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hiked this in 2012...it was meant to be a thru hike but partner got sick so we had to leave right about the half way point. I went back 2 years later and finished it. One of the crown jewels in US places to backpack.

This is the single most impactful trail I've ever experienced. The JMT, when done it its 211 mile entirety, will yield lifelong cherished memories. Its not easy, and you must do months of preparation. Its beauty is absolutely breathtaking. I cannot recommend this trail highly enough. Six stars.

I am not a poet. Words cannot describe how humbling gods work is. Over every peak, the trail gets more beautiful.

Did this hike in 5th grade and planning on doing it again this year! It was an amazing experience and such great scenery. But extremely difficult and can be tough to follow if you do not have an experienced hiker with you.

One of the most beautiful sections of the PCT

check out two applications: Guthook JMT for $9.99 and Hikerbot for crowd source information. Both have better and more detailed info than Alltrails.

3 months ago

most wonderful, difficult, beautiful, amazing trail ever! Go NOBO from Whitney.

Did the whole length SB July 2016. Completed the thru-hike in 14 days with one resupply at John Muir Ranch. Amazing experience and completely life changing!

This was one of my children’s First hikes 15 years ago...it’s filled with wonder and majesty!! Really hope it can be resorted❤️

most amazing experience in my life

Beautiful in June. Expect some uphill challenges.

Great trail! Just completed the trail with Outward Bound California and Wounded Heroes Fund out of Bakersfield. Group of 7 Vets too this trail on and she gave us a run for our money. We ventured up to the top of the tallest Sister and trekked the ridge to the middle Sister. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking a a great hike with BEAUTIFUL scenery!!

A few steep climbs that are a bit tough if carrying heavy packs, but gorgeous views along the way. There are some beautiful, forested sections that feel magical, with a few meadows off the trail filled with wild flowers. Go a mile or so further to lady lake and there are lots of glacial waterfalls coming down the granite walls. There was some smoke from the nearby forest fires ty far affected the air quality last weekend, but a thunderstorm blew some of the haze out. Some mosquitos near the water, but not as many as anticipated.

Above and beyond expectations

Very nice hike with amazing views. We had good weather except for a brief rain shower but the other than that beautiful. Would not mind getting back out and doing it again. We didn't go over the pass to Tully's lake but would like to do it sometime.

*Edit from last review

.. rather, AllTrails lists the Snow Creek Falls, Tenaya Lake, Yosemite Valley via JMT loop as dog-legal

In doing a bit of research, I found that only sections of the JMT is dog-legal. AllTrails lists the Yosemite portion dog-legal, as per written description and according to map; Snow Creek trail, as well. Having a dog on-trail could result in a fine and possibly being escorted out of the park.

"The National Parks (both Yosemite and Sequoia / King's Canyon) do not allow dogs on any parts of the trails. The only sections that would allow a dog are those in the National Forests. John Muir Wilderness in Sierra National Forest and the Ansel Adams Wilderness in Inyo National Forest. Therefore, you'd have the trailheads from Muir Trail Ranch to Gem Lake (just short of Donahue) to hike with a dog (about 90 miles or so)."

Can some advise on overnight permits and how to obtain?

Life-changing trip! I completed the trail SOBO from Tuolumne Meadows to Whitney portal and from July 16th to the 31st. This year was a heavy snowfall year which made for some snowy passes and high/fast flowing rivers and creeks, but it also made for an exceptionally beautiful trail! Saw the most beautiful views, met the best people, and had one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Make time to do this at some point in your life, would recommend to anyone!

Nice, clean, short,hike. The stream that runs along trail makes a perfect nature hike. Road is bumpy,but slow driving, it isnt to bad.

7 months ago

It was one of the stranger hikes I've been on for sure! I was enjoying the amazing scenery when I came upon a couple fornicating on the big log near the marina turnoff. The rest of the walk was uneventful but I did come across at least 3 piles of human feces. I was warned about that but didn't believe it. Have respect!

Lovely family walk. Short but lots to see. Many photo opportunities. The dirt road to trailhead can be rough after heavy rain.

Absolutely life changing!

My wife and I hiked the JMT NOBO via Whitney Portal to Happy Isles in Yosemite, with a resupply over Kearsarge Pass to Onion Valley. With the resupply our total mileage was 238 miles.Beautiful weather the entire 21 days

7 months ago

Beautiful but...
As stated previously, the two first Creek crossings are very challenging, especially with full packs where balance may be an issue. Still very high flows, so don't take any risks. Expect to get wet.
Mosquitoes above first crossing bad, and get worse as you go up in elevation. I'm no wimp when it comes to mosquitoes, but when we were up there during the last weekend in July, it was pretty much unbearable. And it never let up at night - I was getting swarmed even at midnight. Of course, this is likely to reduce substantially later in the season, assuming it dries out a bit.
But the wildflowers were awesome! The water was cascading everywhere, and it was good to see all the snow so late in the year.
Have fun!

This was a nice trail of a bumpy dirt road. I took my three boys ages 7, 4, and 3. It was an easy enjoyable hike for us. I would recommend taking a suv rather than a smaller car. The trail is clearly marked.

8 months ago

Hiked up last weekend for a three day night trip. Left at midnight from the trail head and arrived around 4:30 a.m Saturday morning. Great fishing caught over 40 trout in the total of three days. Definitely going back.

Joined up with this trail on my way back down from Nevada Falls and it has some really great views. I recommend taking Mist Trail up and this one back down to the Valley. I was glad I did it that way because I got some amazing photos on this hike.

I love that trail. I wish I was that forest ranger who worked out of the post in Evolution Valley.

8 months ago

I've done this loop twice now. Most recently I went on July 7th, 2017. It's one of the most beautiful trails I've ever been on. However, at this particular time of year, especially given the amount of snow the Sierras received this year, the mosquitoes were relentless. They're are especially bad up near the lakes were there's a lot of standing water.

I would recommend this trail in September/October. The fall colors are really breath taking and there's plenty of fresh water in these lakes.

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