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1 day ago

Great workout with beautiful views

2 days ago

Took me 4 hours to complete, counting my little break I took on the lookout by the falls. Overall, the trail loop is very pretty, nicely shaded, and well cut, however, for about half of the west section of the loop it was terribly overgrown and not well marked. The lack of trail at one point and even less markings made me a little disoriented for the last quarter of the west side of the loop. But once I got through that by climbing logs and pushing/cutting a whole bunch of branches, the falls and the eastern part of the loop back made it all worth it:)
Bring bug spray, I was also being followed by a little cloud of gnats for a lot of the time

Amazing time. Saw the Marin headlands. It’s amazing

Beautiful hike. I went counter clockwise. Practically all downhill to the falls with a slight grade on the way back. The view of Feather Falls and the ravine is more than worth the hike.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018: weather was supposed to be cool and possibly rainy- not so. The reviews are correct that it gets hot along the trail, although there was quite a bit of shade. It isn't a hike I'd like to do in the summer months; there are plenty of swimming holes in Northern CA closer to my home. It's more of a walk than a hike anyway as there were only a few uphills, etc. Deer, bear, and maybe cougar tracks seen in the dirt trail. The road in was gravel and washboard but didn't need 4 wheel drive. I was fine in my Fiesta. Did not see anyone else along the trail. 1 hour in, 1 hour out. Overall a fun walk and a lovely day.

17 days ago

The trail is fun and well-marked. The hike to Sylvia is easy and to Lyons gets very steep but lasts only .4 miles. Sylvia Lake was a bit low but had clean filterable water. I climbed up Pyramid Peak which was great. There's an unmarked trail at about 85 degrees bearing from Sylvia Lake up to the peak.

Lyons Lake is beautiful and had more water than Sylvia. I recommend visiting both lakes and climbing Mt. Agassiz or Pyramid Peak for the great views.

This trail was gorgeous and a great for a morning run.

27 days ago

In this trail’s defense, I should’ve read the reviews more closely before starting. I’m new to hiking & very much enjoy a well groomed trail, but in good shape, so I enjoy longer, harder trails in terms of elevation. This trail was difficult for me due to the fact that in 3 instances there are downed trees that are hard to get around, especially if you have a 20lb or less pup with you. The overgrowth on this trail was difficult for me as well. Also, when you get to the fork in the trail, if you go to the left, there’s a pretty large portion that’s washed out by a creek that I would imagine would be impassable during the spring months as it would probably be flowing much higher than it was today. My little mini schanuzer Norwich terrier made it, but I did have to carry him the last half mile and strenuous portion to the falls. I wouldn’t take him again. Take lots of water! The waterfall is beautiful but we were told by others on the hike that it’s much prettier in late Oct early Nov!

Gorgeous views and great workout!

This was a beautiful place to ride our horses and there was some shade, wide trails, and access to water at the falls. However, the access road to get in and out was absolutely awful. 5 Miles of loose, bumpy, rattily gravel that at times could only drive 5mph or under. Even had to use 4WD at one point because our truck tires were slipping. Very rough ride on the body, and worrying about the horses, and for that reason we will not go again.

Loved this hike, nice easy walk to the falls. Dogs loved it and enjoyed the shade spots for a few breaks. Would highly recommend

1 month ago

This is an awesome hike. Pretty easy to moderate up to Silvia Lake, slightly harder to get up to Lyons Lake. I took the extra trip to the top of Pyramid peak and will remember that view for the rest of my life.

We had a great time. Took fork to right on way in. Beautiful sites on the way. Upper Frey creek falls a pleasant surprise. Last 1/2 mile in to Feather Falls is strenuous but totally worth the reward. The view point lookout is a beautiful spot to soak in magnificent views of the falls and the river valley below. The short jaunt to top of the falls rewards you with a chance to soak the aching feet and knees in crystal clear creek. Great spot for picnic. Returned by way of the lower or (left fork at start). The trail is in a bit of disrepair and a bit over grown and the end hike out is a lot of uphill. Reward is given when you recross Frey Creek again. Make sure to take bug spray the flies and gnats were a bit annoying. Fern fronds make an excellent back up fly swatter. Be on lookout for poison oak, very much in abundance on trail!! Lots of great viewpoints.

Beautiful 2hr loop.

1 month ago

Decent hike..a lot drier than I had anticipated but normal for this time of year. Not a hike you want to take on a hotter day as there is not a ton of shade to rest along the way

Went the Tuesday after Labor Day, the pools are a pretty nasty, red, and stagnant. Fall colors starting to happen. The route on the map available is harder than the route we found on the way back. Only 3 miles, even with slight detour to the top of the cliffs. There is a small user trail about half mile (maybe more) after the split for grouse and twin. Use the rock cairns to your advantage, but do not be to reliant on them.

1 month ago

Moderate overall but it’s hard to judge when you go backpacking for the first time. Wonderful trail. Plenty of kids are able to do it with their families.

Definitely need to download the map first so you can use your GPS - the trail after Twin Lakes branches off is almost non existent. We didn’t follow the GPS closely enough and ended up on top of the nearby ridge and had to backtrack down. Labor Day weekend and plenty of cold water in the two lower pools for a nice refreshing dip.
The 2.8 miles out and back is definitely closer to 7 miles round trip.

Great hike. My 5 yr old was able to do it all by himself no problem.

Great hike, not too many views since the fog was covering the majority of the trail. Make sure to go on a clear day.

Don’t make our mistake. At the beginning of the hike we got to the fork in the path where you can go to the left or to the right, we went to the right....wrong choice leaving us with an up hill hike in the heat of the day and little shade. ( we made this decision based on a post in the hiking log that said “Go to the right”) This part of the hike is also not well maintained. If you are going in the summer months start early, use bug spray, take plenty of water and be prepared to climb over some fallen trees.
The falls are beautiful!!!.

This hike is definitely better in the early spring when the water is flowing. Even in late August the hike is very enjoyable.

Beautiful falls. There are two trails to choose from. You’ll encounter the split about 1/4 mile after you leave the parking lot. Going to the right will take you on a 5 mile trail that is reasonably gentle elevation wise. The hike to the falls is mostly downhill, so the return hike involves more energy.
The left (west) trail is only 4 miles long but much greater elevation change. You’ll drop 800’ in about two miles. Remember that you’ll be facing that as the last part of your return trip. This trail’s low point is about 200’ below the falls. Climbing that in about 1.5 miles will be your approach to the falls. I wouldn’t recommend this trail in the spring or early summer. The low point is literally in a creek that is probably impassable.
On either trail bring plenty of water. A purifier is handy as there are plenty of streams.
Trail maintenance is infrequent. I encountered a lot of overgrowth and two cases of the trail blocked by fallen trees. Much of the overgrowth was blackberries: lots of thorns and a few good berries.
All in all a good hike but a but strenuous on the return.

amazing hike, minimal traffic

2 months ago

The first 4.5 mile was between easy and normal. However, the last 0.5 mile was hard. It took us 30-45 min to compete last 0.5 mile. The Lions Lakes is a reward ! we swam and took a nap before return. 6 hour to compete + 1.5 for photo, swimming and napping.

I feel like this trail was pretty moderate. If you aren’t use to hiking up pretty steep inclines, this hike may not be for you. Make sure you don’t miss the Wolf Ridge trail head. Heading up near Hill 88 had me distracted and I never saw it. If you hit the graffiti then head back down the hill and look to your right for the trail head.

this trail can start at the forest service station in angwin. if on mountain bikes it is somewhat technical to start but is very enjoyable. Generally downhill but not one to go to sleep on.

2 months ago

The hike is mis-rated as "hard". It's an easy hike for experienced hikers/backpackers. For the less experienced day hike crowd it's a moderate hike. I absolutely loved the scenery. The show stopper though is when you reach the top of the trail there's a sharp turn that unveils the lake. Simply breathtaking. Stopped me in my tracks.

With that said, if you're not partial to rocky trails and lots of loose rock and gravel, this is not the trail for you.

There was no sign on the fork & we didn't think of getting a map before we started so we took the trail on the left & apparently it was the more difficult one. About 3.5 miles in we saw a black bear near the trail ahead of us so we ended up having to walk back in fear & in silence without even seeing the waterfall. I've never walked so fast in my life. It was a great workout, but the trail could use some maintance.

This place is getting trashed unfortunately. Would be helpful to try clean up the area. We filled the only bag we had but still had to leave with a ton behind. This place/waterfall was more beautiful when there wasn’t graffiti everywhere.

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