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I couldn’t find anywhere about the condition of this hike after the fire. So I went and checked it out. Same easy access to it gate is open and no one stopped us from going in and also no posted “area closed” signs. For the most part the trail along the river bed was untouched by the fire, lots of mud and rock slides Have happened though and saw a few times rocks come tumbling down while we were up there. The water is dingy and cold so we didn’t go in. The trail up the hill away from the river was also slightly washed out by mud slides and lots of fire damage that way, cool sight to see plus right now there is new green growth coming through the black and ash. I recommend it. Wear boots.

Very sad to hear that this trail has been destroyed by the Thomas fire. This was one of the best hikes I've ever found. I hope that it will be restored within my lifetime so I can go hike this majestic trail again...

My friend and I were out here the other day at about 7pm. I’m glad I had my headlamp because it was pitch black. There was no moon out but the stars looked amazing! When we arrived, there was one couple in one of the pools and some tweeker in the small rectangular pool. Since it was later in the day and completely dark, my friend and I got naked and we sat next to the tweeker (hahaha). Please note, my friend and I are larger (fluffy) guys so when we sat in the rectangular pool, the water overflowed to the other pools (too bad the tweeker didn’t float on over..). About an hour later, the couple there had departed and my friend and I made our way to that pool, leaving the tweeker alone in a half empty pool (hahaha). We stayed for about 2 hrs gazing at the stars and just floating naked in the hot pool. This was our first time coming here and it was a great experience for the both of us. We would definitely do it all over again. The map on this app was great to use especially since my phone reception had stopped working. The hike down to the pools was a breeze; however, for two fluffy guys heading back up the trail, it was an adventure.

on Miracle Hot Spring

1 month ago

Don't be fooled by the track on this map. It is not accurate. The springs are right on the river. If you drive into the Hobo Campground, you can find the trail head to the springs at the far western end of the campground. A short walk will bring you to several shallow pools where in you will undoubtedly find humans of all sorts. Some of the pools are very hot!

1 month ago

I went there with my baby, it was a nice day.
We had big fun hike both way down to the hot water and hiked up the hill.

1 month ago

I went there this morning with my baby Jade, it was easy to park and walk straight less than a minute to a nice hot spring. Jade and I had a great time and met nice people at the Miracles hot spring. Don’t forget to bring waters and some snack if you prefer.

We arrived. Skinny-dippers all over left and right. After about 1hr of being there everyone left and we had all 3 ‘pools’ to ourselves. Once we had it to ourselves it was GREAT!

Warm/hot water
Water is see-through to the bottom
Clean water cycles daily with the natural spring current
Good views on the way there
Good views once there
Great great great spot if you get it all to yourself
My belongings were respected
People were respectful
Easy/short hike down/up

Visibly flowing dead skin
Skinny-dippers (may be present)
Groups of people hang out spot
People camping very nearby
Water smells like sulfur/egg (you get use to it quick)
Trash/man made stuff left behind
You may come across ‘sensitive’ people
For elders (The hike back up may be a little steep)

Too many people and too much trash. It's now more of a cesspool than a hot spring. Go if you don't mind sitting shoulder to shoulder with 7 other people. Including children who urinate in the water.

2 months ago

Really great time, went in the winter with my boyfriend. Sweet little waterfall which I’m sure gets bigger with the late spring time weather.

They only just lifted the restrictions in the non burn areas of the Los Padres, it's going to be a good time before they start allowing people back into the burned trails. Press release announced the fire was officially 100% contained, but all burn areas are still closed as they attempt to clean up. You can always call your local forest service office to inquire about trail closures prior to setting out.

Great and very extraneous hike. Waaay too much damage to the trail from the Thomas fire and landslides from last weeks rain causing a lot of the trail to be hidden under all the mud and fallen trees.

Lots of interconnected trails, some still closed as of 12/1/18 due to the fire. Some trails have been bulldozed to make fireroads/breaks. Burn damage is tragic, but it isn’t too ashy or smoky in the trails that are open.

2 months ago

This is a beautiful, short, yet steep incline hike as you’re approaching the tail end just before the falls.
When water if flowing the falls are beautiful and well
worth the effort to get there. Beautiful flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds. I’ve run into 4 bears ( Mother and her 3 cubs) on this trail, so do be aware that they’re there and you’re likely to run into them, especially in Spring/Summer.

2 months ago

Went there last week and was unable to locate it due to my uncertainty of my footing. Though the river is low, it is still very dangerous.

too confusing not easy

3 months ago

It’s beautiful during waterfall and snow seasons. Freezes over in winter. North slope so it can be very cold and icy.

Pleasant, kinda short.

Great hike, lots of scenery, nice creek, a few small waterfalls, jumped in one of the punch bowls. Trail is not entirely obvious if you’re a new hiker. Overall would go again. Bring water

3 months ago

Really fun driving here. Very short easy walk. No need for bug spray in November.

Exactly as described. Nice waterfall at the end, leisurely walk to get there.

This was a very simple trail with a beautiful ending at the waterfall. Wonderful colors this time of year and the moss growing over the rocks had an amazing cascading waterfall too. So pretty! The entrance was a bit hidden but look for the sign that says Rose Valley Falls. The trail that’s gated off is a fire road.

Gorgeous trails with many options. The trails are clearly marked but it can still get confusing. We absolutely loved it!

Great trail, challenging enough. The second punch bowl is even more impressive. When almost reaching the destination and when you get back to the stream, turn left and follow the stream until you see the falls on your right. To see the second punch bowl, climb up the canyon from the right side of the falls. Enjoy the view!

Wouldn't say it's "heavily trafficked," but you'll definitely see people here...some of the natural slides have been washed out by heavy rainfall and debris from last year. Wondering if anyone has an update on this from recent visits?

Perfect short easy trail that is gorgeous- breathtaking! Do it!

Parked on side on the road and walked up through college to the trail head. Trail went along the stream the whole way till you get to the bowl. Nice and easy hike. Not many views other than looking at the waterfall at the end where the bowl is. Lots of shade the whole time. The water level was only about 5' at the bowl so no jumping in, other than that the water was nice and cool.

Fun little trail, cool waterfall at the end. My 2year old enjoyed it enough to be entertained the entire walk and had fun time splashing cold water on her hands from the waterfall.

Went with my best friend today, and I didn’t expect it to take quite so long to get to the punchbowls, but it was well worth the wait! We were a bit lost on the trail a handful of times as it disappears over boulders and the stream, but if you just follow the stream up, you’ll eventually get there. We also ran into a medium rattlesnake and 2 smaller garden snakes. I would bring bug spray if you can (lots of annoying gnats during this time of year), and drink a lot of water.

Absolutely loved it. Trail was a little confusing at times (though not long and I forgot to use my map). Easy enough for my three year old to hike with most of the way down and up with minimal help. Very busy during the day as a local hang out with drinking involved so if you want peace and quiet I suggest going really early.

I liked the variation on this trail: college campus, some oil rigs, avocado trees, canyon views, and some punch bowls and waterfalls at the end. An out and back that's interesting enough that it doesn't matter you're walking the same path back.

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