hear the water running and so pretty.

on Old Mount Baldy Trail

7 days ago

Hiked from Mt. Baldy Lodge to the summit via Bear Canyon Trail on 4/16/18. Although I am an experienced hiker, this was one of the more challenging hikes I've ever done, probably due to the elevation gain of nearly 6,000 feet over 6.4 miles, and then suffering that a second time on the descent. By the time I got back to the lodge, I felt like I needed bilateral knee replacements, a shower, a hot meal, and a warm bed. Thankfully, I stayed in the Mt. Baldy Lodge the night before (so I was acclimated and well-rested) and the night after (so I got everything I needed except the knee replacements). Behold, IPA and Tylenol!

I left the trail head around 8am, just behind the church parking lot. It was about 60 degrees. The first mile or so was on a paved road, followed by a nice stint in the woods. After that, there was about 2 miles of grueling uphill switchbacks that almost caused me to give up because the loose gravel sucked! Eventually, I hit about the 4-mile mark, and I kept repeating to myself, "You didn't come this far to only come this far!" Onward, through bouts of gusty wind, a nerve-wracking precipice with steep drop-offs on both sides, and the occasional clear view all the way down to the Los Angeles valley. By the time I made it to the summit, it was almost 2pm, and it was freezing! I saw only one other person at the summit, and he was wearing such heavy gloves that I felt mildly jealous. We sat together for a time, talking about our routes and enjoying the intermittent clear views. The clouds would roll in, we would hunker down behind the manmade rock walls scattered about the summit, and then the clouds would roll away, and we could see for miles and miles. It was a special feeling.

The hike back down took almost half as long, so I returned to the village before sunset around 7pm. Be forewarned, the signs at the Visitor Center claim that the Bear Canyon Trail is only 8 hours roundtrip. I think that's true if you don't stop to catch your breath or enjoy the views at the top. Give yourself about 10-12 hours and take some warm clothing for the summit. All in all, it's worth it.

LOST a light blue Patagonia nano puff pullover today, Sunday, 4/15/18 just before noon somewhere between the Icehouse saddle and Cucamonga peak. It fell from a pocket in my pack. I assume someone picked it up, as it was nowhere to be found on the way back down the mountain. If found, please text or call (818)522-2140.

Hiked April 18th. As others stated this is a tough uphill climb and difficult downhill due to the loose rock and gravel on the steep slope. Less traffic on this route. Beautiful views after the first couple miles. Better views than the backbone-ski hut trail. Recommend this for others who have already done the busy Manker routes and looking for something more challenging. Don't underestimate this route.

10 days ago

This is the trail you want to utilize if you're looking to avoid the Hollywood hikers using Icehouse and Devil's Backbone. Beautiful views and many parts of this hike are quite pleasant despite the large elevation gain. Be extremely careful going down. Lots of loose rock to send you down the mountain if you aren't careful.

10 days ago

I was most surprised by a family that pushed a baby in. Baby stroller to the top of the this beautiful Peak. The 360 degree view was marred by mist or possibly smog to the west, so you couldn’t quite see the Pacific Ocean. Otherwise it was a sunny blue sky day with 15-20 mph winds. We met a couple dozen other hikers, including a group of Japanese teenagers coming up from the Paseo Pacheco Campground, where we parked for $10.

Finally a hike that challenged me. The way to the falls is downhill, so coming back up was brutal. I was the first one on the trail today around 7 am, had my permit printed and the ranger checked for it. I think it’s great that they keep a log of those on the trail and their return. There is a restroom at the small parking lot, but you can park on the curb as well, no parking permit needed. No shade on the trail, so while it was cool in the morning heading down, it was hot and sunny on the way up. The fall itself was SO beautiful! It was so peaceful to be there alone but then everyone else showed up. Lots of wildflowers on the trail, beware of snakes.

beautiful scenery. be prepared for the long haul!

very nice views on the top.

Great hike. We had the summit to ourselves but only for a short time. The views from the summit are breathtaking so give yourself ample time to enjoy it. If you take your dog make sure he/she has dog boots as the rocks can injure their pads.

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