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park my jeep and use the loop for hiking. never crowded, lots to look at, there's even a spring about halfway.

Very easy walk. The way is paved so anybody can do it. Worth doing it, you’ll see general Sherman at the end.

I’m giving this 4 stars only because it was soooo crowded when I went. So my advice to you, don’t go during the weekend!! There was literally a long line to take a picture on the damn potato chip rock. And people take foreverrrrrr since there trying to get that perfect Instagram worthy pic, or their new tinder profile pic. Who knows, i didn’t stand in it. Overall the hike is great, def bring plenty of water if your going during the summer. Great workout, there is plenty of shady spots if you get too tired and need to rest.

9-16-18. Short but great hike. if you are in the area, this is a most do. There Is a $5 fee, but it never hurts to support our parks.

Beautiful views the whole way up. Park your car at lake Poway. $10 parking fee on the weekend. They open at 6:00. I started at 6:30 and it was already pretty busy. The trail is very well maintained and marked. Moderate hike.

Not really a hike, nice paved walk to see General Sherman. I thought the General Grant tree in Kings Canyon was a much more majestic tree and the short hike was much less crowded. Glad I saw both.

13 days ago

Very hot in the summer and barely any shade but very pretty rocks. Lots of loose sand which can be slippery.

Great! Food and gallon of water very important. Beautiful view.

easy walk to see some BIG trees. arrived around 730-8am and there were only a few other people but more were coming in on the way out. get here early!!

15 days ago

short and sweet! arrived just in time to catch the sun rise which was cool but the light blocked the view of the dividing range to the left. would be a great spot for sunset. please put your rubbish in the bins!

Wouldn’t recommend hiking this trail. Wait till vegetation has grown back. The road up to this trail is pretty bad, full of pot holes and loggers. The trail isn’t high enough to be cool. Also due to a fire most of the trail is very fine and loose dirt. This causes a multitude of problems. 1) as you walk you kick up dust and dirt which not only gets you very dirty but can get in your eyes and make it hard breath. This coupled with the heat is very unpleasant. 2) since there is no vegetation it is nearly impossible to keep on the trail. The trail isn’t used enough to where the trail is outlined enough. When I went up I lost the trail and ended up climbing the largest hill near me. The views there were alright but not worth the trouble.

16 days ago

We are staying at the Azalea Campground and started out with this easy trail. It’s my first time at this park and it’s absolutely majestic and wonderful. This trail is an easy introduction to the park. It’s 2 miles from the campground and it was not crowded at all. There were no buses parked when we went so maybe we just got lucky. I’m giving this a 5 Star because it’s easy, well paved, worth the hike, and leisurely.

Make sure to go early if you’re doing this as a summer hike, as the trail has little to no shade most of the way. Bring more water than expected if you do leave early in the day. Very high incline for most of the hike and switchbacks until about 3/4 of the way through.

19 days ago

Paid $5 for parking

Clearly marked trail on the other side of the road. Beautiful sequoias scattered throughout the trail. Can walk on a fallen one. A lot of the trees have burn marks on them. Nice walk through the woods. Very crowded when I went. Lots of tourist groups. Dog friendly. On leash. Very clean.

19 days ago

Absolutely stunning! This was one of the best backpacking trips of my life. Hiked in day 1 and spent two nights at the lake. On day 2 we hiked to the top of the pass and it was definitely worth it. We didn’t want to leave! We found a great secret place to camp in the area that’s was used as a quarry for the dam. Will be back!

21 days ago

I have been coming here since I was a child. This is a great easy hike/walk. Perfect for younger family and friends... even the dogs! Pretty scenery and is a nice way to beat the heat of the valley in the summer.

Very Steep, but paved. There is also a shuttle option. We didn't follow all the side trails, but it was amazing to see all the trees!

just did it yesterday. beautiful hike started 0700. all incline. scary jump needed to reach the chip rock. got help from a nice man. worth the photo op. going off the rock 2 options: 1. go back the way u jumped but requires help from people who could lift u. 2. go down to right. requires treks on shoes midway just slide down while laying down.

26 days ago

I made the climb for sunrise with my wife and was not disappointed with the view. It was a relatively easy climb on paved steps from the parking lot, but recognize that 7400ft altitude may provoke hesitation on some.

Get up early and go! easy trail! It gets crowded fast! Very beautiful but there is a line to take a picture with the General Sherman Tree!

26 days ago

Got there by 9:00 AM and beat the crowds on a Sunday morning which was ideal. Would have been 5 stars except the view was pretty smokey from recent fires,

Steep incline pretty much the entire way up. As others have mentioned, the last .88 miles are KILLER (and that's just the last .88 within the park boundary; another quarter-mile of so up to the actual peak on private property is also fairly tough). Take it slow and steady. There were several parts where I kept thinking "This has got to be the peak!" but it keeps going so don't get your hopes up and just keep pushing through. The top is a nice place to take a break, maybe have a picnic before you head back down. The way down is rough on the knees, so take hiking sticks and take it slow (I slipped a few times!).

Lots of birds and we saw some deer on the way up to the trailhead. There are bathrooms at the campsites before the trailhead, but they were swarming with flies and bees, so maybe not worth it!

A tough hike for the novice hiker. Only 2.5 miles to the top but an elevation change of almost 2,000 ft. I think I was stopping every 50 ft the last .88 miles just to catch my breath, I blamed that on the elevation and not the fact that I'm not in the best of shape. We did see some deer on the drive into and out of the park and lots of birds on the trail. Words of advice, bring plenty of water, take your time and enjoy the climb.

trail running
27 days ago

This was a simple and gratifying trail with lots to see. To park, we had to pay a 5 dollar fee (not a big deal) for an ALL DAY pass. We arrived around 8am and hit the trail early. By the time we returned for lunch it was crowded with no available parking,so be an early bird. We brought the kids along so it wasn't a difficult hike. Definitely will return!

Nice hike but can be over crowded. The earlier you go the better.

Love this trail! It can get a little crowded but if you go early in the morning or later in the afternoon you’re usually okay. Also there’s no shade so bring plenty of water!! Both my dogs have made it all the way up and back, it’s a great workout!

1 month ago

Went during sunset, real awesome, unfrotunately lots of smoke from the fires that fill up the central valley. Hike is easy.

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