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I lost my keys to a Chrysler vehicle on Friday the 13, anyone finds them please contact the park rangers thank you.

trail running
14 hours ago

I use this trail to get some gravel miles in when palos singletrack is too soft. Some decent climbs and nice scenery. Trails are also groomed for cross country skiing in the winter when there's enough snow.

Lots of varied foliage and scenery. Peaceful. Will definitely do again.

My first time here was today and it was amazing

mountain biking
11 days ago

Tried today starting from the Elmwood Park edge. The trail is flooded. Giving 4 starts because the half mile I was able to ride are very promising.

The scenery is nice. Very similar to my home (Odense /Denmark). The big, low flying aircrafts, heading for Chicago, were getting on my nerves. It was SO NOISY from the crafts above. Would be nice to walk the hills of the restricted area. Try Google 'Stige Ø" (Stige Oe). I think this area has the same "history". Used to be a dump. Today a rekreation spot

mountain biking
13 days ago

This trail is well kept up and looks nice. The trail is wide and has plenty of room to go around people. The waterfall is nice to see. Even on a week day the trail is busy. Go out and see this wonderful forest.

22 days ago

BUG SPRAY -- USE IT! I wish I'd remembered before my last visit. More than once I was attacked by a cloud of aggressive mosquitos.

With some DEET, it's the best hike in the area, mostly thanks to the river: cliffs, crossings, and the waterfall. The gravel holds up well even when it's been raining. I've almost always seen something interesting -- a skunk, or turtles, once I was surprised by a young deer that was invisible in tall grass just feet off the trail, until it bolted.

1 month ago

Great place to hike! Waterfall, river and forest. Multiple entrance points, convenient parking. Gorgeous in any season.

Great location and a nice place for a short hike. Love taking my dog there too!

It was pretty and smelled wonderful but it was too crowded. We went out early on a Sunday and when we reached the waterfall it was overcrowded with people there in their bathing suits. One guy was playing music and ruining the quiet. I made it halfway thru a banana and turned around and walked three miles back to the car. Saw a deer running. Probably running away from the jerk with the boom box. Bikes were flying by and it was not the peaceful walk id hoped for. Not going back on a weekend, if ever.

It rained for a few days. So the trails are flooded!! I tried to maneuver around it, no luck. I also was getting eatten alive out there!. ill be back when it clears up.


trail running
2 months ago

Great trail for running

2 months ago

I would’ve given it 5 stars, it’s a pleasant and moderate trek. The issue was when I got back to my car parked off of Pulaski Road. Someone decided to smash in windows and take things out of cars, I was fortunate. However, I felt so bad for those who just wanted to get out and enjoy a warmup this season. Be warned that lurkers are watching when you leave your vehicle, don’t leave any valuables inside. I called 911 and hopefully they catch those responsible.

2 months ago

Very nice, easy trail.

nice and clean

My son and I loved it and we found a troll cave... or so he says.

A pleasant trail that is wide with good footing. I think the Moderate rating must have more to do with length than difficulty. Will definitely do it again.

4 months ago

Very nice 3.3 mile walk/hike. Trail starts and ends with pavement for 0.5 miles. Rest of the trail is dirt/gravel. Just over a mile of the trail winds around the eastern side of Mallard Lake. A few nice places to rest or take pictures. Def will be adding this trail to my local hikes.

Great trails and all gravel which was nice; however, I went after snow melted and it rained a couple days before and Salt Creek has flooded on some of the trail. Makes for a muddy hike, but not too terrible! Very active on a Monday with families with scrollers and a couple runners. The Mill was closed due to the time of year but hope to come back during the summer months to check it out.

4 months ago

Great for photography, nice walking path

great place

I live only 3 miles away from this place, but hike there 2-5 times a week depending on the season. I never get tired of this spot. It is so inspiring! Great for kids as well.

fun hike that makes you Forget you are in an urban/ suburban area

It's actually in Glencoe, Illinois. Be sure to hike the prairie garden at the south end in the summer.

Walked with brother Jim. Great walk. Ducks geese. Chilly it’s winter ! Lots of dog walkers today.

trail running
7 months ago

Longest loop in area that features gentle rolling hills. Best place for a long run (15k once, double or out and back to add more miles).

You share the path with runners, walkers and bikers of all ages, but people are cordigal. It can get crowded on weekend mornings especially during XC season and with those training for the Chicago Marathon.

There are restrooms at three of the parking locations and two or three porta potties along the way. There is also a water pump at the main Northgate Road trail head parking area.

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