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3 days ago

A great 1 or 2 day backpacking adventure! My wife and I did a 2 day trip 20 years ago and I just took 2 of my kids (wife was nice enough to stay back with the younger kids). Great wildflowers and not too difficult with a pack. Don't count on fish for dinner as they seem to be picky. This area seems surprisingly popular for fishing 4 miles in.

8 days ago

Backpacked to this beautiful spot. Worth it.

Backpacked this trail with a group of 12, ranging in age from 11 yrs old to 50, and was a nice variety of difficulty for all. Enjoyed the campground and cooler/cleaner air. Plenty of trees for setting up hammocks as half the group opted to do that. Plan on 2 hrs each way. Many wild flowers, but a couple weeks sooner would've been better. Overall, great hike.

Did a herb walk at peak flower season.
Most excellent.

so great for family day, beautifully floral time.
dogs love it...kids love it.

What a fantastic backpacking trail to take four young teenaged grandkids. We had a wonderful two days and a great hike. The weather is fantastic in July, I was even too warm for sleeping!

Only one hill on the way back but otherwise an easy and beautiful hike. Surprised at all the wildflowers. Lake is really pretty.

This was a good, moderate hike in length and difficulty. The flowers were beautiful! Would be a fun place to hike in and camp overnight.

Awesome hike! Did on a weeknight and had the trail primarily to ourselves. Not too tough, great views and great little campgrounds near White Pine Lake. Definitely need to do it again and stay overnight!

Good hike for those looking for a mix between easy but worthwhile. Great hike to go on with friends. Gone about three separate times myself. Never a dull moment.

Boyfriend and I got lost half way through and had to bushwhack our way to a road which eventually led to the grave. We were kindly 4 wheeled out as the sunset beamed. Was a good hike.

1 month ago

Hiked this with my 12 year old daughter today. The beginning and end were quite steep but the middle was flat with great views. There was lots of shade along the way, which was nice. It was SUPER dry which I didn’t love, and you never really get away from the traffic noise in the canyon which I also didn’t love. We got surprised by a moose as we were making our way down, but he didn’t bother us. Overall, good hike but probably not one we will do again any time soon.

The wildflowers on this trail are beautiful! The lake itself is a great payoff from this fairly short and sweet hike. This trail is one of the gems of Logan Canyon!

This is a Goldilocks Trail - just the right distance, hard but not too hard, and a great mix of sun and shade. But most of all it was the wildflowers. Oh the wildflowers. Just breathtaking.

This was a bucket list hike. Do it once, I guess, to say you've done it. Never do it again. Ok views are awesome. But!! The trails are soooo overgrown seriously you are going straight uphill and you have to ALSO PUSH through bushes. Pretty much half the hike is this way. WEAR PANTS! Bring lots of water. Start earlier than you think you should. The other thing as of today, July 7th, there were so many horse flies that take chunks out of your skin and tsetse flies that bite. It is almost redonkulous. No. It is redonkulous. It makes you want to die, but if you did they'd never find your body because the flies would eat you. They'd only find your back pack. This was THE WHOLE WAY down deep canyon. You could not stop to rest or you'd get eaten by flies. Not mosquitos. Flies. That bite. Did I say that before? I think if I did this again I'd just got to box elder Peak and then go back the same way I came up. I mean, it's kind of fun walking all along the ridgeline and it's scary sometimes, which is, indeed exhilarating, but probably not worth the flies. Also. This trail takes you to mendon peak. That's it. When you see a big rock on the left and a trail going down the hill take it. That is deep canyon. Don't keep taking this trail to the end unless you do want to hike mendon peak. Or you could take he maple one down. That would shave some unnecessary miles. I'm sure it's equally fly-ish and steep and overgrown so no big deal. That's all. Hope this is helpful

Awesome quick day hike/run on our way from SLC to bear lake and beyond. The wild flowers are beautiful! Reminded us of Alta meets the Tusher mountains. Saw some families back packing would be a great long day/over night trip for kids. We were pleased with this adventure it was Beautiful!

This was a great over night for us. My 5 and 2 year old girls loved it. Flowers of all colors everywhere. Peaks above lake are awesome. Not a lot of bugs. I’d give it a 4 if the lake was one you wanted to jump into after a hike and if the trail was less busy. When we hiked in at 6 pm it wasn’t bad but the campground was busy and hiking out the trail was very busy. Still probably my favorite hike in logan canyon.

1 month ago

This is a great hike for families. Our 8 & 6 year olds did it no problem. Easy trail and amazing scenery. Definitely one of our favorites.

1 month ago

Awesome trail. $7 to park at Tony Grove Lake, but well worth the 90 minute hike to White Pine Lake. Our Fitbits had us at about 4.05 miles from parking lot to white pine lake.

The trail wasn’t busy at all, white pine has a handful of dispersed camping sites near the lake. Seemed like a great place to hike out, set up camp and enjoy some peace and quite for a weekend, or however long!

This is very similar to Bloomington Lake, but the road is paved all the way up to the lake. The drive is gorgeous. There were many, including us, taking our kayaks into the water, and many fishermen. It was very quiet and serene. The air is so fresh and crisp with smells of foliage. The Cliffs next to the mountain lake is gorgeous. We went in July and the wildflowers are all in bloom of a rainbow of colors, all around the lake. On one end we found a large, gorgeous beaver dam with a beaver residing in it and coming out late in the day. There was a young male moose near there at the edge of the water. Many people were swimming, the water is very full of plant life and fish and bugs on the water, we did not desire to swim, but wade and kayak and take a quiet break just looking. On the opposite end is a thick wooded forest with tall evergreens perfect for hiding from the heat of the day and putting up hammocks to take a nap and read. Beyond there is a beautiful campground. It is worth going and enjoying for all ages. There is a path around the lake. On one side it is well worn and cleared that a stroller or wheelchair can even make it around to the forested end. This is a a gorgeous hidden away spot we fell in love with.

1 month ago

Well maintained. Not too crowded. Beautiful views.

1 month ago

Excellent hike taking about 90 minutes in and a little more out. The steepness of the back portion of the hike is a little challenge but overall it is a beautiful experience.

Excellent for kids. Took my 8YO, wished that I had my 6YO as well. You give up a fair amount of elevation over the last 1.5-ish miles, which means on the hike back out you start with a pretty good climb.

The fee at the trailhead is $7/day and on a weekend they are there collecting.

If you go on a summer Friday or Saturday plan on sharing the trail with multiple scout troops and horse parties.

mountain biking
1 month ago

The trail weaves back and forth across a rough rocky "road". At the end of the road the trail continues, which I rode another couple of miles on. Turns out that goes into a wilderness area, but it is not marked. I rode it on a weekday very little vehicle traffic or bicycle traffic.

Beautiful in June.

One of best hikes I have ever done in Utah

1 month ago

I always seemed to hike crimson on hot days in the heat of the day, but I went at sunrise today and loved it. The switch backs will get ya, but after it's smooth sailing and some of the best views of the canyon. Truly beautiful trail.
Be careful with dogs on leashes - I've seen multiple rattlesnakes and elk here in the last couple years and they have bear signs up at the trailhead.

1 month ago

If you are an experienced hiker you will find this a pretty easy hike. The only significant elevation is at the beginning and then as you descend to the lake then ascend back. My GPS tracked exactly 4 miles to the lake with a little campground exploration. The views are stunning, birds singing everywhere, but really, if you lived in a place like this, you'd sing too!
We back packed in and it took 2 hours with several stops for pictures, a blister first aid, and drinks. Busy trail but except for the horse poop, it's very pristine. Hikers are taking care to keep it clean. If you come later in the evening on a weekend you might have a hard time finding a camp spot. We arrived at 6:30 and there were several to choose from. We saw only two other groups. But by dusk the place was packed.
Really no firewood unless you go hunt for it and even then a hatchet will be your friend. We found plenty, but it took four of us to go search away from the area both night and morning.
Hardly any bugs, that may change as the summer progresses.
Honestly doesn't get much better than this.
Pack out whatever you pack in!

road biking
1 month ago

Loved it for biking about 2 miles in and 2 miles back

We didn't enjoy this at all. It wasnt hard in fact it was really easy. You can't see the lake the whole time due to trees which is ok except you are rarely in the shade. It is a good beginner walk for young kids.

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