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6 days ago

Our family has enjoyed this both as a day-hike and as an overnight.

1 month ago

Completely echo everything Lisa mentions below. Very slick at points on the way down and have to hike through thick brush. Fun hike but took longer than expected because the trail was fairly unmarked and unmaintained.

Did this hike last weekend. BEAUTIFUL! Definitely needed the 4wheel drive because of the snow to get to the trail head. Left the snow shoes in the truck but could have used them at certain points. Camp ground bathroom at the second lake you come to. Can't wait to come back in the summer!

As others have mentioned, trail is a little hard to follow at first. look for footprints in the snow and cairns. Lots of ice on the trail, recommend yaktrax. Snow is deeper after the foot bridge. I turned around just below the first lake as the trail disappeared and I began postholing to my knees, snowshoes would be helpful here. Fairly strenuous trail and good views along the way. Dog loved it and I was the only one there on a Tuesday.

2 months ago

We did this backpacking on snowshoes over 2.5 days - could have been two.
On the way in we followed this trail, and on the way back we went up the ridge route from the south-end of Paradise Lake.
The semi-frozen swamp with the invisible four-wheel drive trail at the end was the 'downside' of this trail for snowshoeing - at least on our trip. We were on top of the trail according to the GPS, but I have no idea where it was. At the end of a long day, that was the biggest downer of the trip - wet freezing boots and leaping creeks with a pack and snowshoes on :/ I recommend getting to the Paradise Lake sign early, and taking your time with route finding to skirt the swamp.
The ridge trail out, our ' I am not doing that again reroute', was beautiful, but also very hard work on snowshoes! It is a lovely area, and once away from the highway noise, a peaceful winter trip with the option to stop by the Peter Grubb Hut for a little Sierra history.

This time of year the PCT underpass is a knee-high frigid drain! Walking under the highway on the road shoulder from the SnowPark was much better on the way back.
Also note, for overnight trips you are required to park at the SnowPark, so remember to get a permit.

You can’t go wrong with a trip here. Fun to get too from both trails.

3 months ago

great hike but the main road is currently closed due to excavation (see pic). I drove up the road to the museum and down to Jamison Campground. Head towards the back, you'll hear the river, and near site 53 is a bridge that will take you to a smaller bridge and you'll end up at Jamison Mine and the trailhead. You will immediately begin a rocky climb and numerous rock steps. it was icy in the campground and small sections here. spotty snow along the trail to Grass Lake and Little Jamison Falls. there is snow melt and a 30 yard section with an inch or two of running water along the lake. it opens up to a short sections a large trees then a snow field and up again through switchbacks, snow from 4-9" and to a rock cliff section overlooking Jamison Lake. there were quite a few footprints until the last section. I saw one young trailrunner and then a fit older couple trail running midway and had the trail to myself the rest of the time. Happy hiking!!

Interesting and always a little different depending on the time of year. In the summer make sure you have the right gear on for a swim at the top!

Don't go without ice trackers. Icy granite is no fun in just hiking boots! It was my own fault for not being more prepared, but I will be back, it's absolutely beautiful. probably made it a half mile in before hitting an impasse and turning around...

First part of trail hard to follow. Had to look for stacked rocks to figure out which way to go. Hardest part of hike is to the first lake. Make sure to go the extra distance and hit the second lake...it was stunning. Third lake was difficult to find and I'm not sure we even found it or it was really just a small pond. We went in early part of September

5 months ago

phenomenal experience. can't wait to do it again

There are many false trails in the beginning. You really need a GPS to stay straight. The uphill is like climbing stairs. At times like climbing up a dry creek/waterfall. Did not make it to the lake, so, only 3 stars.

Great hike. Didn't see a lot of hikers but did encounter a lot of mountain bikers. Was afraid I would get run over but they were always letting me know when they were getting close so I could move off the trail which was not problem for me. Bring water and be prepared for a leg burning, heart pumping hike. Awesome views. Turn left at the fork for a shorter hike if you don't want to do the loop.

6 months ago

Nice hike. Went as far as Lower LL lake as a day hike. About 7.5 miles, but had some false starts at the beginning that added a bit. Most of the first 3 miles is uphill, but not to the point it is extreme. I found coming back down to be more fatiging, as there are a lot of large steps down. Felt like an hours worth of squats in the gym. Most challenging part is staying on trail during the first quarter mile or so. The trail goes across rock and isn't obvious. Lots of false trails that lead nowhere.

Definitely a bun burner! The first mile or so was straight up but once our heart rates leveled out we made good time. The views were beautiful. On the way back we got mixed up where the trail splits into the Flume Trail to Tunnel Creek and the Marlette Creek Trail-it was either marked poorly or disguised by fallen branches and brush or we are blind. Probably the latter.

We had to blaze our own trail to get to the right path to get back.

What a great trail! Had to go fish the lake before season ended. Started at 0920. 1:30 up with a 25 pound pack.1:25 down. Caught a 14 inch trout in 20 minutes. Returned the way we came rather than looping. Steady uphill all the way but not too brutal.

7 months ago

Did this trip as a mid week, 2 nighter. My girlfriend and I had the lake to ourselves which was sweet. Overall the trip was great, we did the warren lake loop as a day hike which was fun but lots of elevation/not for the faint of heart.

Only complaint I have is that there were no signs of trout in paradise lake! I brought my gear but didn't see as much as a minnow. I did see some big ones jump in warren lake though, would have tried my luck there if I had my rod on the day hike.

7 months ago

beautiful, well worth it.

7 months ago

Gorgeous and not too crowded over Labor Day weekend. Sleeping at Rock lake was astounding!

7 months ago

Very disappointed and offended. First off I have been going to these lakes since the 1960's when my father took me fishing here as a young boy. Yes, back then there were fish in these lakes and my father taught me to catch and release here to preserve the fishing so others could enjoy later down the road. We have a cabin just miles from the TH so this was a place we would hike on a regular basis. My father passed when I was 12 years old, I have continued to go here throughout the years to present date.

When I was younger this trail was rarely used, in fact there was little to no erosion on the trail, yes that's right the trail was easily hiked on back then. Now to the present time. Thanks to the internet and word of mouth this trail and the lakes in the area are over used and being abused by people that have no clue what they are doing in nature. The trail has eroded to a rock ruble torn up mess, the lakes have all been fished out by selfish so called anglers and the backpackers are leaving behind human waste along the shores and surrounding areas within the 200 foot space and burning illegal camp fires.

So, all of you reading this....... If you come to this beautiful place, leave no trace ! If you are camping here and using the land as your bathroom, do it right, get away from the lakes a minimum of 200 feet, dig a hole at least 16 to 20 inches deep and bury your crap !! Pick up your ass wipe and pack it out with you !! I saw so much human crap and ass wipe on my last hike here on Labor Day 2017 it made me sick.

I am a regular here and have been for over 50 years, I practice what I preach and care for the natural resources I use. I keep a lookout for those abusing the area and yes If I see you doing something wrong I will let you know about it, take photos of you doing illegal tasks and report you to the rangers, so treat this place with respect.


I just called the USFS in Nevada City , CA. I have requested to speak to one of the land resources managers there. I have also emailed them with links to posts on Facebook that some visitors of Loch Leven Lakes have posted with campfires burning. FYI, CAMP FIRES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE AREA ! I am going to push to have rangers do more patrols in the area for illegal fires and littering of human waste and ass wipe. I am also going to push to have human waste bags a requirement here when doing over night campouts.

You have all heard the phrase, " one bad apple ". Well, there is more than one bad apple using this area and I am going to do my best to clean it up !

7 months ago

HARD but beautiful trail. Expect lots of uphill and a rough trail. It looks like the trail has eroded a lot from rain/snow melt--so lots of boulders and rocks. We packed up to the High Loch Leven lake--worth it to escape the crowds and enjoy the beautiful lake. Lots of granite rock scrambling nearby and a ridge near the lake to climb for a great view.

Easy parking if early. Trail is easy to find per waypoints in description. The hike offers nice elevation gain. If you pay close attention you will see split in trail where you can go left straight to lake. Otherwise, you will end up looping around along lake. Don't be confused by mountain bike tracks or sign at 4 miles in which says Marlette Creek Trail.

on Loch Leven Lakes Trail

7 months ago

Fantastic trail!!! Gorgeous alpine lakes and wildflowers.

7 months ago

Worth it!

As advertised, quite difficult

8 months ago

Great hike. Lots of trail traffic on the day I hiked, but very beautiful scenery and good to be outside.

8 months ago

Great hike with wild flowers and prize at the top, serene lakes. Climb up the rocks is a good workout and well worth it. Started early morning on a Friday and was nice with very few people. Middle lake was perfect for a swim. Wear hiking shoes and bring lots of water. Moderate hike and be ready for incline up the rocks .

The perfect hike. It's probably moderate/hard but the solitude, trail and views make it an easy top 10 for Tahoe. Great for dogs with the stream and lake.

8 months ago

Did a quick out and back hike to look for backpacking trails. Found my next trip

This is now my favorite local trail. There was a cool ice cave right before lake heather and lake aloha was just beautiful!

Make sure you bring mosquito repellent. It was impossible to stop at the first few creeks and ponds without being swarmed by them

8 months ago

Beautiful lakes. Pretty intense uphill with pack.

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