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Heard this was the trail to do in Sequoia National Park so I went ahead and tried it! Solo, overnight. Relied heavily upon Alltrails app to guide me through. I couldn't make it to Pear lake due to the snow being extra thicc ;) so decided to spend the night at Emerald Lake which was amazing. I Went on a friday and literally saw 5 people the entire time. Even had emerald lakes campground all to myself! Pick up a self-register permit at the Giant Forest Museum! Lodgepole visitor center was closed when I was here, save yourselves some time :)

The Lakes were all frozen during the time I went, Please be careful if you decide to walk on them. Use your best judgement!

This was an amazing hike! My goal was to backpack overnight at Pear Lake, but I went last Wednesday when Sequoia got a ton of snow. I was caught in the snow throughout the hike but made it to Heather Lake. It was completely frozen over, and it was snowing so badly I couldn’t even tell where the lake was until I was almost on top of it. The snow completely covered the trail, and I couldn’t find the trail to Emerald Lake after arriving at Heather Lake. That and it was super cold and very snowy. I don’t recommend going when it’s snowing! I was the only person out there with the exception of one group of about 3 people. If you do go in the winter, definitely have microspikes. I left mine in the car to save weight in my heavy pack, and the trail was completely clear of snow when I started. Biggest mistake! I ate it really bad many times on the thick sheet of ice that was blanketed by the fresh snow. Still a beautiful hike that I can’t wait to complete (to Pear Lake) in the spring.

3 months ago

Difficult with a heavy pack but views and the lakes (lower and upper Maggie) were awesome!

Took my buddy here for his first over night and it was awesome. All the lakes on the trail are beautiful. Saw a bear on the hike up to Pear Lake. Camped at Pear lake and the sunset was like nothing I have ever seen in my life. Pear Lake was nice, they do have restrooms there; however, when I go back I will definitely be camping at Emerald Lake. Caught fish in every lake. Make sure you take the watchtower trail up AND back. The other trail, can't remember the name, is ridiculously challenging!!!

Easy walk through beautiful grove of trees. Popular hike in the park.

Awesome easy flat hike in King’s Canyon. Flat. Loved the meadow board walk and rock sections.

The trail to Pear Lake is just about my all time favorite. I’ve hiked it for many years now, and I love taking new backpackers here. It’s perfect for the beginner, as well as the experienced. I have made a video about several of my hikes to Pear Lake on YouTube. You can search for: Four Feet Up, Pear Lake. Hope you enjoy it!

I chose this hike because the reviews said it was a good place to get away from any crowds, and it definitely did not disappoint! I only saw one other person on the trail. The dirt road leading down to the trailhead is a little sketch, I briefly got stuck in a pothole on the way back up to the main road, but I still managed in my '97 Camry so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just take it slow and steady. No snow yet, and today was sunny and warm. The fall colors of the oaks were a beautiful backdrop for the towering sequoias, and you even get some panoramic views of the surrounding canyon. Loved this hike!

I hiked this trail as a day hike and wow it has become one of my most favorite trails ever! Views are incredible and views from the top are also incredible and surreal as well. Strenuous and well worth the hike! Next time I'm backpacking this for sure!

If you like sequoias and don't like the crowds this is the hike for you. We ran into two people all day. The were some views(all of big baldy and redwood canyon). There was sequoias the entire hike but you will know when you enter the sugarbowl. Redwood canyon itself is nice. You get to hike along a creek for a little while and the fall colors on the oaks were a nice shade of red and yellow. This was a great fall hike!

4 months ago

Had a great trip here on an unusually warm and clear weekend in late October. We did the clockwise loop from Road's End in 3 days / two nights. All told I would've enjoyed having another day or two to spend up by the lakes. The total mileage for the loop from Road's End is more like 42 and of the few other parties we saw it seemed like 4 or 5 days was the more common outing. This is a really fine bit of the sierras!

I took this trail for a solo backpacking trip, and let me tell you... it did not disappoint. The lakes were beautiful, the weather was perfect (I went at the end of October) and the trail was fairly quiet. There were maybe 3 other groups who camped out at pear lake other than myself, so it wasn't too crowded. The elevation gain was steady and not too terrible. Definitely take the trail via watchtower, because there are some magnificent views. It was a little chilly at night (around 31F), but if you have a good sleeping bag, you'll be fine! Would definitely hike this trail again.

Nice hike. Views of rock falls, stream and forest. Feels remote even though there's a road very nearby.

4 months ago

October, 2017- Did an overnighter at campsite 1 (~6.5 miles in). Daytime temps low 70s, nighttime temps low 30s. Views were slightly obscured by nearby prescribed fire, but the morning sunlight made for some impressive lighting. We were lucky to come within 10 ft and 60 ft of two black bears- one on the way in and one on the way out (both of them were quick to get away from us). Also, a fawn and doe visited our campsite.
Overall a great overnight hike that I highly recommend.

Great hike away from the crowds. We only saw 4 other people on the trail. There was grove after grove of Sequoias. It really was amazing to be in the middle of such large trees and the still quite of nature. Such a blessing to be able to experience such an amazing place!

5 months ago

Truly beautiful view. The way up is an excessive amount of rock stairs which is tough if you are not an experienced hiker. We saw a bear 20ft from the trail pass the falls, which are also incredible. The stream takes you all the way to the campsite

I spent a couple of months in Sequoia/KC this past summer and this was probably my favorite day hike of all. I started my hike late in the day and was only able to make it to Emerald Lake before having to turn back; it still supplied me with some of the most memorable views from my Sequoia summer.

I took the hump route on the way up and down, which I don't recommend. It was just steep, tedious, and relatively unimpressive. Take the watchtower up and the hump route down, as someone suggested below. Saw what looked like some mountain lion (or other large animal) scat, so be aware. The trail was in great condition when I hiked it and I'd most certainly go again!

Quick and enjoyable out and back with amazing views at the summit. Not too difficult but can be tough if you are not used to altitudes.

Stunning hike. Was tired by the end but a very good tired. Saw only a handful of people until I reached the Sugar Bowl. Spectacular views everywhere you look. Would do this hike again anytime.

Nice little hike. Super busy but for a quick look at the great trees it is well worth it.

Awesome hike. The alpine lakes are beautiful! Encountered a bear on the trail about 5 minutes into this hike (which was awesome) but definitely be on the look out.
When you get to the split in the trail go up the watch tower route. Don’t bother with the hump route. The views are way better with watch tower and it isn’t as steep

Great trail with epic views! Recommend taking the Watchtower route to be amazed by the Tokopah Valley below. While Pear Lake is the final destination on this route, don’t discount camping at Emerald Lake. Both are extremely rewarding locations on this challenging yet totally doable hike. A must for Sequoia lovers!

5 months ago

Good place for an easy backpack. There are a couple of streams for water and lots of shade. The forest floor has a lot of sticks on it so finding a campsite took some looking.

Somewhat tough trail, but the views are totally worth it. We camped at Pear Lake, and were the only people there.

Hiked this and Hart Tree as a loop, and camped at the trail junction. The trail goes past grove after grove of sequoias, and there are many great places to camp. Also, since the temperature has been dropping, there were no bugs!

5 months ago

Did this hike in July 27-28, 2017. It took half a day each way. Camped at Paradise Valley. Loved it. Fairly strenuous if you leave after noon -- to get to the campsite you have to move at a fairly brisk pace, although it is fairly easy up to Mist Falls. Saw two rattlesnakes, so be alert!

Great loop hike, completed it in around 4 hours!! The gravel road in did have a few ruts but nothing impassible saw a mustang creep through it! Amazing sequoias trees all over An great views!! Great place to come make yourself feel small An humble!!! An also recommend taking the loop counter clockwise!!! And another big plus only passed three other folks the whole hike!! Whoa what a magical day!!!

Love this hike good over night pack. A little Challenging. Good to go watchtower in and the hump trail out

This is a great trail in the Redwoods. We did not have bug issues as it was in the 40's temperature wise. If coming by way of Badger to the forrest road, you need a higher clearance car. The road has some washout areas and larger rocks.

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