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This trail is not hard, a big part of the trail in the forest, you can feel a quiet atmosphere, it feels like good, the 360 view on the top looks beautiful, oceans and mountains of Kauai

Excellent views even when a little cloudy. It was muddy when we went so that along with the incline made it difficult but worth it.

The view from the top was not as dramatic due to cloudiness but still breathtaking. High winds made me feel uneasy at the summit so I didn’t get to take it in as much as I had planned.

Go off the beaten path just below the summit to find and open sky cave - that was my favorite part!

Quick hike - took a couple hours. Would highly recommend.

Extremely muddy and slippery - just plan to get muddy and get it over with early on! Only difficult due to the mud and slipping. On a dry day it would be moderate.

Once you reach the main bath go a little further and there is another bath. We had it all to ourselves for about 30 minutes.

Refreshing ending to a difficult (slippery) hike by taking a dip in the bath, enjoying the rugged waves crashing while taking in the view.

Highly recommended.

absolutely breath taking! Easy going to but a bit harder goin back as it is going up. when we went it wasn't too muddy but rather dry loose dirt so caution... if you don't have a 4WD then you have to walk from the parking area which makes it more than the 3 miles in and out.. stunning views, worth it!

Very muddy and slippery. The queens bath is worth it though. Take your time you'll be fine.

Absolutely beautiful hike! You get nearly 360 degree views of the Island at the top. We highly recommend this hike! Pay attention when you’re coming back down the mountain as it splits - one direction goes down the east side and one goes down the west side of the mountain. There isn’t a sign when it splits, so just make sure to watch for the split and go the correct direction back to where you parked.

This is my favorite trail that we hiked this year! I would definately do it again! It was strenuous but not to hard and so beautiful.

Challenging due to the incline. But only a couple of technically difficult parts. My old joints can't do the final part to his nose(?), but I Enjoy the view while John does that part.

Beautiful hike! Very exposed and important to bring sunscreen. Lots of views of the lake. We went during the week in the afternoon and there was barely anyone else there. Took our dog down to the lake for a swim and didn’t see a soul! Water taxi no longer running for the season. But it’s a pretty easy hike with slow elevation gains.

4 days ago

Great hike! Lots of big trees and saw a momma bear and cub! Late in the afternoon.

great trail with lots of shade, views are wonderful. Only downside for me was that it was very crowded, then again guess it's good that lots of people are able to enjoy being outside. Next time we're doing this very early in the morning

Short hike, slippery , but plenty of roots and tree to help you defend and climb back up. Spectacular waterfall.

Great trail to experience the mountain. Relatively shaded so the sun isnt beating on you. The views from the top were amazing and made the all-uphill climb well worth it.

This was a relatively easy hike - a few tricky moments but as average hikers we were able to do it.

Make sure you wear proper footwear. We ran into a few people who were wearing water shoes or Converse — they were struggling at some of the muddy points.

I will say — some of the views along the way were better than the summit.

Easy and quiet, just enjoy the Sequoias. Not many people do the entire loop.

This was a beautiful place to ride our horses and there was some shade, wide trails, and access to water at the falls. However, the access road to get in and out was absolutely awful. 5 Miles of loose, bumpy, rattily gravel that at times could only drive 5mph or under. Even had to use 4WD at one point because our truck tires were slipping. Very rough ride on the body, and worrying about the horses, and for that reason we will not go again.

It is definitively muddy and slippery...you have to be very cautious, but it is definitively worth it!

rock climbing
9 days ago

There’s no rocks to climb here... worst “crag” I’d ever been to. Big time disappointment.

It was wet and very slippery. But the view was fantastic and there were sea turtles!

amazing and not so hard

This is such a wonderful hike. It is difficult, with the first mile and a half being the hardest and most exposed. It's also the worst part when returning - steep, hot, and your feet are dying to rest. We clocked in 11.3 miles on this hike, not 8.4, but we also went to the upper monarch lake as well (worth it). This was a surprisingly shady hike for the most part and the water at Monarch is very cold but refreshing. We had the first lake to ourselves for close to 30 minutes and it was wonderful. Love that the Mineral King area has relatively few visitors compared to the main part of the park. Just a note, the trail splits at one point and the other trail leads to Crystal lake. That is an unmaintained trail. So if you don't feel like dealing with some scrambling, I recommend doing Monarch instead.

Loved this hike, nice easy walk to the falls. Dogs loved it and enjoyed the shade spots for a few breaks. Would highly recommend

My favorite easy hike in sequoia- if you only do one hike in the park this is it. Watch for bears in the meadow.

Amazing hike. Conditionally moderate, but not dangerous to get to the top! Amazing views. Liked this hike a lot.

I recommend arriving by 9a otherwise the trail gets crowded. My walk out to the falls I more or less had the trail to myself. The walk back was busy. The trail is lovely. Oddly there’s graffiti wherever there’s a marker but otherwise the views of the ocean are hard to beat. The more wooded parts of the trail are nice too though don’t compare to nearby Mt Tam. There’s a large arrow made of pieces of shale on the Coastal trail to indicate where to turn for the falls. By the time I arrived at the falls there were around 15 other people there. The view is expansive and climbing/ rock scrambling down to the beach to seeing the falls come over the cliff above and drain into the ocean is unique. I took my shoes off and went calf deep into the ocean. There were three sea lions/ seals floating in the water 15 feet from me. Otherwise on the trail I saw a rabbit, banana slug and a bunch of quail.

Favorite hike! Incredible views

the most beutfule pool in the island

very good hike down to the ocean. The views change all along the hike. The last stretch is bit tricky to walk down to the ocean

Nice hike, but muddy and slippery in spots. Great views along the way to the top

Hard but not too dangerous. Just be careful hiking down, its very slippery when wet. But swimming in the pools is worth it. Took us about 30 minutes to get to the pool.

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