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Love this hike!, but it wasn't until I was leaving that I was able to find the actual trail I was supposed to be on when going to the waterfall & punchbowl. Trail starts easy enough, then you get to a point, and this is Important!, where the trail seems to split, KEEP LEFT and look for a large boulder with colorful markings. You'll see a bunch of downed trees, go over them there isn't many and you'll see the trail continues. I posted pics of what you need to be looking for. Going this way does stray away from the creek, you can still hear the creek though, but so much faster. I got there originally trying to follow colored markings and rocky hiking through the riverbed, it took forever. Had it not been for finding the correct trail I probably wouldn't have come back. That being said, scenery is great, lots of areas that I imagine during the Summer months would be fun to hang out along the Santa Paula creek. Next will be another split where the trail looks it follows along the creek or you head up along the mountain side. Either is correct, more of a personal choice, I went up, great views looking down over the valley and you do reach 2 camps before the waterfall/ punchbowl, from this trail you see the waterfall from the camp nearest the edge. I can't speak for the creek route, but hear its better to do this route when its hot. I will also add that there are 2 times on the mountain route that are a bit cumbersome. A steep, rocky gully and exiting the trail right onto the creek, it's steep & narrow too. Once there, lots of exploring and water to play in!

Great Spot! Got to get in early morning and enjoy it before a crowd showed up.

I have hit this trail over 10 times and every time have made it to the bowls, even the hidden ones way up top in the back of the main ones. The arrows are very difficult to try and follow but become helpful if you are lost. All I can say is that if you follow the stream and keep an eye out for those helpful arrows, you'll have a blast! It eventually ends up at a split and you just want to make sure you stay to the right side once you get to that point, if you don't see the bowls after about 2 hours, double check with people you see or check a map!

Follow the arrows, they said.
This works until the last 1/3 when it gets almost comical. Hard to find the arrows if you stay low/creekside. When the trail splits, I recommend you take the high road. All the climbing over and around rocks probably added an hour to the hike.
Feels like you’re a million miles away from town, so worth the long afternoon!

Beautiful late day walk with my dog- Topa! Couldn't keep out of the water. She had a blast!

very easy
good one for beginners

Awesome views and a nice day hike! You won’t be disappointed!

on Miracle Hot Spring

1 month ago

Poison oak everywhere, springs are filthy! I wouldn’t recommend leaving your car unattended. Better luck at Remington.

After reading the reviews I was prepared to see a lot of trash and graffiti everywhere and tons of people but I didn’t encounter much of that. People must be picking up after themselves!

on Pyramid Hot Spring

2 months ago

Firstly, it took me a few trips to the Sequoias to locate this spring but it is in fact there and the directions on here are accurate. If you’re coming from Bakersfield the pullout is to the left and so is the river. You might not be able to see the Pyramid rock which is actually on the pullout, unless you’re heading back the 178 (just the angle of the rock). There is about a less than mile hike down from the pullout. There is a trail sign that says “day use.” Look for the cube rock which is really literally a cube boulder. Once you spot it you will have to cross the river. The current was flowing but not difficult for the average fit swimmer, with the deepest parts being about 8 feet.

As for the spring, its more earthly as its only contained by boulders. The bottom of the tub is really soft mud, reminds me of something people would use as face masks. The water from the spring it self is on the warmer side, like a hot bath. Would be nice at night if you dont mind the swim. Its quite secluded from the road above since it has a giant boulder covering you from the main road. There is also a lot of greenery that cradles the springs. Its almost like a little spa hideaway.

Went during the sunset which literally made every view so serene, right out of an autumn painting. Highly recommend to the hot spring chasers.

Was excited to do this hike and it was definitely different considering the scenery and that you are right along the stream. But that being said, we didn’t make it to the punch bowl. The arrows were less clear at the end and we were with our pup and the rocks were getting bigger and it had become more dangerous than was comfortable for us. It sounds like there are multiple ways to get to the end - we tried to stick to the red line on the All Trails app Esther than the dotted line. Thinking the dotted line could have actually gotten you there and been easier than the red line, which was right along the creek. The dotted line seemed to be out in the hot sun, which some people were referencing in their reviews. We likely won’t do it again but if we did, we would go the dotted trail route. Would be cool if someone else could confirm that for others using the app!

Beautiful hike lots of scenery, very short hike down there were a lot of people in the hot springs so was unable to get in or take pic of it. Was really hoping it wouldn’t be busy today. I didn’t want strange people in my photos. Overall good hike.

Great hike! Not sure why this is rated moderate. It's definitely easy. It's flat the whole way. The trail gets a little messy sometimes and you have to go over rocks and cross the river but nothing crazy. This was absolutely lovely.

Loved this trail arrows are everywhere make side to make it to the back pool where there is a waterfall and rope to climb

I have done this trail twice! Both times it was pretty hot out so make sure you bring plenty of water with you. You can hike two main ways through santa Paula canyon, or along the water to the punch bowls. I preferred going along the water the second time because there was more shade and I enjoy an occasion splash when I get hot but that’s just me! However stunning views overlooking the canyon if you follow the main trailhead/orange and green markers! There is trash unfortunately so be a handy earth lover and bring a trash bag with you, it made me feel better cleaning up as I went. But the Punchbowl was awesome! Fun area to have a picnic and say hello to fellow travelers!

Easy (quick) escape to nature. Beautiful hike and drive

Wouldn’t recommend hiking this trail. Wait till vegetation has grown back. The road up to this trail is pretty bad, full of pot holes and loggers. The trail isn’t high enough to be cool. Also due to a fire most of the trail is very fine and loose dirt. This causes a multitude of problems. 1) as you walk you kick up dust and dirt which not only gets you very dirty but can get in your eyes and make it hard breath. This coupled with the heat is very unpleasant. 2) since there is no vegetation it is nearly impossible to keep on the trail. The trail isn’t used enough to where the trail is outlined enough. When I went up I lost the trail and ended up climbing the largest hill near me. The views there were alright but not worth the trouble.

Super great trail a bit confusing at times really fun

Great place to go hike and spend time with friends and family. Highly recommended to those who love to hike and admire nature. Also great cliffs to jump off if you are into that!

Great Trail. A bit confusing at times. Looking for green or blue arrows to remind you your goin correct way. Apparently there are multiple ways to get to first punch bowl. Tiring but so worth the hike when you take that jump in pool. Planning to go back but explore the other bowls.

Trail can be a bit confusing at times but as long as you follow the arrows you will get there. And it’s true, you have to park on the highway and walk up a steep paved hill through the college and some dirt road next to some job sites just to get to the trail head but it is worth it! Wear sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and a bathing suit if you want to jump in! It can also be a cool hangout spot if you want to bring lunch, drinks and some music to reward yourself at the top.

This is not closed! Hiked yesterday. Beautiful and easy.

poorly kept, bees everywhere, no real waterfall anyway, rocks are slippery, looks like no one has cleared the trail brush in years...do enchanted forest instead.

easy hike. great for quick trip to nature

5 months ago

There’s no marked parking area. You have to park on the highway and walk about 1.5 miles on a paved road before you even get to the trail. There is trash littered everywhere. Almost all the bigger rocks have been tagged-kids suck. The trails are marked with blue/green/red paint which is somewhat helpful if you ignore the colors and just follow the markings. I took my dogs with me and they played in the water a bit but they smelled like a sewer when we got home.

great trail but careful - I almost stepped on a rattlesnake (Southern Pacific Rattlesnake from doing some research) there today!! Was down by the river about 3 miles in. It was just under a fallen tree trunk about a foot off the ground that I was walking on - from the path to the river.

This could be really beautiful, but people ruined it by leaving trash everywhere and graffitiing the rocks. I don’t understand why people would want to trash something so beautiful!
Leave no trace!

This is a gorgeous hike but I was SO disappointed by how much trash was on the trail. Picked up 17 water/Gatorade bottles and three dog poop bags worth of garbage. I don’t understand how people can hike to enjoy nature and then trash it.

Easy trail, not much views besides the small river. There's many interconnected trails. We did the loop in 1hr. They do have signs guiding you to other trails.

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