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33 minutes ago

Vacationing from Kansas City, MO. Loved this trail!

Hard hike but just as scenic the entire way up as at the top. We got lost at the top, so stay left and cross the creek. No snow on the trail as of 6/16.

GREAT hike. Trail marked well. What makes hiking worth it: getting to top, all to feel so small in this HUGE world.

One of my favorite hikes in Aspen. It is a moderate hike and my app calculated a total distance of 6.5 miles in and out. The initial 1.5 miles has the steepest incline followed by a slower incline. I would not recommend doing this trail as one of the first hikes in Aspen. Bring some bug spray, water, snacks and a camera. Pace yourself and enjoy the magnificent views and wildflowers.

Sorry Folks...despite all the other reviews...this trail is not Moderate...it should be rated as difficult and hard! Very rough terrain...lots of boulders and rocks to maneuver going up!! You are continuing looking down to make sure you don't trip and or go over the cliff rather than taking in the view! Once you do reach the waterfall more terrain...yes the fall is pretty but not worth it in my book...I've hiked many trails in Colorado but this should be deemed for the most experienced hikers! On the way down is just as treacherous as the way up!

Great hike! Steep start then levels out. Great falls!

Did this trail on 6/13/18 tool my wife and I around 1 hr and 50 minutes to get to the top and another hour to get back down. I would say the difficulty is accurate. This has been one of our favorite hikes, the scenery is beautiful with a good payoff. We met a few groups of people along the way and a little bit of snow towards the top but nothing extreme. I recommend having some lunch and coffee overlooking the lakes.

My wife and I went last weekend. It was beautiful at the top. It's a steep climb at a high elevation, but it's short, and the lake at the top is pretty. It was a bit muddy and marshy at the top from runoff, but the trail was almost completely snow-free.

Awesome trail, no snow at all. Took us 3 hours with a short lunch break at the lake.

Not too long. Amazing payoff with the high mountain lake. Went with my wife and two boys 9 and 11. Had to take a couple breaks on the steeper sections but they made it no problem. Went in mid June and had some good snow melt runoff and only a couple sections a little muddy. Still a couple snow banks to play with and snow around the lake. Awesome..

We hiked this with our kids and small dog. The waterfall was gorgeous! We loved hitting the creek in a couple of areas on the way. The views are great. We hiked in and out within 4 hours. Bring plenty of water as it gets a bit hot in some spots.

This was a beautiful trail. It was a little bit challenging coming from Florida. I mapped 6.2 miles in 2 hours 40 minutes. The view of the lakes was incredible. I would definitely do this again and bring lunch and eat it overlooking the lake.

Hiked this over the weekend with kids aged 8/9/10 and they all loved the waterfall. I love the varying terrain of this hike and the nice climb to start. The drive to the trailhead is easy and the views from the trail are phenomenal.

Definitely marshy and snowy in parts, I found myself losing the trail a couple of times on the way down. But beautiful hike as a whole - I’ll be returning with my camera soon!

18 days ago

Embarrassing, but I was a little confused. I parked, crossed the bridge, and followed the trail over the bridge. Lots of fallen trees and it ended at the river across from the campground. I’m thinking you take a left once you cross the bridge. I did a rock scramble and ended up making it though. Very beautiful!

great moderate-easy hike. recommend it. Only made it tl the falls and it's amazing.

Great trail! Very well marked and we'll maintained. Easy out and back to the water fall, which was incredible! Loved how it was partially covered, then bits if exposure here and there. Nice variety.

19 days ago

There are tons of trails that lead all over. Something like a microburst appears to have happened and covered a lot of the designated trail. We found our way. Great hike!

Incredibly beautiful waterfall. Easy trail 3 miles out with a few marked T-intersections (pay attention at the intersections or use your GPS). Our dog loved the creek crossings. A few people on Friday afternoon.

Great hike for a moderate trail. Quite a few large sections of snow on parts of the trail in the upper half. Lost trail a couple of times. Trail also muddy in spots from melting snow. These issues created more of a workout. But it's all about the adventure - great hike with fantastic photo opportunities.

21 days ago

A wonderful easy and short hike through the woods. We saw a weasel near the lake

22 days ago

As of 6/1/18 the top is still snowpacked and the trail easily lost. Can’t wait for a few more weeks to try it again.

What a wonderful hike! As many have mentioned, you will have plenty of company on this hike. I now know why it is so popular, because it is wonderful! All the scenery changes, not to mention the waterfall, made this hike very enjoyable, I love a good goal at the end of a hike! As others have mentioned, most significant grade is at the beginning. Once you enter the forest, it is what my wife would call a nature walk, not tough at all. Will certainly return...with friends!

Love this hike

Great hike! First mile is pretty sandy, rocky, and steep, but the rest of the hike goes through beautiful groves of aspen. The waterfall was amazing.

The waterfall at the end was beautiful! first half of the hike was very rocky and sandy but it was worth it.

Fantastic hike with gorgeous views. Worth it to climb the last stretch to Ptarmigan above the lower lakes. The road from Buena is open. Cottonwood Pass is closed. Still snow on the trail- a little postholing is required.

Beautiful waterfall! Trail is sandy and rocky and steep in parts. I arrived at the trailhead at 8:30 and I’m glad that I did because it got crowded as I was heading back to the trailhead. Lots of dogs, bikes, horses and two llamas also.

Great hike, we spent two nights up at the lower lake. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring snow shoes so we didn’t get up to ptarmigan. There was a few day hikers, fishermen and on our second night three other small groups of backpackers. We’ll be back in late summer/early fall.

Beautiful trail! As of 5/26/18, the top portion of the switchbacks are still snowpacked and extremely difficult to traverse, and the lake is frozen. If you are hiking to see the lake, I would recommend waiting a few more weeks. I am excited to try the hike again later in the summer.

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