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Anyone in reasonable shape can and should do this trail. Absolutely beautiful, varied woodlands, waterfalls, and gradual ascents and descents.

This trail was so pretty! There are several waterfalls to see. The trail is well maintained and marked. We did end up going to the top of the Pinnacle Knob trail, probably an extra mile there and another mile down, which was COMPLETELY worth the struggle to the top.

Perfect hike!

We started the trail from Warwoman Dell. There were a few downed trees across the trail but well marked with yellow blazes. The hike up to the knob was not easy but doable. On the way back though - hello! That’s when this 45 year old chubbster started going downhill. Literally and figuratively. :) The hike was gorgeous. Lots of water crossings but bridges are in place so no wet feet to speak of. The 2 mike point is gorgeous and flat and perfect for a picnic and a day in the river. I went thru 2.5 liters of water as I was just shy of finishing the trail. We started at about 11:30 am and got back to the car around 5:15 pm. We didn’t take a break other than just a minute standing on the trail here and there. We spent about 30 minutes at the top. I clocked this trail at 9.9 miles round trip. I’ve never had such a mileage difference in the trail distance and my pedometer app. It felt like 9.9 miles. It was over 60 degrees on 1/21/18 and we were huffing and puffing and sweaty most of the time. Fantastic workout.

Definitely an amazing trail!
It can be strenuous at times, but I completed it after not having hiked in a while (took about 4 hours round trip with a slow pace) Definitely something that could be done by almost anyone (depending on how many breaks you take). Probably wouldn't take kids on this trail due to the fact that the trail was very narrow near steep drop-offs for a good ways. The view at the top was worth the hike and the many waterfalls/river we crossed on the way there were gorgeous.

This trail has it all - waterfalls, forest floors and a great vista!

Although the East Fork is shown as moderate, be aware that the loop, which includes the West Fork is rated at hard. I totally agree that the loop trail is a HARD trail. Not only was the elevation up and down mostly on the West Fork, the ground was slippery in many places on both Forks and there were fallen trees we had to climb over and under, especially on the East Fork.

This trail shouldn't be rated as Hard. It's easy until the last bit down to the falls, which is steep and tiring on the way up, but not at all dangerous. This should be a moderate rating at best. It's likely the Hard rating came from going left at the fork instead of right.

There is a water crossing at the end, just before the falls. The water is only shin deep and easy to walk in most places. You can try to rock-hop your way across, but most of the rocks are slick and submerged. Best to be prepared for getting your feet wet.

Overall, great hike and amazing falls. The Oconee area and Sumter Forest have some of my favorite falls in the area.

There's quite a climb coming back from the river. I enjoy sitting on a big rock and watching kayakers come down stream.

5 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail! pretty easy till the end. getting down the hill is easy, getting up is kind of tough. not a dangerous trail at all. there's a number of tree fallen on the trail after the 4x4 trail begins so it is best to just walk that part. no good places to hang a hammock but plenty of good rocks to sit on. If you get the chance, climbing the falls is cool too. once you grt to a point where theres a big mud hole, look to the right. you'll find a sign starting the walking trail and follow that. it won't be obvious to find the trail. just as a warning, the amount of spiders on this trail is ABSURD. bring a towel and a stick of some sort. I found three spiders on me before getting back in my truck after already wiping probably a dozen off already through the trail.

6 months ago

such a hidden gem! the falls at the end are absolutely beautiful. the trail is not well marked, so we used a guide. the very end is a steep descent to the falls.

6 months ago

Excellent views of the falls and it actually leads to the river which was such a great surprise. We absolutely loved this hike! The falls are beautiful and the difficult part was just going down to river and then our return trip back (uphill). We plan on coming back and spending more time at the river ( a great fishing or camping location).
There are no markings for the trail and as stated in another review, stay to the right. Most parts are a loop but stay right and you won't have to worry about it.

6 months ago

beautiful trail...moderate till the last bit, that is pretty steep but well worth it! One of the prettiest falls I've seen so far. trail is not well marked stay to the right at all the forks until the last then it goes down to the left.

This is a really nice hike. It's actually over 8 miles and is moderate, not difficult in my opinion. It has a couple of nice waterfalls and a lovely place where you can hang out on the rocks and put your feet in the rushing water. The view at the top is a nice one. We went on a weekend and saw almost no one else. I highly recommend this hike!

7 months ago

I wouldn't rate this as a difficult hike; it was fairly easy until the last descent to the waterfall and that gets a bit tricky. Absolutely stunning little spot at the end though!

I gave this trail a 3 ONLY because it kicked our tail! We didn't have the experience for this trail. We jumped on this trail north from Dick's Creek by accident actually. Meant to take a left turn to go to Dick's Creek Falls took a right instead which sent us on this trail. Had my family in tow carrying gear for two nights of camping, hiking, fishing. After two Miles we realized we were on the wrong trail, but kept going until we found water – which was two more miles later. This is a hard trail, for a family with three kids anyway. Some amazing scenic spots throughout the trail, as soon as we reached the Chattooga River we set up camp. Found a great campsite on the river that someone had built primitive benches, breathtaking spot! The river was amazing to cool off in. We were hoping to catch some trout… No luck, there was an endless supply of smaller bass. I will not take my family back out in this trail, nor will I do this with a 85 Liter pack loaded. I definitely recommend this trail for experienced hikers. Did not see any hikers for the three days that we were out there, a group of kayakers floated by once.

8 months ago

I would say this is a moderate hike, not difficult. We just completed this trail with four eight year olds. What a fantastic payoff!

Recent rain made both falls really full and noisy. It is all uphill from the Dell to the Knob but never so steep to get you out of breath.

Great trail. Not many mountain views in the spring but the beauty of this Forest is remarkable. Found many edible flora and mushrooms. Great place for a survival hike. Many deep rock crevasse to take shelter under in case of rain. Waterfalls were bliss. We went on a rainy day so no one was on the trail. The dogs loved it. The trail never got to steep but a nice climb. Awesome day !!!!!!!


10 months ago

Perfect trail for all types of birds. we spotted hummingbirds and many other hard to find birds. The trail is not much on views but perfect for flowers and birds

11 months ago

Hiked this with my husband and kids (11, 7, 5 years).... it was a great hike! Like the others said it is pretty easy till the descent to the falls, it's very steep. Plan to spend time at the falls, it's beautiful! Lots of climbing on rocks and even areas to take a dip (it is a big river with a strong current so be aware of that). The climb out was tough as expected, but everyone did it. Actually felt shorter hiking up than it did down. Like others posted, it's a long gravel road to park, then walk the "jeep/utility vehicle road" and stay to the paths on the RIGHT. It splits at one point and someone was kind enough to have placed an arrow of rocks to keep right, so "thank you" to that person.

Came up last summer was an awesome view after spending the day in the Smokies hiking drive up was awesome, great views.

One of my favorites in GA. Lots of different sections, challenging but not killer hard. Some great campsites along the way. Beautiful creek and falls

Friday, February 10, 2017

Nice easy hike. Great location to take dogs.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I attempted this trail 2 days ago, however I think I went down the wrong left hand path (the one that had the arrrow made of stones blocking it and signaling to continue on the main path). After I realized that the left hand path I chose was treacherous, I went a bit further on the main path, but didn't see the mysterious left hand path I was supposed to take to descend. Can anyone advise me - is the path I was supposed to take before or after the one I took?

Hiked from Warwoman Dell Rec area trailhead. GORGEOUS trail. 3 Spectacular Waterfalls. Very few people. Highly recommend!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Very beautiful hike, lots of diversity in herbaceous understory including ferns, wildflowers, and mosses. Friends and I hiked this trail early fall; however, given the hike along the ridge line I can imagine this hike offers even more views in winter during leaf-off. The overlook is located off a spur trail near signs for campsites. The valley of the overlook is primary agriculture but still offers great views of the surrounding mountains. At the first fork my group kept left and after we departed the overlook but before we got to the waterfall we experienced a gully that was supposed to be a trail but due to the lack of switchbacks and steep topography was highly eroded. Hikers with small children or knee issues should use caution.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

very beautiful! great views for the selfies or just great views in general....did a short trail that they had near the tent site. only.25, but it is down hill all the way and stairs too...so if u going down hill going in then u know what that means....straight up coming out. great leg work out! waterfall at the end wasn't nothing to brag about.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Great day!

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