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Nice and easy trail. My wife, me, & dog Bernie started at 7am and had the place to ourselves. We did the ridge first and took the canyon back. Not a super exciting trail but if you’re looking to get out into nature this is a good hike. Enjoy.

26 days ago

Awesome trail. Gorgeous views.

1 month ago

A great hike... nice views and beautiful trees of many varieties. Some of the largest Acorns I’ve ever seen. For sure I’ll do again.

1 month ago

We got "lost" and made a right hand turn somewhere (you can see where A LOT of people have made thar mistake on the AllTrails map) and ended up climbing over tons of rocks and poison ivy. So I guess download the trail map and dont make the same mistake as me.

1 month ago

Decent short hike!

Note: The dirt road that leads to this trail is rough and not suitable for most sedans. Mid to high clearance vehicles are recommended.

This is a beautiful canyon hike with a good amount of shade. It’s pretty busy though, so if you’re not a fan of crowds, come during the week or early on the weekend.

2 months ago

Great views, but double-back instead of looping on Pacific.

Must have permit to park and do not use Apple maps.

Nice trail, but do it early.

Very beautiful walk on a paved path. Very populated as it’s the center of town and lots of tourists.

This is a nice walk, not a hike. Wide trail but a steep drop on one side so keep kids close. Houses on one side and the canyon with ocean views on the other.

Breathtaking views all around most of the way. The spot where the waterfalls would be was completely dry again though on the May 12th weekend.

Took about 3.5 hours to get up there with okay pace and some quick photo stops. 2.15 return. (So, definitely longer than 4 hr round trip as some people have commented)

2 months ago

We went yesterday 5/29/18 and it wasn’t a hike. Just a walk by the beach. The view was super nice and very relaxing. We would have loved to sit down and watch the beach but a couple had their dog off the leash and the dog was barking and trying to run towards us. Not very relaxing at all. You must keep your dogs in their leash, it says on the sign. Don’t mess it up for other people. We did trail 1 and once you walk down to the beach you could really only walk left. And if you keep walking down you hit big dinosaur rocks and the water hits them. So the water ends up to your waist. Other than that it’s the perfect beach for relaxing and watching the waves. Perfect for a picnic. $15 fee not worth it if your wanting to hike. But worth it if your planning to get in the water and relax and stuff.

Great family hike. Lost a pair of Maui Jim prescription glasses today, though. If found, please call Jason at 714-910-4101.

Watch out for the targeting doves they will poop on you !!!!!

2 months ago

It's a decent walk but wouldn't consider much of a hike. On one side you have a beautiful view of the canyon and ocean but on the other side are houses. Also the fairy houses are no longer on this trail. Once you reach the end of this path it ends on a street but take a right and continue up the hill to the first street you can make a right on. you will see a nice little area to rest but continue further to Sea View park where you can see a large panorama view of the ocean. Please note there are NO bathrooms on this path. Plenty of foot traffic but not to busy when we went. It's was a nice outing fun for a one time but probably won't do this one again.

2 months ago

We parked on Ridgeview and started at the trailhead on Highlands. The first 3/4 of the trail is uphill and can be a little rough for those who are just getting in to hiking or are a little out of shape. I know I caught myself needing to catch a breather! The rest of the trail is easy and it is wide to accommodate walking and cycling in both directions. The trail ended at pacific island drive. We turned right and continued up to Talavera Dr turned right and continued a little way to a park that had a few benches where we ate lunch and enjoyed the ocean view. We then continued up Talavera Dr to Seaview Park where we followed the dirt path to its end and were met with a full panoramic ocean view. If you are heading to the Aliso Summit Trail to see the fairy villages.... they are no longer there. As of August 2017 the fairies went back to Ireland lol!

2 months ago

Relatively flat easy relaxing hike!

3 months ago

Great hiking trail from Aliso Summit Trail all the way downhill where you can take Valido Trail just shortly before the final stretch up the Peak if you want to go down to the beach.

Doggie bags were provided near the trail entrance but unfortunately many inconsiderate dog owners are simply too lazy to pick after their pooch.

Great panoramic views all the way in many places ocean can be seen. Not too many people and no bikes which is a plus for hikers.

Really easy for the 1st 2 miles or so on a wide path except for the last 1/2 mile is a bit of an incline and Valido Trail down to the beach area is narrow and steep but not too bad.

About 1.5 hrs one way down on a leisurely pace.

Great trail, great views, easy trail!

Really basic hike. Because it's so basic, there can tend to be a lot of people on the trail. there are longer, quieter options that end up at the falls, just stop at one of the alternate points before the main lot for the falls trail.

Nice hike. Great little falls at the end

Dogs are NOT allowed on this trail. Please update your information so people don’t waste their time.

Incline trail. I grade this trail moderate/hard. We parked on street that led to trail, why drive? The views were okay, the leg workout was good. Keep in mind the trail is full of uneven ground, holes. If your okay with the incline being most of your trail, this is for you! Wish I could post trail pictures for you, don’t know how though.

3 months ago

This is a beautiful hike in Laguna Niguel. It’s not hard at all. The scenery is just gorgeous. Most of the hike you do have homes that run along the trail but they are beautiful.

Gate is closed 2miles before parking lot and notice posted saying Emergency closure April 20th through May 18th, 2018. I’ll try to post photo of sign warning $5,000 fines for being in area.

Trail starts in parking lot across the street from the candy store. A little over 11 miles from parking to falls and back, 9.1 miles as stated on app is incorrect. Falls are not impressive but it’s a nice hike to get there nonetheless. A good 4 hours round trip, take lots of water, sunscreen and a hat. Wear good trail shoes, parts of the trail are dry with loose pebbles/rocks easy to slip in the wrong shoes. Lots of pretty wild flowers along the way.

Such a beautiful trail to the pier.

easy chill hike.

4 months ago

Beautiful trail. Water wasn't running hard down the falls but it is definitely a must see.. lots of blue bellies, huge tad poles, and a salamander swimming in one of the pools in the fall.. Amazing views at the top! We will be back!

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